What are the communities priorities for Accelerator-Z and Hyperspace?

Byzentined made a good point earlier on the Telegram about mapping out a high level roadmap and budget for what we would like built on the NoM as a priority - and what value we would assign such tasks. Let’s start a discussion here about tasks and estimated payments.

Some ideas:

  • CEX/DEX listings, bridges to specific Crypto chains for hyperspace.
  • Key SDKs, Syrius enhancements (skins, lightweight mode, interface improvements), NFTs, BTC interop for A-Z
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Bridges to other chains and atomic swaps (or any other kind) with BTC seems the most important if you omit VM functionality.

So VM/wasm otherwise above.

I think SDKs are a must also but nowhere near as useful as smart contracts at this point. Good SDKs allow easier implementation for exchanges tho and interaction with the chain.

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As we go I hope this conversation begins to build out a pie chart of how the A-Z pool gets allocated. This can also tie into other conversations (like the Fiverr meets Github idea)

What are the various areas of the NoM that need to be built out?

BTC interop
Exchanges / ways to trade
NFT platform
ZTS platform
Central info resources / wiki / gitBook
Competitions and incentives
Graphic Design and Brand

Maybe list everything we can possibly think of and then do a Phase One poll were we vote on what is most important?

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I fully agree with this. Adding smart contracts will unlock so much functionality. It seems like it should be the highest priority.

We should clarify with Mr Kaine if ‘zApps’ on the roadmap means the team is going to do this, or whether it should be done under AZ/hyperspace. He has said AZ/hyperspace in chat before.

I’m still not clear whether the core dev team are going to be submitting proposals via AZ/hyper or are continuing to work on the network design separately.

I’m not sure if there is anyone in the community capable of implementing the VM for SCs.

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Good point - it’s fundamental. Previous mentions by the team was Smart contracts for NoM 1, but that may have shifted with AZ. We do need need clarity on who’s lifting what.

The AZ webpage shares some things…

Under Zenon Fabric
Governance, Blockchain based AI, IoT solutions, DEX, Defi, VM integrations, NFT Platforms, Mobile Apps, GameFi, DeSo, Decentralised storage, AMM.

Under HyperSpace
SDK ports, Multi-chain integrations, Interoperability solutions, Cross-Chain bridges, Atomic Swaps.

But a lot of this cannot occur until we have full Smart Contract abilities.


I think getting transparency on role of the team and the features they are planning to implement is the most important issue we have, when we think about future directions.
VM and non-embedded smart contracts. I wouldn’t be able to sit down right now and start implementing those. But I’m confident that I’d be able to figure it out. But then there’s things that I’m able to do right now, so why would I spend time to understand and work on stuff that’s (a) potentially being developed already and (b) already thought through and understood by others, that also should have the proper infrastructure in place to test and validate core changes.
That’s just sane behavior I guess.
So until the team steps up makes a commitment in either direction we’re probably locked in a vacuum. It wouldn’t even make sense to ask go/blockchain/wasm experts if they want to earn az funds in that situation.


Very true. I’ve pinged MK on this matter a couple of times already but am not getting any response.

Now that AZ is out, we should have the AMA soon and pose this as a question with a more detailed rationale along the lines of your post.

I’ve been busy with a few things lately but might give the questions a final review and see if we can set something up soon.


Apart from estimated costs, we could also try to ascertain the the order of things generally.
For example, listing on a tier 1 CEX is de facto marketing because of the exposure, visibility and perceived legitimacy, so what do we want those people to see when they check us out? What is the minimum a prospective builder/retail would like to see when they come across us via a new exchange listing?

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Short term wise and before we dive into NoM’s “mega-projects”, I think we should give some attention to the little bugs in Syrius. Many of the users are reporting several issues that seem to be reoccurring. Syrius is the gate and entry point to the NoM and I think it should provide an ideal experience for the participants. Next inline I think should be smart contracts > VM/Wasm > bridges/atomic swaps > SDKs. Goes without saying that BTC interop is on the top of the list but I’m still not quite sure how it’s envisioned.


I want to push sentinels to the front of that list. We’re always talking about smart contracts and such, but sentinels already exist as a placeholder and from the initial architecture description they seem to play a vital role. Maybe they are even necessary for sc execution.

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Do we have an idea of the SDK’s which we should build, and which have been built? If I understand this, it is something which can be done now and can be allocated for.

If we create the broad outlines of the Zenosphere then we will know what parts of the picture to colour in - and having the outline will help others spot pieces of the picture they can colour in.

Mr Ztark made this as a quick idea of how allocation could be visualised.

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Noting the teams Tweet today - are we confident that we should be submitting non-hyperspace related proposals now? It seems that Hyperspace is meant to go first (cross-chain bridges etc.)

I wondered that too. It’sa bit weird that they make this artificial separation but no way to enforce it. If people can submit anything and pillars can vote on it, it will happen and why not

Yes I’m not clear on how the funds would be depleted from the orbital address for hyperspace.

I think the AZ funds are distributed by the SC from the AZ address based on the pillar votes in a trustless manner.

Maybe the team will transfer them from the Orbital fund to the AZ fund after the fact?

Totally forgot about the ama - i bet people have new questions to ask

Are these funds actually separate?

Yes i believe the orbital funds are being accrued in a separate address to the Fabric funds (AZ and vested pillars)

If you have any further suggestions, please add them here: NoM Technical AMA - Google Docs

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Not that it would be number one on the list but i think some sort of multi sig function would add a lot of value for the community. There seems so be interest in pooling funds for infrastructure and other things.

The wallet already has something to sign/verify files but i havent heard anyone use it. I see this as seperate from the implementation of runtime environment but maybe doesnt have to be.