Distributing Admin Privileges to Multi-Lang Zenon Telegram Handles

Given the interest in multi-lang Zenon Telegram communities, I replicated the @zenonnetwork main Telegram into multiple languages using language codes.

My aim was to keep a consistent logo styling and naming convention between communities.

Once new admins for each have been assigned, I will transfer ownership and remove myself as admin from any language I cannot speak. I speak English and French.

The targeted languages / new communities which’ll require new administrators are:

Zenon (Arabic AR): @zenonnetworkar
Zenon (Danish DA): @zenonnetworkda
Zenon (Dutch NL): @zenonnetworknl
Zenon (French FR): @zenonnetworkfr
Zenon (German DE): @zenonnetworkde
Zenon (Hebrew HE): @zenonnetworkhe
Zenon (Italian IT): @zenonnetworkit
Zenon (Korean KO): @zenonnetworkko
Zenon (Norwegian Bokmål NB): @zenonnetworknb
Zenon (Polski PL): @zenonnetworkpl
Zenon (Russian RU): @zenonnetworkru
Zenon (Simplified Chinese ZH-CN): @zenonnetworkzhcn
Zenon (Spanish ES): @zenonnetworkes
Zenon (Swedish SV): @zenonnetworksv
Zenon (Turkish TR): @zenonnetworktr

I added @nom_admin_bot managed by @0x3639 to all channels (though not working atm since each channel has to be paid, @0x3639 currently pays for TG main. IMO this should be funded by AZ for all channels if affordable). Any future new admins can also develop their own anti-spam bot and replace it in their respective communities if they wish.

I will also add these to the Discussions page on Zenon.Org and will convert the entire Org website into all of the above languages (including static funnels). The support.zenon.org currently supports all of them, excluding Turkish (to be added soon). I will be opening doors to more contributors to the support site as well.

If interested to Admin, please introduce yourself and post a bid to Admin any of these handles. Let the community vote on yes/no to your bid with a poll as a reply. Admins will be required to enable 2FA for their accounts.

Let’s aim for multi-lang marketing efforts in 2024.

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We currently have 2 admin bots on TG.

M0dr8 allows for the easy creation of commands like /buy. Here are some of the commands below. It’s $10/mo per site.


We also have /paal which is the AI bot I’ve trained. That also provides admin commands that overlap with modr8. It’s not ideal.

@ZNNAYIID and I have researched how kaspa runs their TG account. They are very efficient and have something like 30k members.

They use the https://missrose.org/ for admin and captcha. It’s free and excellent. You can also train it to look for words and respond without a /command. However, it does not have a /command framework. Kaspa has their own bot in python to provide /commands. I’ve looked at their code and it would be easy to fork / replicate / make our own.

My hope was to move away from modr8 (I paid for a year) and implement the free Miss Rose. Not sure if we should leave /paal or not. We toned down the AI spammyness, but /paal has admin fucntions that overlap. Maybe it’s possible to turn off admin functions, but I have not investigated that.

Update: The kaspa dev removed the /command bot from his repo. lAmeR1 · GitHub

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people seem to use the custom /commands a lot. If we remove modr8 my recommendation is we get a new command framework in place first so we don’t lose them. Activate the commands, remove modr8 and then add Rose.

I think Rose + custom commands will be much better than modr8. Plus the captcha of modr8 is not great. Rose looks better: CAPTCHA - MissRose

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