Syrius Wallet Mobile App

DM me if you’ve encountered any issues with the app.

It’s an important improvement for the overall security of the keyStore.

The mobile wallet is almost production-ready, including the Security Pack features. I’m also conducting a code review to prepare the source code for release. This includes the znn_sdk_dart (that will work with mobile filesystems as well) and other libraries that I’ve modified in order to support our specific security features.

If everyone is OK, I’ll start with submitting a phase for the first AZ project this week. Thank you!


Will the mobile version also support Ledger devices?

Question has already been answered, literally scroll up 3 posts.

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Can anyone transfer me some testnet funds please?


yes, i saw that, thanks!

can i have some testnet funds? thank you.


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If you need more funds visit TG - @znn_faucet_bot

/faucet ZTS and welcome to NoM.

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@DrBlaze_21 I wonder if your work can “easily” be ported to run as a zApp as contemplated in the unikernel proposal.


@DrBlaze_21 where did you end up with performing PoW on the mobile device. How are we accomplishing this?

Any update when the Mobile wallet is ready for mainnet?

The Syrius Mobile Wallet: Pixel perfect. Hardware wallet security. Seamless operation.

The Masterpiece is now live:

iOS emulator screenshots:

Splash - Hardware security - Loadings - Plasma fusing - Send

Receive ZTS - Rewards section - Delegate - Stake - Hide balances

Manage addresses - Settings - Backup - Delete wallet - Seed warning

Screenshot protection - Root/emulator detection - 2FA OTP - WalletConnect integration


Goddam that looks fire!!! Nobody said it was Christmas - thanks Nick!

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Sir, thank you for all your hard work on this!!

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Love the new design


Very impressive!

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is QSR required? Or will the phone perform PoW?

has anyone tried to build the app? I’m getting an error reported here

Ooolalaaa… beautiful!

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This is beautiful :heart_eyes: Thanks for the fab work Zir :pray::100:

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Thanks Blaze!! Can you also provide an .apk file under releases?