Syrius Improvements

how would this work?

does SYRIUS still sync the local node in the background so they could get off the public node if they want?

I still think we need public nodes to accelerate adoption. ETH would have about 1000 users if everyone had to sync and run their own node.

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@aliencoder I’m testing out the new build. I noticed that my node appears twice in this list. I suspect others will face this if they already have the node added, and it comes in again with the hard coded list.

Looks like I cannot delete the original node. Maybe we should address so the node does not appear twice.


Yes. I think it starts and is syncing in the background. I’ll need to check that.

This happens only for users that have previously added that node. I’ll try to find a way to fix it.

I have decoupled the sync and Plasma generation icons. I’ve also added a badge for the WalletConnect icon.

@nbd I have also fixed the charts, please check them again.

Check out the latest build.


guys latest build has some cool new little notifications, fixes, and improvements.

How about adding a very obvious notification strongly advising the user to switch from the public node to the embedded node after it finishes syncing in the background? Could even use it to educate the user with pros and cons of using an embedded node.


Let’s merge and release Syrius v0.0.7:

@sol @CryptoFish @0x3639 check out my PR:

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I’m confused. There’s a 0.1.0 already


The P2P swap one

Instead of building a new version of Syrius everytime we want to update the list, we can source this list dynamically at launch.
Example: we include a nodes.json or nodes.txt file in the Syrius repo. The file could be included with the build as an “offline” backup. The client would check for a more recent list with an HTTP GET request to Github.

For transparency, please add release notes and any assumptions you’ve made.

That’s a HyperCore One release candidate. Nearly ready for a PR to the master repo.

I’m not against this, but we need a solution until we have an optimal one.

Can you help me with this, please?

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@sol @CryptoFish I’ve added double quotes instead of single quotes for the metadata.dart variables. Sometimes the commit message contains single quotes and the build fails. I’ve fixed it and now I’m waiting for the PR#23 to be finally accepted.


znnd doesn’t sync in the background while a public node is in use.

t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=warn msg="Stopping znnd ..." module=zenon
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="stopping p2p server ..." module=node
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="Stopping protocol handler..." module=handler
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="Protocol handler stopped" module=handler
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="stopping ..." module=pillar submodule=manager
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="stop all task" module=pillar submodule=worker
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="end stop all task" module=pillar submodule=worker
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg=stopped module=pillar submodule=worker
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg=stopped module=pillar submodule=manager
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg=stop module=rpc module=subscribe_api
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="Block download terminated" module=handler submodule=downloader =nil LOG15_ERROR="Normalized odd number of arguments by adding nil"
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=warn msg="Synchronisation failed" module=handler submodule=downloader reason="hash fetching canceled (requested)"
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg=stopped module=rpc module=subscribe_api module=worker
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="stop event loop" module=rpc module=subscribe_api module=worker
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="finish stop" module=rpc module=subscribe_api
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="stopping ..." module=consensus
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg=stopped module=consensus
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="stopping ..." module=chain
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg=stopped module=chain
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="HTTP server stopped" module=node submodule=http-server endpoint=[::]:35997
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="HTTP server stopped" module=node submodule=http-server endpoint=[::]:35998
t=2023-09-13T19:58:21-0400 lvl=info msg="releasing dataDir lock ... " module=node

How about…

“Congratulations! You have finished collecting rewards for the day. Consider switching to the embedded node and leaving syrius online so you can use your own node to collect the rewards tomorrow.'”

and then a CTA with a button ‘Switch now’

This was a joke, but I’m assuming it’s not technically possible/easy to enable syncing in the background while syrius is using a public node.

Its “nice to have”, but there are more important priorities I guess

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I believe it’s possible. We can probably add an option for background sync and notify the user when it’s ready to use.

Hi aliens, i was browsing through the wallet and I wonder if it makes sense to do the same principle as on the pillars category (the undelegate button at the top) to have this on the Sentinels category. So that people who want to dismantle have a better view of the time instead of scrolling down ?


I’ve integrated a way to turn off the auto-receiver in Syrius a while ago. I have also hardcoded the WC_PROJECT_ID and implemented other small fixes.

You can test this version of Syrius here.

@sol @CryptoFish @digitalSloth can you help me merge those commits into the master branch? Thank you very much!