Zenon Games

Project Name: Zenon Games


The Zenon Games initiative is a strategic project designed to elevate community engagement within the Zenon Network. In response to the need for sustained and active participation, Zenon Games will introduce a diverse range of entertaining and educational online activities tailored to the crypto community. This initiative encompasses a series of captivating events, including a Crypto Trivia Quiz, Blockchain Puzzle Hunt, and a Decentralized Chess Championship. By leveraging these engaging games, we aim to not only create an enjoyable experience for the community but also address the challenge of maintaining interest and enthusiasm.The Zenon Games initiative is not just about entertainment; it’s a strategic move to fortify the Zenon community. We believe a vibrant and active community is the cornerstone of Zenon’s success, and Zenon Games is poised to make a significant contribution. This initiative goes beyond addressing short-term challenges; it is a proactive effort to create a dynamic environment that attracts and retains members, contributing significantly to the overall growth and success of the Zenon Network, ensuring both short-term success and long-term sustainability.

Why it Matters:

  1. Community Retention: Zenon Games is essential for short-term success by retaining and energizing the existing community. These games provide an exciting avenue for members to stay connected and involved.
  2. New Member Attraction: In the long term, Zenon Games is crucial for attracting new members. The innovative and diverse nature of the proposed games is likely to captivate a broader audience, expanding the Zenon community.
  3. Brand Visibility: Hosting unique and entertaining events enhances Zenon’s brand visibility within the broader crypto space. A thriving community engaged in exciting activities serves as a powerful marketing tool.
  4. Education Through Engagement: Beyond entertainment, Zenon Games incorporates educational elements, fostering a deeper understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts. This aligns with Zenon’s commitment to promoting knowledge and awareness.


  1. Crypto Trivia Quiz:
  • Create a trivia quiz with questions related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Zenon. Participants can compete to test their knowledge.
  1. Blockchain Puzzle Hunt:
  • Design a series of online puzzles or riddles related to blockchain, crypto and Zenon. Participants solve one puzzle to get clues for the next, leading them to a final reward.
  1. Zenon Chess Championship:
  • Set up a chess tournament with participants playing to win ZNN. Can be made so participants make moves through smart contracts. The blockchain ensures the integrity of each move.
  1. Smart Contract Coding Challenge:
  • Appeal to the tech-savvy members by organizing a coding challenge. Participants create and submit smart contracts, and the most innovative or effective ones win.
  1. Zenon Poker Tournament:
  • Organize an online poker tournament where participants can use ZNN as buy-ins. And win ZNN as Prizes.
  1. NFT Art Contest:
  • Host a contest for community members to create and submit NFT artworks. Winners could receive ZNN or special edition NFTs.
  1. Cryptocurrency Trading Simulation:
  • Develop a virtual trading platform where participants can simulate crypto trading without using real money. The best-performing portfolios could win ZNN.
  1. Token Airdrop Lottery:
  • Host a lottery where participants can enter by holding a certain amount of your project’s tokens. Winners receive additional tokens or exclusive rewards.
  1. Zenon Board Games Night:
  • Host an online board games night featuring popular board games adapted for the crypto community.
  1. Zenon Hackathon:
  • Host a hackathon focused on creating applications or projects related to your cryptocurrency. This can attract developers and enthusiasts.
  1. Blockchain-Based Mini-Games:
  • Develop a collection of mini-games (e.g., racing, puzzles, etc.) where players can earn ZTS tokens based on their performance.
  1. Zenon Trading Card Design Contest:
  • Allow community members to design their own Zenon trading cards. The best designs can be turned into actual NFTs or used in a virtual trading card game.
  1. Token Treasure Hunt:
  • An exciting scavenger hunt where participants follow clues and complete challenges to find hidden tokens within the Zenon ecosystem. This not only engages the community but also promotes exploration of the network.
  1. Interactive Webinars with Experts:
  • Host live webinars featuring experts in the crypto and blockchain space. Community members can actively participate by asking questions and engaging in discussions. Topics can range from the basics of blockchain to the latest developments in the industry.


Our team consists of experienced developers, community managers, and blockchain enthusiasts with a proven track record in successful community initiatives. With a deep understanding of Zenon’s goals and a passion for fostering community engagement, we are well-positioned to drive the Zenon Games initiative to success.

Phase 1: Foundation and Planning (Duration: 1 Month)

High level overview of main tasks:

  1. Game Conceptualization:
  • Define the core concepts and mechanics for each proposed game.
  • Conduct feasibility studies to ensure technical viability.
  1. Development Team Formation:
  • Assemble a skilled development team with experience in blockchain gaming.
  1. Community Input Gathering:
  • Solicit input and preferences from the community regarding game preferences and features.

Completion of Phase 1 will be measured by:

  • Successful conceptualization of all proposed games.
  • Formation of a capable development team.
  • Community input gathered and analyzed.

Phase 2: Game Development and Testing (Duration: 2 Months)

High level overview of main tasks:

  1. Game Development:
  • Begin development of the selected games based on the conceptualized ideas.
  1. Alpha Testing:
  • Conduct alpha testing with a selected group from the community to identify and address initial issues.
  1. Iterative Improvements:
  • Implement feedback from alpha testing to enhance the games’ functionality and user experience.

Completion of Phase 2 will be measured by:

  • Successful development of alpha versions for each game.
  • Positive feedback and identified improvements from alpha testing.
  • Iterative improvements applied to enhance overall quality.

Phase 3: Launch and Community Integration (Duration: 1 Month)

High level overview of main tasks:

  1. Beta Testing:
  • Open beta testing to a wider community for comprehensive testing and feedback.
  1. Final Polishing:
  • Make final adjustments based on beta testing feedback and ensure a polished user experience.
  1. Community Integration Events:
  • Launch the games with community engagement events, such as tournaments and challenges.

