Zenon SDK status

The Go SDK is 100% completed. I will continue to work on it and improve it of course. I edited and put 100% but it does now show up.


Fixed that bit for ya but that is amazing!!!

I broke out Kotlin. I think @Chace is working on it. I’ll update. Sir I assumed you were 35% compete based on your progress as reported in github.

The first version of pyznn is published. Check out the Github repo and docs. Feel free to leave feedback or new request.

I’ve worked on both phases in the last 3-4 weeks. Here’s documentation: PyZNN Docs

PS: I like making designs, so went ahead and added some illustrations on home page


Phase 3 of the Zenon Java SDK has been completed and committed to the GitHub repository.

This completes the project with the first version being released.


Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay, i am finally back in the game. Had some personal and private issues which needed my full attention. Now i am back in action and i have picked up the Rust SDK work again. Phase 2 will be complete zoon. Keep you posted.