Proposal: Zenon Community Forum

This has now been submitted. Obviously parts of Phase 0 are already delivered to provide this platform for engagement and discussion of proposals.

Project Name: Zenon Community Forum

Description: Deploy a community forum for Zenon Network where people can post questions, ideas or thoughts. Initially, the forum will focus on general discussion, technical support, how-to’s, development, marketing and Accelerator-Z proposals. A key early goal is to make the forum a location where A-Z proposals can be raised and discussed as a way for Pillar owners to be able to find out more information about proposals prior to voting. Longer term we envision integration with Syrius and decentralization from both a hosting and administrative standpoint. Longer term the community will administer and moderate the forum and decide on its direction through voting and feedback and be funded via a self-sufficiency strategy.



We propose 3 phases during the initial 12 months of the forum to establish its presence, grow in stature, and become self-sufficient.

Phase 0
High level overview of main tasks:

  • Build a working forum based on open source software (
  • Configure categories, groups, and remaining forum structure
  • Create and document backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Identify at least 2 dedicated administrators and at least 2 dedicated moderators
  • A focus on identifying key community members and Pillar owners and gaining their involvement in the forum
  • Provide regular public updates (at least every 2 weeks) outlining progress
  • Focus on providing a transparent medium for users to explain and ‘sell’ their Accelerator-Z proposals to the community
  • Providing a mechanism for Pillar owners to ask questions of A-Z proposal owners prior to voting
  • Initial content creation and member recruitment (via telegram)

Success/completion of Phase 0 will be measured by:

  • The forum being built, configured and available to users
  • Backup and DR plan being documented and reviewed by admins
  • Development of A-Z categories and appropriate permissions
  • Identification of moderators and administrators

Phase 1
High level overview of main tasks:

  • Development of FAQs, help guides and ZNN related content
  • A focus on growth of the member base
  • Identification of additional moderators
  • Commencement and advertising of sponsored articles to be written
  • Fostering a strong community feel, providing a sense of ownership of content and control to the user base
  • Start circulating and canvassing the community for ideas to make the forum self-sustainable

Success/completion of Phase 1 will be measured by:

  • Growth of user base to a minimum of 100 users
  • Sponsored articles/FAQs written and published on the forum (we deviated from originally stating 25 short articles and instead have gone for 1 in-depth FAQ - we felt this brought much more value to the community)

Phase 2
High level overview of main tasks:

  • Split of hosting services across differing vendors and regions
  • Self-sufficiency model development and first draft
  • The goal is after Phase 2 the forum will become self sustaining, either through community funding or self sustaining initiatives.

Success/completion of Phase 2 will be measured by:

  • Community review of decentralization efforts/proposal
  • Draft self-sufficiency plan finalised and circulated within the community for comment and review (main goal to provide a solid foundation to ensure appropriate hosting funding for the foreseeable future)

Team: The day to day team comprises of @0x3639 and @romeo, with assistance from community members such as @Shazz and @OGZenon. We have the skillsets required to build, configure and grow the forum during the initial phases and to hopefully establish the forum as a key communication and engagement medium going forward.


Total Requested Funding = 5,000 ZNN and 50,000 QSR
Project Duration = 12 months

Our funding model is split into 3 tiers, each with differing levels or criticality to the project:
Tier 1: Cover hosting costs and keep the forum running
Tier 2: Reimburse effort in establishing and maintaining the platform
Tier 3: Growth initiatives

Tier 1 funding is essential to the platforms existence and success of the project. Tier 2 is next in line as a means to ensure appropriate administration and moderation are factored into the short-term lifespan of the project - as well as reimburse the proposal submitters who have invested significant time, effort and money into establishing the forum. Tier 3 provides a paid basis for achieving growth, whether it be organically or targeted - and provides a desired level of flexibility to pivot where needed to grow the community.

Any spare funding will be filtered back up to Tier 1 - to provide a longer safety net of hosting whilst we design and develop a self-sustainable model for long term funding.