Completion of Phase 3 will be measured by:

  • Successful completion of beta testing with positive community feedback.
  • Finalized and polished versions of the games ready for public use.
  • Successful launch events with active community participation.



– I am willing to work with all community members who want to make this project a success!

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We need to get listed first, maybe after market cap increased but still 15000ZNN is too much.

15000 ZNN is too much for a lot of things. Please don’t submit everything for 15000ZNN

edit: Check the link below, we should follow a similar format for AZ funding, in this way we’ll see what the money will be spent for

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Could you provide some references?

You list 14 different use cases. Which one do you want to implement first and why?

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Curious to here what your idea proposal amount for this long-term project would be?

proposal is in discussion, not funding stage yet, interesting link, thank you.

  • They will be expert devs outsourced from other crypto, coding and development communities.

  • Curious to see what the community thinks… those are just examples. Plan is to discuss with the community which game fits best. Eventually over the months and years we can make all the games/activities possible.

    We are not limited to these ideas, if the community has other interests, It’s definitely possible to host competitions with PC games. Ex. Minecraft building competition.

It sounded like the team already exists. If that’s not the case, what about the references? You wrote the team had a proven track record in successful community initiatives. Any examples?

That sounds very vague. How exactly do you plan to gauge which initiative to pick? Will you create a proof of concept for each one and then let the community decide which one you will keep working on?

Can you show examples / wireframes / demos etc. for any of them based on your team’s previous work and proven track record?

Which ones resulted in most community growth?

What are the pros and cons between the individual alternatives?

We need to see references and I’ll do a research for similar fundings on different projects

Will you also use GPT to create your games or only the 15 bullet point list in your proposal? :rofl:

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This is all listed in Phase 1

References will be posted.

Curious if and Community devs and/or colleagues of community devs are interested in working on this project!

Are you taking a jab at one of the most modern ground breaking technology? With its advanced natural language processing, GPT can be harnessed to create innovative and engaging games that push the boundaries of interactive storytelling. The model’s versatility allows for dynamic and adaptive game play experiences, making it an ideal choice for game development that seeks to deliver unique and immersive content. The possibilities are indeed vast, showcasing the cutting-edge potential of this technology in shaping the future of interactive entertainment.

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Actually, I think this will be very good intuitive that will bring many more eyes to the Zenon Network, Thus increasing activity and volume on the Network, making an exchange listing easier to achieve.

It would be a good idea to focus on games that increase overall network activity the most!


I think @sol has looked into some of these ideas. We launched Twitter Gamez and ran two rounds of it. Based on twitter engagement metrics during these times, activity on twitter improved as a result of the game. It requires the twitter API which is pretty expensive and limited 10k calls a month. We had to manage things actively to stay below the call limits.

I should see your previous references, otherwise there is no point to give that much money for a GPT written script imo

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YES IT IS CHATGPT ASSISTED WRITTEN SCRIPT - don’t get your point here, Ive seen other proposals written similarly. Are you saying its a shitty proposal?

  • Have you read the entire proposal? its written pretty clearly. My references? A semi-active community member that sees a bunch of nothing being done over and over again and trying to see the community grow and succeed. I have managed many things before.
  • Once again have you read the entire proposal? The 150kQSR is to BURN for a pillar, all rewards going to future games and prizes. The 15k ZNN is for… developers and Advertising to promote the games to a much wider audience. And community members who want to help work on the project too.
  • If after R and D we decide to start with a Zenon Poker game once a week hosted on Discord. You can help host it tooo, Or we can even get a crypto influencer to help host it, its not that difficult. We pay for the Ads, influencer, ZNN prize pool, and can even pay you ZNN if you want to help host it.
  • If it is some really complex event like a Zenon Hackathon, or Blockchain-Based Mini-Games, then yes I would ask a prominent Zenon developer, or anyone in the community to assist and get a portion of the AZ. If no one wants to help then yes, we would have to outsource the management/development of those games. I do have contact with a few freelance devs in the crypto community, But that’s why i’m writing this, so anyone reading this can be a part of this. This is why It is funded in stages, to ensure development and success of the project.
  • If you want develop something/ mod something for this project, and the community approves, you’re in!

Just wanted to make sure you knew it will cost more than 150 qsr to launch a pillar. It’s currently at 290K unless you buy a legacy slot.

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Mate it’s not problem to use chatgpt for proposals, the problem is you don’t have a reference and experience on this field before. It’s like you asked gpt ‘give me some suggestions for AZ funding’, it replied ‘you can host play nights for the project’ and you thought ‘why not?’. This is also fine but I don’t think we should give 15k ZNNs to someone who has not enough experience for this purpose.

This is only my view and I do not represent the all society.

Still sounds like you haven’t read the full proposal… I know right, such a simple proposal that literally no one came up with over 4 years, I’m the first one to do so and your getting mad I used ChatGpt for grammar and a few games. The games isn’t even the point, its the idea, the games can be changed every month or whenever and we can come up with new ones everyday.

You sound like you’re paying for this out of pocket, Are you a pillar? You are the only one responding so appreciate the feedback. I get your point, don’t think its valid. If all you want to do is criticize, that’s fine. But I think it would be better if you could give some some thoughts or recommendations on the project too.

I already told you, I have managed real people in real life. Please tell me what kind of rocketscientist engineer you want to host and run a poker game? Or to find a freelance dev? What is your counter to 15kznn? How would you price it? How would you get eyes on it without buying ads? I want to hear more!

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Well 3 options then

  1. Burn Pillar
  2. Legacy Pillar
  3. No Pillar