Personification of ZNN - Potential Accelerator Z

My idea is to create a character to reflect Zenon — this wouldn’t be the “creator” but rather an associate of the aliens responsible for the project. This character would be a combination of informative and personable — I’d manage the Twitter account, and interact with the different Zenon accounts, as well as other accounts on the website. It’d be possible to branch onto other social media sites as well.

This feels important as it creates another association for Zenon. We wouldn’t necessary “give anything away” or “create false promises” — rather, we’d create a personality that people would associate with the project, and build off the alien meme that’s already present in the Zenon community.

This personification would use Twitter (and possibly Substack) as a way to get simple information to the masses — this could include “how-tos”, instructional material, as well as more fun media — I’m putting this forward as a possible Accelerator-Z project (although I’m definitely not submitting anything until I have community feedback and an open discussion). I’m a fairly skilled producer, and have a lot of creative people in my network, so it’d be easy to create music and video content to share through this character. They would also be able to interact on the Telegram group, and with other accounts online (to build a following). The goal would be to turn this individual into a well-known account on Twitter (which isn’t necessarily easy, but I think it could be really helpful).

Ultimately, I think it would be a clearer association (this character), and that would bring in a memability that would bring in new investors. Even if they’re not aware of the technology, they’ll still be interested in investing (just look at $PEPE).

I’ve written other notes on this topic that I can share, but I’m wondering what you think of the idea. I’m happy to share some of the AI characters I’ve created (Midjourney) and we could collaborate as to who this person/individual actually is. The main character I’ve made is ultimately an alien, with human characters (similar to a bald Vitalik, but unique looking).

We already have a few of educational and promotional channels. Zenon is still in the dark . More promotion and marketing won’t hurt.

May we see details of what u intent to do? Your previous works?

This is basically what all shitcoins/memes do on Twitter/Telegram. I think you can use your skills for a much better purpose. You’ve mentioned that you have a lot of creative people around you, maybe educational videos ?

I’m sure would share your work.

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My previous work has mainly been deleted — I’ve worked for a number of shit coins, and getting paid monthly. They were just about all rugs and all of the content was wiped (it was a stupid space to work in, but I got paid).

I suggested the Twitter/writing because that’s mainly what I’d have time for — I’m able to do that alongside my day job. The A.I. experimentation would be at the same time. In terms of people I know, it’s an “ask them if I need them” sort of thing. Professionally, I’m a librarian, but I have friends who produce music and videos professionally. I’m not going to share their material now.

If you want a writer (whether for a script and producing a video) that’s something I’m good at. I’m not as strong in the video editing side of things, but my friend used to be the videographer for one of the largest companies and is currently in film school — he said he’d be able to help with smaller projects in exchange for some money (although he’s overseas now). I have access to a photo/film studio, but I think it’d make more sense to use graphics — besides AI, that’s something I have zero experience with. Voice-over stuff I’d be able to do myself, again in a professional environment.

Again, my background is library work, writing, and music. I’ve shared my writing, and I’d be happy to share my music and a couple of the other producers I’m close to.

I like the Twitter idea because most of these projects lack any type of personality. Even if they’re trying to stand out, the people running the accounts don’t seem incredibly personable and often speak English as a second language.

This is a little embarrassing, but here are examples of my tweets:

I’m pretty good with MidJourney for visual content. I can share some material when I’m on my other computer.

Ultimately, I’d be down to write — maybe for a month’s time, or an article or two to see if it’s a good fit. I’ve got random experience (I’ve just been lazy to save it), and I’m pretty creatively adaptable. I don’t have a lot of free-time outside of work, so I’d prefer it to be writing oriented, but if there was some overlap with my personal life, I wouldn’t mind. In hindsight, I wish I’d saved everything I’ve worked on, but unless I have a specific target (like my life coaching practice or an EP, for example), I can be a slacker. If there’s something you think my writing would be a good fit for, we could try it out (although ChatGPT has gotten absurdly good — it does lack a personal touch though. Whether people actually care is another story).

I’ll share details of what I intended with my first post after I’ve settled into the day — like an hour or two.


Recommend you buy a bag of ZNN and do this work to pump your bag. I doubt you’ll get anywhere with AZ, but your efforts and creativity are welcome.

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I’ve got a nice bag — I’d rather focus on personal projects, and just wait for the market to refresh. No worries if you don’t think I’d be a good candidate for AZ.