Project and Payment Milestones:
Phase 0
Funding Request: 30% (1500 ZNN and 15,000 QSR)
Duration: 3 months

The initial funding will cover setup costs and hosting for 3 months (April 1, 2022 to July 1, 2022). The monthly hosting costs of the forum are approximately $100/mo* currently and are growing to an expected $300/mo by phase end. Remaining ZNN and QSR for this phase will be distributed between administrators for time and effort as well as additional service provisioning as needed. Time will be estimated and recovered at the equivalent of $100 USD/Hour. All payments will be disclosed publicly. During this phase, @0x3639 has agreed to redistribute any time payments he receives back to the forum to pay for additional projects.

Phase 1
Funding Request = 50% (2500 ZNN and 25,000 QSR)
Duration 6 months

The second round of funding will cover hosting costs for months 4-9. Identified moderators and administrators will be compensated (per month with ZNN and QSR at a rate to be determined based on current ZNN value at the time) at the commencement of Phase 1 and will be expected to write articles to generate traffic and actively recruit new members as well as ensuring smooth operation of the forum. Funds will be allocated to forum improvements (APIs, code and graphics) and then the remaining funding is for 25 community written (forum style) articles with ~50znn (1250 total) and 500qsr (12500 total) reward allocated depending on content, size and complexity. With the potential for change in ZNN value going forward we will revise the article payment figures as needed to achieve a fair amount. If need arises, some of the sponsored article funding may be shifted to advertising or strategies to help grow membership. It is key to realise that any growth and engagement in the forum is likely directly proportional to the prevalence and awareness of Zenon. Any funds left over from Phase 1 will be consolidated into Tier 1 funding for contingency of hosting costs post phase 2.

Phase 2
Funding Request = 20% (1000 ZNN and 10,000 QSR)
Duration 3 months

The third round of funding will cover hosting costs for months 10-12 and cover the costs of shifting services to different service providers and regions. It is anticipated that higher spec VMs will be required at this stage if forum growth is successful. Forum moderators, community managers and/or administrators will continue to be reimbursed for the time. It will also be used to pay for the development of the self-sufficiency draft document and any required infrastructure to support it.

Estimated hosting costs for the first year are summarized in the below graph:

Other Information

We went back and forth on asking for the max allocation - but eventually came to the opinion that the forum stands to be a key tool in the growth of Zenon and its community. Other than payment to the creators during Phase 0 the vast majority of the funds will go towards hosting, growth initiatives, developing helpful and engaging content, fostering community involvement and decentralization efforts (to meet the ethos of the NoM). The growth of the forum is key to increased awareness and acceptance of Zenon and the Network of Momentum. We’ve driven to have the forum built prior to the commencement of A-Z to ensure there is a useful place to discuss proposals and to engage with Pillar owners.

Currently the forum resides as a sub-domain the the foundation. It is important to note that the forum is independent of but synergies exist between the two and the growth of one is directly beneficial to the other - and in turn the growth of ZNN. As such, we will continue to reside as for the proposal period with a view to adjust in the future as needed. The forum will remain a community asset going forward, and maximum effort will be placed into transitioning to community ownership as soon as possible (with romeo and 0x3639 stepping down into a community role when appropriate).

No previous submission has been made for this proposal. Thank you for your consideration.


This is a really solid proposal. Thanks for putting in the effort to detail the roadmap and phases.

I feel the forum is already becoming a key medium for discussion of AZ proposals and have little doubt it will become a cornerstone of the ecosystem.

Given the amount of work involved across mulitple people and with hosting costs etc, the ask of ZNN/QSR seems reasonable, especially given the staged nature of the proposal.

I support this proposal being funded.


I agree with what jeron said.

I’d like to hear your thoughts about estimating cost based on current or speculative future price. My intuition says to use what currently appears to be a solid bottom of ~$7. For a 12 month project that’s probably not going to remain stable.
So when you estimate some costs in $ and some in znn, what’s your strategy there?
Have you thought about fixing all cost in $ and instead of paying out potential excess funds, put those into a treasury for future or unforeseen costs or as a risk buffer in case of much lower valued coins? Maybe minus a fixed znn valued premium for the main risk holders of the project.


