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Technically it’s not a problem. The difficulty lies in getting everyone to actually use and update the dashboard. If the devs do not do it, someone else has to ask and keep the dashboard up to date, unless all development environments somehow automatically update it. You can ask @0x3639 how rewarding that job is.

The community sets the standard. If a dev can just dump code and get paid, than that’s the standard. Why would he/she borther spending time updating dashboards, test code, write documentation, etc, if nobody is demanding it?

313 users and currently averaging about 30 user visits a day (not including anonymous visits)

I don’t think it’s intentional but your posts come off very negative sir

And you think the standard is set correctly when there’s hardly anyone left in the community? I don’t think so (just my opinion), that’s why people don’t care/leave anymore. Remember how active the chat was about 3 years ago… now only a several users post stupid articles from X over and over again, almost zero conversation about znn, next steps, etc

And ye, I’ve read all of DeeZ’s articles about open projects, he should be definetely rewarded for that work. He kept the community well informed.

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Thank you for the asnwer

I’m not a negative person, but you can’t just pat yourself on the back about how everything is great and going according to plan when it’s not. We need to talk about the views that not everyone likes

and 30 user visits a day are still the same ppl… Even that’s a small number

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It’s not the same 30 people every day, the forums unique page views and engagement are pretty solid noting the price action and market conditions

Also - as said already dev activity is at an all time high which I would argue is a better indicator of progress

Anyways less talk and more brainstorming ideas, start up a new post to discuss growth opportunities :pray:


I did submit an AZ many month ago to continue the Dev updates. There was some back lash against me wanting to prevent tracking and monetization of those articles. Then TG main self destructed which caused me to focus my time on Discord and Zenon Official Community Inu.

From where I stand development is going awesome. I could not be more excited about all the great things we are working on. As @CryptoFish stated, there is no real incentive for me or others to take the time to inform the community what is going on. I personally don’t care about price action and I’m focused entirely on getting shit done.

I personally think there is a moat around the ability to market, so I’m just spending time on being productive rather than swimming across a moat with alligators.


Ser, chill… You have to realize that the community devs are working as hard as they can. Remember that NoM is fully community driven, and complaining does not get us anywhere.

It is good to provide feedback on what you want to see improved, but please do so while remaining respectful. All NoM contributors: devs and non-devs have love for the project and along with it’s investors we all want to see success.

So rather than to complain, look for ways on how you can contribute to our growth… Or wait for contributors to deliver.


We have the ZIP process for core changes, but besides that the standards are pretty low tbh. That’s also because we’re still very small and learning, both devs and community grow as we proceed. @georgezgeorgez has thought a lot about this and from what I’ve learned from him is that eventually you have to incentivise good behaviour somehow. Turns out that’s a complicated matter.

@oginotvavra rest assured we have amazing contributors to this project who are very talented and committed. And I believe we have more contributors today than we did 2 years ago. I watch github very carefully and look at all PRs and issues. Devs are popping up out of nowhere. For example > this guy.

I will work on a dev update once I get the supernova explorer working.


I would like to see more community building initiatives. I applaud the aliens doing the poker meetups, or creating meme coins, or even talking about grass on community channels to develop the alien culture further. All these things make up NoM, not just the codebase.

Think about what you can bring to the table, and add value. Or as Kaine used to say, let others add value.

Constructive criticism by pointing out what’s missing or could be improved is more than welcomed, as well as trying to raise the standards for deliverables that go through AZ.


Great points. I think our last community call on Discord went well. Maybe we have a twitter spaces next. We had a good turn out last time.

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I know and respect everything that has been said here. It never ceases to amaze me the enthusiasm you all still have (I mean that in a good way). I just wanted to know if there is any will to change/improve the standards.

The only thing I disagree with is that we shouldn’t care about price action. At the current moment everything costs many times more than it could cost (dev projects, integration to CEXs, possible marketing etc). The community has been entrusted with AZ and if you have your own business, you are not indifferent to finances either.

I can appreciate that. It would be nice if the price was up only. It would make things “easier” for sure. I just don’t think any developer is going to focus on that right now.

I personally think we need clarity on the BTC scaling solution or the path to N&T integration to be able to market anything. Without these what are we marketing? … an autistic alien subculture that requires years of diligence to understand. It’s a hard sell.

How do you think we can be marketing the project to improve price action given the information we have today?

I’m not as tech skilled as the rest of you guys here. You mentioned that KAS had a marketing firm that helped them grow from nothing. It may be the way to go, but again, at this point it’s cost-prohibitive to do that kind of follow-up.