Zenon Demystified YouTube Channel

Hi All,

I just wanted to start a post to get some feedback on the channel I created. A couple of people have reached out with suggestions while some have commented in the TG, I would like to come to a consensus here about how to best represent the brand before going any further.

The first video was pretty experimental and with hindsight I probably should have sought some feedback before publishing. I have been working on another video and have taken onboard what mehowz said about less being more, I think it looks more professional but I guess time will tell.

I took onboard the feedback about the voiceover used and have found another that I think is better, it will be used in the next video. With regard to the avatar I tend to agree that the alien ‘mascot’ may not be ideal but what alternatives do we have without doxxing? A real life AI? Narration only?

Looking forward to hearing what you think.

You can hire great voiceover actors on Upwork for cheap or use something like speechify.com which is great (just dont use a celebrity’s voice).

Also, simple color schemes work best. Black, neon green, orange.

My advice is no mascots. We are leaderless. There is no need for any. Real life supporters who are well known are a different story.

Ask yourself who you want to target with your content. What are their characteristics? What messaging/line of statements is compelling to them? What is your call to action? How will the content make them engage?

Try not to shout into a void hoping someone hears it. Be like a sniper that carefully crafts a storyline specifically tailored to the audience you want to target.


For those who missed it, here is the video

Here is an image from the “Official” introduction.

I think @mehowbrainz posted somewhere about the desire to move away from the Alien theme. He made a good post about that. I’ll try to find it and share. I personally think we need to move away from cartoon characters to explain the network. Do we seriously think we can attract a core btc dev to the project with an alien? Probably not.

Maybe you can replace the animated cartoon (in the future) with a voice equalizer. Basically a graphic equalizer that goes up and down with the voice.

I’m excited to see what you come up with next! Simple is good.

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Hi man, I think it’s great you started this initiative and we can definitely make something good out of it through community collaboration.

As Mehowz has stated in TG main, we can focus on mascots and stuff later on. The Alphanet Big Bang video used an AI narrative voice, that was cool and I think we should start out with that. For now I think it’s important to figure out what the goal is of the channel:

  • Do we want to make short informative clips with a narrator voice + text on screen along with an enticing BGM (Youtube shorts/Tiktok style) or;
  • Create medium to long clips that explain the NoM to newcomers/power users;
  • Both?

Hoping that we can come up with creative ideas to showcase our network to a broader audience!


The issue isn’t the alien per se, it’s about how crappy it is. A good character won’t pop out of nowhere and as coders are good at coding artists can come up with something but most of the time the average Joe thinks he can do it and here we are. Either you put money on a good non crappy brand and hire an artist or you just don’t try because obviously it won’t work for something as advanced as character design. You won’t see me contributing to go-zenon codebase.

That being said good initiative.


Firstly, thank you for those who have reached out with positive feedback, support and constructive criticism, your comments are appreciated. For those who have been critical I happen to agree with a lot of the negative comments. The quality of the introduction was pretty poor but the purpose of putting the video up was to make that important first step, with the benefit of hindsight I should have waited because the video wasn’t a true reflection of the channel. I have taken down the video from both YouTube and X.

As the name suggests, the aim of the channel was to try to demystify and explain the project in a series of videos, each around 10 minutes long. It was not meant to be aimed at attracting BTC developers but those who have an interest and some prior knowledge of crypto. We have practically no coverage on YouTube and having introduced dozens of friends into Zenon the feedback was always that Zenon is too confusing and nobody knew where to start, I felt this would help bridge that gap.

The narrated Alphanet Big Bang video was real quality and whilst I agree that this is the level we should be aiming for I just feel this isn’t realistic without hiring professionals. I feel that making 10 minute videos with only imagery is a big ask, hence the narrator. I may try again with a human voiceover actor and see how that goes, making content is time consuming and costs money to pay for the various tools, so I need to weigh up weather it is worth putting any more effort into something that will never be good enough for some.

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The community needs to understand this is how new contributors feel when they try to contribute to NoM. The people who do nothing but complain crowd out those who are willing to work and try new things. And the attacks and feedback are outright nasty sometimes. It’s so wrong on so many levels.

For those who continue to point to @mehowbrainz’s work and expect others to achieve his level of excellence… serious? He has a team and is working on this project full time.

We need an army of people supporting this project. We cannot expect everyone to have a team and deliver production quality work. We need to try and iterate. Give positive and constructive feedback and welcome new contributors.

@Zenon_Demystified I hope you continue to try. Maybe repost that video with a voice synthesizer instead. Clearly you spent time on that. I thought the script was very good. let’s try and iterate. It won’t be perfect, but I think you can make a different and we need your help. And I will try to RT your stuff on @zenon_network even if it’s not perfect.


Sometimes when we don’t like something, we don’t always know why. You got a lot of mixed feedback on your yt channel. Most of it was summary judgement: good/bad.