Thanks guys for the thoughts.

Dumeril, you make a good point, I’ll have a rethink around maybe keeping the underlying currency consistent across all metrics. It just kind of sat better with me having ongoing payment as ZNN rather than a $ value but I don’t really have a good reason for it other than gut feel.

Makes sense to apply market value in USD and then translate to ZNN at current rates


Nice proposal! My first thought was I saw your requested funding is that it’s way too much, but reading the proposal I must say I agree. I think it’s also a nice addition that you take the left over funds from one phase and take it to the next. Another great aspect is to publish the payments publicly. That way it’s all transparent what’s going on behind the scene.

You can also see the initial funding as a new pot the forum can receive funds from. So like you state: future contests and sponsored articles. Currently we don’t know how that is going to be implemented, but that’s not needed. As long as there is a nice amount of ZNN to distribute then the forum can continue it’s growth.

I think the main reason people are reluctant to agree with high funds is that they think one person is getting hella rich without contributing “enough” to the zenon network. Reading this proposal I don’t get that feeling. Also I would like to add: we have 130K ZNN and 700K QSR for the first Hyperspace phase. Let’s start funding these great projects. And for the first couple of projects I think it’s better if it’s a little too much funds instead of a little too few.

Also perhaps it’s handy to agree to a baseline where we base the value of ZNN on. I personally don’t mind it to do it around 7 dollar. It’s only positive if this value grows, also positive for the people receiving the funds. Currently we don’t know what the price is going to do, that’s only speculation. So let’s go on what we do know and that is that’s 7 dollar.


Thank you and the team so much for the solid work putting this proposal together. I think it will serve as an excellent initial benchmark of what upcoming proposals should look like. My addition to this discussion has been pretty much captured by what @Dumeril said.


Hi all - we will be submitting the proposal shortly. Thanks for all your help in refining it. I’ve made changes above and have taken into consideration the points raised. In relation to the funding, I’ve made it clearer that any excess funds will be filtered back into hosting costs and community growth initiatives and I’ve provided some clarity around the znn/usd thought. I feel payment in ZNN/QSR during Phase 1 works better as it will be hard to have mods/admins record their time effort (and validate it) for a per hour payment. With a set ZNN payment per month we can avoid that and forecast appropriately. If the value of ZNN increases significantly we will adjust the amount to suit and this will be made clear to any mods or contributors that come on board.

All payments and the wallet address will be made public on the forum to avoid any potential concerns.


Thank you so much for all your hard work in making this Forum the nexus of Zenon Community discourse and leading the charge with such a refined proposal - I hope it will serve as a prime example for all upcoming AZ applications.

Given how this forum is becoming the central discussion point for all governance subjects such as AZ funding or ZIPs, its importance can’t be overstated IMO. Bravo.

I support this proposal being funded.


Quality forum goes with quality proposal.

Over time, the forum will become more and more popular and will allow the community to have clear and structured discussions about the future of the network.

Not funding this would be a big mistake in my opinion.


Anyone voting no really hasn’t understood the importance of this piece of communication architecture. Let’s hope Pillars take their time to educate themselves about its importance and don’t listen to the couch commentators that contribute nothing of value and just criticize.


agreed - this forum is exactly what we needed as a community for more long-form debate/discussion

super valuable and clearly de-risked as it’s already live


Hey guys. I see votes are starting to roll in and there are some nos. For those who are voting no, can you please give us the professional courtesy of explaining why.

@romeo @ZenonORG and several others have spent more than 100 hours getting the forum to this point. We believe the forum will become “town hall” and is critical to help grow the Zenon echo system. Over the 12 month project the forum will be decentralized as much as possible and will be owned and controlled by the community. No one Pillar will own or control it (especially me). It will be a community asset to own and run. It just so happens that a few Pillars are helping get it off the ground.

So please help us understand why you are voting no.

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Also wanted to mention that I’m going to Abstain from the vote given my involvement. If the community of delegators wants me to reconsider that we can post a poll and address it later. But for now I will Abstain.


