SHILL $ZNN article draft


The Bullish Case For Zenon Network

What is Zenon Network?

Zenon Network, the Network of Momentum (NoM), is a Layer 1 blockchain… [INSERT]

What problem is Zenon Network trying to solve?

  • Creating the digital ecosystem of the future
  • It’s fundamentally disruptive protocol goes beyond the blockchain trilemma
  • Proposes a network that is secure, scalable, and achieves try decentralization.

How was Zenon Network Founded?

NoM launched on March 21, 2019 with a mysterious post on the Bitcoin Forum.

Who is behind Zenon Network?


Learn More:

– problems with existing layer 1s (scalability, centralized, fees, securities, doxxed)

– a lyer-1 has emerged to solve for the above problems; if they can execute, they will be looking to take a huge chunk of their market share, what could this look like given the scarce supply of zenon? market cap comparison infographic, showing znn price at diff competitor market caps … just do a znn infographic, not qsr for sake of simplicity, this is a shill article not an encyclopedia of the NoM

– also mission for smart contracts to bitcoin ecossytem. bold statements, how to know they can deliver? so we will explain about zenon, explain whats already been delivered so far, and discuss the amazing team/people driving progress in zenon’s ecosystem. discussion of the team’s btc ethos, og bitcoiners and hint about the schizzo.

– discuss syrius w full node and beenefits, feeless network, AZ mechanism, assuming all goes well sumamu bridges, orbital and atomic swaps … and this shows there are people working constantly, even though their githubs are distributed

The above is a suggested structure for the article. can add or remove points as we go. Or can change whole structure, you can add an alternative outline below, just let me know. I think this way is nice though; here’s the problem with existing layer 1s, there’s a gap in the market zenon can fill, hang on- it’s actually something really ambitious. good risk-reward given how early it is.

– could also have some little quotes or mentions from degens about why they’re invested in zenon or why their believe in the NoM. I’d love to add some quotes at the end from ppl like coinselor, pasch, sol sanctum, zashu, tapwoot, shazz and tapwoot/simp for example. Not traditional style but id love that as their comments at the end aren’t constrained by the structure of the article, they could just say whatever comes to mind if they’d like to be a part of the shill article in that way.

– ill also ransfer from hewwo’s lone aliens discord some good answers he gave me. can discuss a bit about culture ordinals project

Discuss zenon’s ambitions n vision.
It goes without saying that Zenon Network is a layer-1 with serious ambitions. Any reasonable investor would now be asking, can they deliver on what they’re promising? If so, that’d be very bullish to say the least, especially considering how low the current market cap is. To support the belief that a Zenonized future is inevitable, we’re going to cover 2 things for the remainder of this article:
– What has the community actually delivered so far? (decentralized validator set, feeless network, embedded node and AZ mechanism, sumamu bridges n orbital and atomic swaps)
– Is there speculation linking some big names in the industry to Zenon’s inception? (OG bitcoiners and hint at schizzo)

Despite being an emerging ecosystem, Zenon already has a rich culture and lore. One such example is an NFT project called “Lone Aliens”, which is actually a Bitcoin Ordinals project (the first Lone Alien was inscribed on the Bitcoin Blockchain on 12/02/2023 at 1:41pm UTC). It is a collection of 100 aliens that pays homage to the Zenon community. They can be socially mined in a variety of ways such as Twitter marketing, a lore contest, poker contests and more. Of note is that their utility is currently secret – more details on this later. Hewwo and his alter ego Chadass are driving the project. In France, Hewwo got his masters degree with honours and has been fortunate enough to have his work displayed across Europe. He has a professional interest in how aesthetic experiences can explore our relation to history, and as such is naturally drawn to the immutability of Bitcoin ordinals where the content is hosted with the most robust blockchain in the world.


I have not forgotten about this. Will start thinking / writing today.

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Sounds great. Doesn’t have to be my above format, it’s just a suggestion. Could start by writing bits that would need to be in the article regardless of structure chosen.

We need to wait for bridge, orbital, atomic swaps to be implemented imo. Perhaps end of April is a good provisional deadline for this shill article to be complete?

I’m currently stuck in my wagecage, but probably monday/tues I can update it.

from @stark
"I think that highlighting congruence of ideals and development is a better angle than schizo. Taking this approach makes Zenon “inviting” to industry leaders, rather than warding them off that they might be implicated as a central source of the a supposedly decentralized then we can add as many smart people as we want. "


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Love it so far. I can’t wait to read a proper draft :space_invader:

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Too long

Would recommend choosing a specific angle and goin in-depth to argue “why zenon will attract capital” rather than a superficial, generic / high level spray n pray “buy muh coin muh decentralization” type of shill any jeet on fiverr with gpt3 can whip up


This is good feedback. I think you are right. Wonder if we can focus on a few angles.

