Telegram Channel and Documentation for Turkey Market

One of the most challenging aspects of attracting new users to Zenon is explaining the project to someone. As a Turkish individual, I can say that reading anything in English - such as whitepaper - poses difficulties for a Turkish person. I’m planning to initiate an official Turkish Telegram channel for the Turkish Zenon community, where I intend to translate all articles and documentation and manage the channel. My goal is to establish the group first and find some people. Currently, we have totally 765 holders according to Etherscan. My aim is to reach at least 1000 persons in the first step. If 10% of these individuals become new holders, we’ll have 77 new holders, resulting in a 13% increase in the holder count. I’ll provide biweekly updates of the project’s status and strive to keep the community informed.

You can check the Turkish market crypto currency usage statistics below:

Furthermore, I am personally committed to learning the project from scratch and documenting everything I learn along the way. I’ll thoroughly review all documentation and create more accessible articles for everyone. Having observed previous videos and articles, I can confidently say that there is currently no user-friendly resource for newcomers to understand the project. Not everyone is a tech-savvy individual, and I want to bridge the gap.

Initially, I’m not planning to get founded, after I reach to 1000 persons, I’ll request 5000 ZNNs + 50000 QSR. The official telegram channel which was opened years ago has nearly 3000 users and I think additional 1000 persons deserves this but I’m open for any ideas.

I’ll establish a new Twitter account and prepare a bullet list for the documentation. My plan is going through documentation one by one, understanding it, translating and making it simpler to understand.

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I commend the initiative and the transparency regarding potential future compensation from AZ funds. This approach should set the standard for all future proposals. Initiating these discussions early is always beneficial.

While I recognize the importance of localization efforts like translating Syrius, documentation, etc., for the network, the emergence of Large Language Models (LLMs) has significantly reduced the barriers and efforts needed for such tasks.

The conversation around managing and growing a community organically is distinct. Although its value is evident, quantifying it remains challenging. There’s a rationale that acquiring a new user or holder now might be more impactful than in the future, similar to how developing an application on NoM currently could be more advantageous than in a mature ecosystem with thousands of apps. However, determining a precise value for this is complex. We could use successful past tasks such as ‘Sigli’s support/managerial’ as a benchmark, but I anticipate that the compensation for these tasks, in real ZNN/QSR terms, will trend downward.

I propose that more value lies in creating a ‘framework’ for localization. This would involve identifying and prioritizing the elements that need localization, and keeping track of the languages that have been addressed. Such a framework would enable others to contribute, complete tasks, and potentially receive rewards for their efforts.


Great initiative! Turkey is a top target market

“Initially, I’m not planning to get founded, after I reach to 1000 persons, I’ll request 5000 ZNNs + 50000 QSR.”

—> some people will request the user count to be based on number of users who bought wznn / znn rather than joining a tg channel (which can be faked by bots / per se doesnt have much meaning)


I don’t think creating a framework for localization is possible because I think every country has its own culture, society and values. I can’t say if it’s possible or not but at least it exceeds me.

We have to match every person with a wallet and I don’t think people will want to do this because of the privacy and security issues.

You should just use attribute by to get paid instead of asking for AZ funds imo.

If you insist on AZ payments, you’ll have to show accountability for the value you bring (aka new znn holders). E.g. there are tools that allow people to connect their wallet addresses with a tg account (to prevent spam / require holders to hold a certain amount of tokens to join a chat etc.)

Since tg user numbers can easily be faked, and a TG group full of fake (or even real) users isnt worth much unless they buy (w)znn. Unless proven otherwise, there is no reason for the community to pay for it.

You ask for 5k znn and 50k qsr in return for setting up a 1k member tg group. Even if every member bought znn, this would be a CAC of $15 which is not cheap. That is if you can actually prove they all bought znn.

If they dont all buy znn because they’re bots or users that dont add any real value, that cost just explodes and it will be a waste of funds.

You should reconsider your approach and learn from previous AZs (and why they got accepted/denied).

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I can use my attribute link to show how many users have been involved in project.

I think everybody here can use attribute links to get paid, you don’t need to spend your time to plan and work through a roadmap. I’m asking funds to build something will add positive effect to the project. The project started 4 years ago and it’s official Telegram group has nearly 3000 people. I think reaching 1000 Turkish person additionally will be really effective for the price movement, and having more people aware of the project is what we need as I know.

I’m requesting this AZ for the time I will use to build this community and building community is the hardest as we see right now.

I’m gonna look.

I will provide some feedback shortly @cagri

I support the development of multi-lang communities, I believe the network should be paying the fair market value to support active channels i.e. Zenon Telegram English as an operational expense.

When it comes to growing such channel, it’s usually a result from also acquiring new value for the network, often evaluated as interest / leads / hodlers / participants (wZNN > ZNN swaps + delegation, staking, Pillar, Node etc).

My recommendation would be to attempt to prove that the Turkish channel lead to the acquisition of new value for the network like @cryptocheshire recommended:

Hopefully some of my tools can help contribute to such initiatives with upcoming core static funnels. It’ll really depend what your funnel will look like i.e. do you bring them into Telegram first, and try to convert them there? Or do you want to start the awareness initiative on some landing page? Which traffic sources will you target to look for such Turkish audience? Is it websites, forums, other Telegram groups / socials? If you can provide me with more insights regarding your strategy, I can help adapt some of my tools to help you achieve your goals and prove your value.

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