I believe pillars who voted for No, are not fully aware of this forum and its potential and not really engaging with the community in any way, I don’t even think they read the proposal.


That and some may not be very fond of a “forum” as a central discourse medium for the community and more so for Zenon. But I’d like to point out that in the short amount of time since its launch, the forum has added some real value to various aspects of this endeavor. So if you can get past the idea that forums are outdated or obsolete, you will quickly see the contribution it’s deriving. Otherwise, please feel free to suggest other mediums or means that are at least as effective and we will support it.


I think it’s fair to say that this team is increasing the value of the NoM. If the trading market value of ZNN increases that will empower this team to do more great things.

Whereas being early as an investor increases ones leverage has a holder, being early as a builder should rightfully increase ones leverage as a builder.

Indeed, investors will be wise to support the builders in leveraging their energies to build the NoM.


Just reposting this here, because it got lost in the telegram chat (another reason for the forum to exist!)
AZ has sales, marketing and tech as just broad categories; the key is if “it adds value to the ecosystem”

The forum has already done multiple positives for AZ proposals, such as wiser budgeting for the rust sdk, a convo about tech constraints for the nft marketplace etc. Only more positives to come from this neat and organised discussion platform. Discord is a poor solution imo because it doesn’t solve the issue of threads getting lost in endless messages (this just happens in more mini chats)


So with 9 days to go we have 20 votes total (17 for, 3 against) with 55 pillars left to cast a vote (but only 7 more required for quorum). Any Pillar owners who haven’t voted yet and are on the fence please let us know your feedback or thoughts - if you have any questions post them here


If any Pillar is on the fence about this proposal, please tell us why. We welcome feedback and are willing to address any concern.

I want to remind everyone of the SEO benefit of a forum. This forum is indexed and crawled by google many times a day. When we post on the forum it’s more likely a developer or contributor will find out about Zenon Network and get involved. This isn’t just a place to share ideas. It’s a marketing tool that grows by itself. Discussions on Telegram and Discord cannot be found and add ZERO SEO benefit to the project.

Finally, I wanted to explain the tech behind this forum. This forum is fast because we’ve optimized it for speed. We have (2) CDNs, one hosts css and js, and the other hosts images. All images are uploaded to S3 type storage and then served over the CDN. We are using mailgun for email delivery. Over time we expect the forum will deliver more than 100K emails a month. We also setup a split docker image structure which separates the web app from Postgres and Redis. That allows for faster upgrades and minimal downtime. This setup is not trivial and has taken our team many forums and years to perfect.

The forum team has put a lot of effort into this project. We deserve a vote.


Thank you all for you help and votes. The forum proposal was successful in getting approved.

I’ve created the first Phase in Syrius for the project, which I think now triggers a vote for funding for Phase 0 - any @Pillars owners able to confirm? If that is the case, I will hold off for future phases until the metrics of success for the phase are complete.

Phase 0 Status - Will socialize appointed mods and draft backup plan in the near future

  • Build a working forum based on open source software COMPLETE
  • Configure categories, groups, and remaining forum structure COMPLETE
  • Create and document backup and disaster recovery plan UNDERWAY
  • Identify at least 2 dedicated administrators and at least 2 dedicated moderators COMPLETE
  • A focus on identifying key community members and Pillar owners and gaining their involvement in the forum COMPLETE
  • Provide regular public updates (at least every 2 weeks) outlining progress COMPLETE
  • Focus on providing a transparent medium for users to explain and ‘sell’ their Accelerator-Z proposals to the community COMPLETE
  • Providing a mechanism for Pillar owners to ask questions of A-Z proposal owners prior to voting COMPLETE
  • Initial content creation and member recruitment (via telegram) COMPLETE

Success/completion of Phase 0 will be measured by:

  • The forum being built, configured and available to users COMPLETE
  • Backup and DR plan being documented and reviewed by admins COMPLETE
  • Development of A-Z categories and appropriate permissions COMPLETE
  • Identification of moderators and administrators COMPLETE

Once Phase 0 is complete and approved we will publish results and payments for transparency