CEX Fundraiser - Open until May 3rd, 2024

Wait what!? I’ve just checked and Bitstamp doesn’t have a listing fee, they only charge trading fees. Anyone aware if it’s true or not? If it is true, why haven’t we listed there yet? :sweat_smile:
Okay, now checked and they have a checklist that need to be fulfilled. Seems ok


The issue with most of the larger CEXs is that they want developer names and contact details, company information and legal documents provided to limit their exposure. The effort needs to go into finding a big CEX that will entertain integration with Zenon without a figure head present

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Might be some compliance issues but probably still worth a try.

“Existence of tools that facilitate the blacklisting of addresses on the network.”

This one is not ideal.

have you been able to make progress or do you need to get more people involved? Thx

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@sugoibtc do we still have the $15k offer? The main question: would you guys agree to maintain the MM from AZ funds?
Reminder: native assets are way more appealing than wrapped ones (ERC-20 is a robbery), especially for newcomers.
Additionally, the marketing aspect of AscendEx would give significant awareness.

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I’m personally not keen to use AZ for MM purposes - but it’s not up to me. If you believe in the case create a post about it with the costs laid out and put it to an AZ vote

Do you know how much they require?