CEX Fundraiser - Open until May 3rd, 2024

Ye its HUGE opportunity for Zenon. That’s why I asked that this topic should be open on the forum (be open to the community), not again in some private TG group.


The discussion is public, but talks happen with a representative of the respective exchanges.


We still have AZ to top up any shortfall if needed, but I wouldn’t want to have any more than 1 max proposal. Keep donating :pray: need some Pillar chads to front up with some rewards as donations rather than sending to the bridge


Few more hours left for the fundraising event to come to an end.

We’ll tally up results and engage the community about next steps.

Stay tuned.

Bros raised $5k that’s a strong community right there. Where are the devs who got basillions from A.Z ? :rofl:


Here’s the results of the fundaising event:

Account Asset Quantity
ETH Multisig USDT 3466.25
ETH 0.1470
wZNN 848
SoS Community Address ZNN 12022

If you donated to the SoS Community Address, please read this thread: https://x.com/SultanOfStaking/status/1786490539107402176

Thanks to everyone who participated :alien:.

We have the inminent XeggeX integration to look forward to, and will reach out for community input regarding next steps very soon.


how’s the AscendEx offer? 12 days have passed and there is no info for the comunity, that’s why people are “frustrated / negative”, no one knows what’s cooking under the hood… Thx

There was a brief discussion in the Zenon TG where community members agreed on moving forward with Xeggex and wait until we see price appreciation before deciding what exchange to choose.

Preferably we would like to list on a bigger exchange, instead of spending current contributions on another lower-tier exchange, as we would already have Xeggex.

Do keep in mind that we will also be able to integrate native QSR on Xeggex, once ZNN gets listed.


And how about Mercatox relisting? Still wait for the wallet API, are there any futher steps? What did they ask for?

Thank you

I’ve donated 150 ZNN from an AZ grant to the SoS Community Address. Thank you @CryptoFish for the help!


Yes, the plan is to roll-out the Wallet API first alongside the Xeggex listing. After that we can re-establish comms with Mercatox.

CEX Fundraiser -UPDATE-

First of, we would like all the contributors for their support. As of now, the Wallet API is in it’s final stages of testing and @0x3639 & @CryptoFish are working closely with Xeggex to get native ZNN listed on their exchange.

Now that the first phase of the CEX fundraiser has been concluded, we would like to set a specific target for a listing.

Current stats of contributions:

SoS (@sultanofstaking) Community funding address: 10,591 ZNN
Multisig fundraiser wallet: $3466 USDT + 1332 wZNN

Ascendex listing offering
Originally, Ascendex offered us a listing package with marketing included for $20K USDT. They have now dropped their listing rate to $15K USDT.

The marketing package includes:

  1. Official Listing Announcement
  2. Twitter Postings on Multilingual official Twitter accounts, (EN, CN etc. 9 languages, 500K+ followers)
  3. Telegram Promotions in Multilingual groups (EN, CN etc. 9 languages, 200k+ community members)
  4. Banner on website and app
  5. Email campaign to all subscribers (1 EN, 1 CN)
  6. App push notification (1 EN, 1 CN)
  7. 20+ crypto KOL promotion
  8. AMA on Telegram (English or Chinese); Suitable for project introduction, token listing and trading or platform promotions
  9. X Spaces (English or Chinese); Suitable for project updates & new product launch and community engagement
  10. PR on 2 popular Chinese medias
    11.Push news on 20+ Chinese WeChat groups

The list of KOLs can be found HERE.

Next steps

With Xeggex already on the way, we would like to ask the community how to proceed next. Should we target a higher tier exchange at a higher price and stick with Xeggex? Or use current contributions and set a lower target to list on a lower tier exchange.

Please cast your vote below:

  • Target larger CEX, stick with Xeggex
  • List on a cheaper CEX
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NOTE: Ascendex could not be added to the original poll. In case the community decides to list on a cheaper exchange, please vote on your CEX of choice

  • MEXC
  • CoinTR Pro
  • Gate.io
  • Kucoin
  • Latoken
  • Bitmart
  • Ascendex
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Whatever we do, I say wait until after ZNN has been out on Xeggex for at least at least a week or two. That way, all the possible bugs have been worked out of the process before engaging with another exchange, and if we see any upwards price action from that listing, we can trade in the ZNN pool for more value, and maybe get a higher tier exchange. I’m open to the Ascendex listing, it seems like a good value, and since ZNN has such low supply, getting on it on multiple, decent exchanges should push the price up - which will allow more holders to donate, and give us a lot more options for promotion & further exchanges.


@SugoiBTC What is the current status with Xeggex? Weeks and weeks go by and they just keep testing and testing… or is there some other issue that needs to be fixed? thx

Btw. it seems like there are only devs left, HC1 members fighting with each other, several core members who are active on TG, but the rest of the community is gone, its like a ghost project rn. There is no willingness to use some AZ funds to help the project grow and come back from the dead (in marketing way).

I’m a hc1 dev, and I can assure you none of your points hold any truth.

I don’t think you realize how fast things are actually going. It’s been only two months since we started with the development of the Wallet API, not to mention all other related work.

The XeggeX integration is going smoothly. It’s a back and forth development process, in which we want to take away as much as work possible at the CEX side. The integration progress is also a testing ground for future integrations. We want to make sure it’s secure, reliable and easy to integrate.

The current status XeggeX just installed the latest version and is adjusting its implementation to integrate the auto plasma feature.



I could not agree more. CF and I have been working hand in hand for the past two months with XeggeX. I give updates on TG almost daily.

I spend my TG time on Zenon Official Community Inu - found here. Telegram: Contact @zenonofficial. Feel free to join that if you want updates.

We have more devs working now than I can remember in the past two years.

If anyone is unhappy with the marketing you know what to do. Take action! I look forward to your proposal to improve what you feel is lacking.


TG- I’ve been there since the channel was created… The same members are there that are in the other groups. cca 140 core members+some bots, average Joes/members disappeared/left this project.

I didn’t say anything bad about CF or you 0x, you both doing great job for this surviving project. When we wrote here about a year ago that we needed CEx exchanges to get more attention+to grow the comunity, everyone was like fuk off, we are proud DEX project and now everyone’s shaking so we can at least be on Xeggex (thanks both of you for arranging this)

Only EovE7Kj gave at least a nice estimate delivery time for the completion of certain phases of his project. The rest is a big punk style “I’ll deliver when I deliver and still get paid whole AZ proposal”, If I worked like this in a regular job, I’d be fired soon.

Are you sure about that? I cannot speak for others, but if you make such a claim be sure you know what you’re talking about. All the proposals I made contained estimates and delivery was well on time. Please read the following AZ proposals again and tell me otherwise.

Other projects like the Syrius update or the Wallet API expand in scope while development is in progress and depend on collaboration with others. Initially started as Ledger Support for Syrius evolved in a complete update. I’m pretty proud on how this update was handled, tested and released.

The delivery of the Wallet API was estimated to be delivered on end of April (excluding integration time). The project was started without making an AZ proposal to safe time. The project has been delivered 10th of May. Not bad for an undefined project.


ok, I wrote it broadly, I wasn’t aiming at the wallet api or your work specifically. What is the technical possibility to have a dashboard for open projects and see their current status +details (0-100%) like we had for SDK projects? So that the whole community can access it and not have to keep asking

can someone check exactly how many active users are on the forum where the most important things should be discussed?