  1. To attract devs and accelerate adoption (over the long term) the roots and foundation matters.
  2. Our network design is better and faster
  3. PoW / PoS matters

So better long term prospects b/ foundation was different + our network is better designed w/ a PoW and PoS metaDAG.


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Rather than “better” network design, try “progressive decentralization economics thanks to a dual coin and dual ledger” + spin the Bitcoin pow recycling angle.

People can understand what a pos+pow hybrid is. But most have no idea what a metaDAG is or why it’s better than a blockchain. I also think it doesnt matter in this context.

For a shill article, my point is: dumb it down as much as possible while highlighting the top 3 (max) key differentiators in a way my grandma understands

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I think you are right. Word salad that is impossible to understand will just turn people off.

So let me ask this. After reading this article, the reader needs to think we are “something”. What is that something:

  1. Bitcoin scaling solution that is faster than SOL that does not break and was founded like Bitcoin?
  2. L1 that is faster than SOL and APTOS but started like Bitcoin.
  3. Next level L1 faster than anything on the planet that started like Bitcoin and has planetary scale tech allowing for WASM, Unikernels, etc…
  4. Other ideas???

But we are not faster than solana yet. It doesn’t even say it on white paper.

  1. The missing piece that allows to use Bitcoin’s unbeated PoW security for use cases other than mere storage and transfer of money. Voting. Tokenization. NFTs. All ss decentralized as Bitcoin, completely feeless and masively scalable.
  2. Forget speed. Zenon is the ONLY network that progressively decentralizes by requiring to add more skin in the game if you want more governance power (which bitcoin has but Ethereum doesn’t), while being extremely energy efficient and offering 100% feeles smart contracts (which no other network has) thanks to a hybrid pow/pos model and a fundamentally new DLT architecture.
  3. Again, speed is a commodity. It’s not a USP. The other things you mention are the nuts and bolts nobody cares about. You have to sell a vision of whats possible thanks to Zenon. E.g. Using bitcoin’s pow as the base layer consensus for feeless voting, in-game transactions, tokenization etc. etc.
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Google: “Sell me this pen”

Satoshi wrote bitcoin white paper with this pen

I’ve got quite a bit of experience as a professional writer. I can do some exploring this weekend. Here are some examples of my work:

Obviously, this is for the community — I’ll try my best to put a sketch of something together.


My questions:

  • What is Schizzo?
  • Could I have a quick rundown of the different (known) personalities associated with the project (just their pseudonyms and casual roles)?

I don’t think an article will be difficult to craft, so it’ll be my primary focus to come up with a draft over the next week. Technical aspects of the project I’m unfamiliar with shouldn’t be difficult to figure out with my experience (although I might have extra, more specific questions). I’d like to know the extent of who is involved (as much as can be shared), how serious is the speculation the project is connected to Cypherpunks, and what pieces of information can be made public in this shill post. Is there anything I should intentionally stay away from?

Again, this’ll be my primary focus outside of my day job, but my time will still be limited. I’ll use the resources and ideas people have shared here as well.

Here is what I’ve written in the past (below). No one here knows for sure and we do not openly speculate. At this point it’s bad form. It really does not matter. Community is building now and Kaine has a yuge brain if he is Satoshi’s son or that dude on Twitter the other day. Point being, I highly recommend you don’t assert anything and / or write names. Just my $0.02

“The founding developers and any backers did not receive a token allocation and were held to the same standards as all other participants. Some fun conspiracies and wild speculation exists about the origin of the project. We leave it up to the reader to play detective.”

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This narrative has been put to rest. Some things will never be known and speculation is discouraged.

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I like the end of 0x3639’s response more. To discourage speculation, imagining the possibilities, and playing detective — that feels empty to me. We don’t have to spell anything out for readers, but we can’t deny the mystery of the project.

I’m still learning about the technology. I only glanced at the “fun conspiracies” link — I think we can agree that isn’t the angle to market from. It’s also possible more will be revealed and we’ll have something closer to a definite answer in the future.

My favorite NFT project was shrouded for a year before the lead developer revealed himself. The fact certain qualities we’re different than our imagination didn’t bother any of the holders. It’s the technology, the creativity, and the sincerity that often draws people in — that was true for the project I just mentioned, and I think it’s true for Zenon too. It doesn’t mean we have to completely neuter the mystery though.

Those are my thoughts. I know what you mean, and just disagree (or maybe I don’t and we’re on the same page).


I think it’s worth advertising the allure of anonymous devs/backers without speculating on who they are…if they makes sense?

References to individuals doesn’t benefit us I don’t think

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