How to Proceed with the Official Twitter Account

This is a quote from a different topic. I did not want to hijack the work Demystify is doing.

We are currently not in a position to enforce brand standards with the @zenon_network twitter account, and until that is possible my recommendation is to continue the previous standard until we can establish a better one. We can agree to disagree.

What does the community think?

  • Stop all Tweeting from @zenon_network until we have community Brand Standards
  • Continue posting from @zenon_network in the same fashion as before and adjust after we have community Brand Standard

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Why are we not in that position?

It does not exist right now. But there is nothing stoping anyone from creating one and getting consensus on it. That would be awesome if someone did.

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I also wanted to share that @zenon_network can no longer retweet. That action is not allowed in the free API. I shared this in TG but wanted to make sure everyone has the facts here.

I selected yes on your poll, but then I saw your post that RT’s are no longer supported and my vote now changed to a no. The narratives and community is currently unaligned.

@Stark is working towards an AZ proposal re: narratives and pr. If funded, the work he could then be used by community to develop a strategy and standards for that handle. IMO the main narrative of the network should be agreed-by network participants, Pillars – and especially considering the narrative leads to promises on technical-levels.

Though not having RT abilities really diminishes the opportunity for that handle. The ZenonOrg handle plans to take leadership with its brand and funnels, with goals to fill the gap of what’ll be missing by Zenon_Network.

Can it still quote?

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All we can do is Post. So if we want to “retweet” the only way we can do it is to create a new post with a link (not retweet) to the post. Sol and I read the API docs and both of us tested this yeaterday in our repos. This must have changed recently.

Maybe let this run though the weekend? And when we hit 5PMish CST on Sunday close the pole and accept the results then? Hope that is OK with everyone.

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Define brand standards.

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A Twitter brand standard framework is a set of guidelines and principles that a company or individual follows to maintain a consistent and cohesive brand identity on the Twitter platform. This framework typically includes instructions on logo usage, color schemes, tone of voice, content guidelines, and engagement strategies to ensure that tweets and interactions align with the brand’s values and messaging. It helps in creating a recognizable and trustworthy presence on Twitter.


We can define brand standards as we go, so I am 100% for continuing to tweet.
The lack of retweets is a non-issue, we can simply tweet a link to the tweet we intended to retweet and it won’t make much of a difference for readers.



Another one. Feels like we are actually getting shit done. @mehowbrainz I realized the fastest way to get these approved is if an approver does not submit them. Work with @Stark or @Shazz to submit them. That way you can approve the PR yourself plus one more.

Also, do you have the ability to assign a reviewer (upper right). I’ve been doing this manually for everyone. But if you can do it too, you should add reviewers so they receive an email in their inbox.


We might have to go for paid API.
In that case who can do the payment? It has to be the email registered with official account,isn’t?

I don’t understand this. If the approver isn’t submitting the tweet ,how can he approve the PR ?

What he means is that if an approver submits a PR, he can’t approve himself and as a result he has to wait for others to approve, leaving his vote out of the equation from the get-go. But if I ask @Stark to submit the PR for example, then I can immediately approve it with @0x3639. Some approvers aren’t as responsive as others.

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Got it

I think that in order to achieve this outcome it would be better to reduce the quorum to one vote.

I don’t think that’s what should be done, but it illustrates a point.

The proposed reacharound would place me as an individual in an awkward position.

I think it’s better to just work within the current system. We got some tweets out. Shall we see how things go for a week or two?

Are you saying we should reduce the number of approvers of a tweet from 2 to 1? I personally like having 2 people approve. It will help reduce mistakes and we all seem to have a good dialogue about tweets. I think 2 approvers will help ensure we follow the guidelines we establish too.


I see the logic.

API issue sorted out?
Will we have to get the paid API?

we bought a paid API but not for this account. learn_zenon is testing some stuff out with the paid API. For now @zenon_network is pretty much limited to posting only.