Here are some specific feedbacks with marketing best practices in mind:

The name of the channel is psychologically inverted. It is something analogous to calling “Vehicle Safety Belts” “Vehicle Anti-death Belts”.

I suggest something like:

  1. Zenon 123
  2. Crypto Easy
  3. Crypto A to Z

Change the image every so many seconds. Maybe even keep the alien but make it like a green screen slide presentation.

Use an AI voice changer, or a more high grade text to voice software that features better intonation and cadence.

Don’t try to be buddies with your audience. Maintain a more authoritative frame.

Love the initiative. The reason you’re getting so much attention is because you’re amongst the very few who are producing. So, you have all eyes on you lol.

I suggest editing the video with these ideas in mind.

Keep going!

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And don’t forget to funnel users down paths to engage them into Zenon, even using Attribute links to prove that your video drives users down paths which convert actions valuable to the network. Understand how to use hashtags to drive organic traffic. Then research outbound methods to drive traffic to your video.

You won’t regret signing up to GPT-4 and AgentGPT, it’ll teach you things and propel you forward. Before you know it you’ll be producing agency-level work with your own team.


I’ve taken the points raised and will iterate accordingly, including a change to the channel name, voice software and avatar. However for clarity, this is the start of the first video being worked on and a draft of the script relating to the history of Zenon.


This will follow an introduction to the features of the network:

Avoiding the traditional, and often controversial, route of initial token sales to big investors, Zenon opted for a more egalitarian and community-centric approach, setting a new standard in the crypto world.

The inception of the Zenon Network was not heralded by the conventional sale of pre-minted tokens to Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists, a practice often critiqued for eventually leading to a dumping of tokens on unsuspecting communities.

Instead, the team astutely initiated a fair launch on a bitcoin forum post where people were able to send 1 Bitcoin in exchange for 5000 Zenon. As long as they ran their node for 2 years the Bitcoin was returned to them in full. Initially the network was on a placeholder blockchain, ensuring that the emission and distribution of tokens were intrinsically tied to a Proof of Stake consensus and, importantly, to market forces. This strategic move not only fortified the network’s security and decentralized nature but also ensured a fair and equitable distribution of tokens, uninfluenced by the whims of large-scale investors.

In an era where the identity of developers and founders often becomes a focal point of projects, the developers of the Zenon Network chose the path of anonymity, ensuring the spotlight remained firmly on the technology and community, rather than individuals.

This anonymity was not a mere gimmick but was followed by a significant and empowering move: the handover of the project to the community. This transition wasn’t merely symbolic but was a tangible shift of power and control, ensuring that the network was genuinely of the community, by the community, and for the community.

The Zenon Network has witnessed a massive surge of grassroots development activity, a phenomenon that can be attributed to the absence of insiders and the establishment of a level playing field for all contributors. From day one, every individual, regardless of their stature or tenure in the community, was given an equal opportunity to contribute, innovate, and influence the network’s trajectory. This egalitarian approach not only fostered innovation and development at a grassroots level but also ensured that the network was devoid of the hierarchical and bureaucratic hurdles that often plague other projects.

It was evident from the outset that the initiators of the Zenon Network were not driven by a desire for personal enrichment but were motivated by a vision for the greater good. The project was not a profit-driven venture for its creators, who, despite apparently having deep pockets, have remained in the shadows, allowing the community and the technology to take center stage. This altruistic approach has not only garnered the respect and admiration of the community but has also ensured that the network’s evolution and growth are aligned with the collective good, rather than individual gain.

The Zenon Network, through its unique inception, anonymous development, community empowerment, and altruistic motivations, has crafted a narrative that is rare and precious in the blockchain space. It stands as a testament to the fact that it is possible to create a decentralized network that is genuinely governed by its community, where development is a collective endeavor, and where the guiding principle is the greater good, rather than individual enrichment. In a world that often seems driven by self-interest and profit, the Zenon Network offers a glimmer of what is possible when technology, community, and altruism converge.

Constructive feedback welcomed,


Don’t twist the facts please. What was opposed is to use the OG twitter account to reshare the content of questionable suitability due to the way it was presented. Nobody dismissed the author’s efforts to create content, as has been repeatedly clarified. With attribute.me everyone can share it and get attribution for the traffic it generates. I opposed you wanting to push it to be shared through the oldest public zenon channel with 14k followers because you ignore that it needs consistent brand standards to maintain a professional appearance. Not everything can be hacked and done quick & dirty!

Also, this claim that some of the opposing opinions came from people who just complain, disencourage, and do nothing else… I assume you dont mean me, else you’d willingly ignore my efforts to bring visibility to industry leaders as I’ve shared in the basement multiple times. The problem is they dgaf because there is not enough traction yet. One of the reasons being that there is no coherent marketing strategy Pursued by the community as a whole and myopic tribalism has taken over.

@Zenon_Demystified I hope I made myself clear that my criticism was towards the people who just want to post any content (again, no offense) on the old zenon twitter handle. By no means was it my intention to discourage you.