What are the communities priorities for Accelerator-Z and Hyperspace?

After reading the medium article from georg i think we should add decentralized storage to the priority list too. It sounds like the tech is destined to solve some problems in this area so could be big for future development to have some groundwork done.

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I’m not that focussed on Zenon atm and I’m confused between

  • Orbital
  • HyperSpace
  • Accelerator Z

Are all of these funding mechanisms coming from 1 pool?

actually, they sent orbital funds to Accelerator Z address to fund hyperspace projects, that’s why we have 900k ZNN now.


Ah I see. So there really isn’t any distinction to seperate hyperspace from AZ in terms of the distribution of funds.

that’s correct - but there’s still the timing aspect (as in are they not wanting A-Z proposals yet?)

So this is basically the ‘Fabric fund’ split between

  • Funding for interoperability (Hyperspace)
  • Everything else the team isn’t building (Accelerator Z)

And Orbital is gone?

Correct as i understand it. However, Orbital still exists standalone and continues to accrue a share of ZNN and QSR emissions. We need interoperability to make use of the Orbital funds for liquidity provision

correct me if I’m mistaken Jeron but I was under the impression that Orbital was accruing a share of ZNN and QSR emissions to reward liquidity providers at some point. Is this no longer the case? I’d probably extract my meagre % from there then

As I understand it, that is still happening but some of the accrued funds have been channeled into AZ.

@ZNNAYIID is on top of the on-chain data so maybe he can confim that the Orbital funds are still being accrued seperately and that only some of them were transferred?

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Yes, actually they transferred all the fund from the orbital address (129,583 ZNN and 701,250 QSR) to A Z address, but the funds are still being accrued separately as you said, 936 ZNN and 3,750 QSR are being sent to the orbital address every day, you can check it out : z1qxemdeddedxlyquydytyxxxxxxxxxxxxflaaae .


Whatever moves the price up should be near the top. Otherwise, the developer funds aren’t much of an incentive compared to other L1s. Seems like a Catch-22 right now.

Substantial projects like a CEX would require a team, right? We’re bleeding down to $5 and need resuscitation or good luck attracting talent. No money, no honey.


They still haven’t clarified if non hyperspace proposals are allowed now? I guess it’s what the community wants in the end. For example I feel the forum proposal is valid now as it’s needed for Hyperspace/A-Z discussion of proposals, but there definitely needs to be a focus on getting cross-chain and SDK proposals up and running.

  • Should we start looking external for devs to develop cross-chain solutions?
  • How would we validate their work?
  • What recruitment mechanisms exist for finding quality devs now?
  • Can we afford to pay for these works with ~$25k worth of znn (we would likely have to submit a proposal, sell the znn and pay the dev/entity in USD or another coin if they don’t want to accept ZNN as payment)
  • Is MrK and co working on any of these themselves?
  • How do we avoid double-ups
  • Do we have any skilled project managers or DevOps guys that can help run such initiatives

Another question regarding hyperspace is how are they going to separate it from A Z, since both funds are in 1 address, I mean someone can come up and propose an SDK port after 100 days and pillars can still vote for it. Even if they remove hyperspace funds back to orbital address.

I don’t think they can.

The funds distribution is automatic so if pillars all vote to release the funds it just happens via the embedded SC

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Given the release of funds is automated via the embedded SC, i assume people can submit proposals on whatever they want and if the pillars support it, the funds will flow.

I’m also concerned about double up with the core team. There are questions in the AMA on this. Lets see if we get answers.

I’m really hoping the core team starts submitting proposals as community members. Seems much more sustainable.

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