Topic moved to #marketing:funding-staging.

I suggest to build traction / evidence of performance. Tools like can help you prove value to a certain extent, though it cannot yet prove full cycle participation i.e. staking, delegation etc (that’s in the pipeline). You may use any other metric tools/data to prove performance as well.

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Yes, I understand — it sounds similar to the work I did last summer for a different company. I actually don’t think I have the energy for this. You’re welcome to close the thread.

I’d be willing to write a beginner’s guide to the NoM — even a professional video just speaking about it. Previous examples of my writing are on another thread, and you can see me speak on Twitter (@Roreford — the pinned video isn’t my professional setup). If I did that, perhaps we could bypass AZ and just do an exchange of ZNN for an article/video/etc.

Otherwise, I’m not planning on selling my bags and I’ll keep staking — I’d just rather put my energy into personal things. It’s not the best attitude, but I’m a little turned-off by data and contemporary marketing ha! I probably belong in a different century.

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Wait, don’t close the topic! We need people like you. I’ll write my opinion in 10 mins.

So, let’s see what we’ve got here!

  • A guy who’s passionate about zenon

  • Knows how to write

  • Experienced in other shitcoins

  • His main language is english

  • Wants to promote zenon and is creative

  • People are reluctant in accepting marketing ideas and I understand them, they want something professional, something big from the beginning. My opinion is that our traction is almost dead and being a perfectionist in these times it’s not a good approach, we must start from somewhere to get some results, even bad results so in the future we can improve our cost/efficiency in accepting other projects in AZ.

----> Our main twitter it’s almost dead, we’ll not get access to that page.
----> We need our own thing, our own page
----> This page doesn’t necessarily need to be “PRO” and only full of geek shits. The main purpose of this page need to be user friendly - fun oriented, attracting attention mainly.
----> In the future our community will be formed with any kind people: developers, shitposters, memes, dreamers, fun oriented people, marketing oriented people, grandmothers, any kind, don’t be reluctant with people who are not nerdy.

My suggestion for @Roreford is this:

  • Propose your idea
  • Set some goals for every month (reaching a bigger number of followers each month, more engagement)
  • Convince the pillars much better: let’s say you want to get paid 1500$ monthly, that’s around 4500-5000$ for 3 months, asked them in the first phase for only 750$ per month for the first 2 months and If you prove that your project is successful you get the rest 3500$ in the last month (I fucking love this idea, you build trust, AZ will lose minimum if it’s a failure)

I like your idea, we need people like you here. Make them an offer they can’t refuse and if you prove right you’ll get a big payday in the last phase. You can ask for 100-200 more for a like+follow+ retweet campaign so you can get more traction + bring your own ideas. I would pay this guy even more if he prove us. In the beginning any kind of traction will cost money, after one year the page can be transferred to a volunteer if we have a lot of traction. Oh, I forgot… another big name from community should have access to this twitter account in case of anything we keep the page safe. Good luck!

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There are enough performance tools and metrics in the industry where any strategies can be backed up by data. We shouldn’t settle for less. The right marketers with the experience exist.


It’s is scarce, I agree with you. But in the beginning we should risk some funds, we are scarce because there is no traction. Firstly we should start from somewhere, in 6 months we can pay for a twitter campaign 500znn which would cost us now maybe 5000znn (Just a stupid example). If we don’t start much faster with marketing campaigns any other AZ project from development area will be very expensive due to low znn price, much worse than failing in marketing area once or twice.

If ZNN increases in value it means that the treasury is worth far more in $ terms. We can actually do more marketing with a higher priced ZNN. Same for any other developments. This shouldn’t be a game of giving away bags for the sake of it. Someone should develop a proposal and explain their value/proof-of. Community/Pillars evaluate. In development, proof of working code gets you somewhere. In marketing, proof of some level of performance gets you somewhere too. I believe that we should be valuing talent on a per hourly rate basis, we’d build a much stronger organization if we had more permanent roles which perform duties at an affordable rate, prove value via sprints, etc.

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I appreciate the focus on measuring results of marketing. It’s hard to do well, even in the real world.

For example, in real estate, tracking ad, to click, to browsing on a website, to filling out a marketing card or signing a lease is 100% doable for property managers who know what they are doing. The tools exist. But it’s not easy and it’s expensive.

When I go to new markets and need to hire less experienced property managers I need to accept less. They don’t understand ILS, google ad words, etc… They do shotgun marketing with no understanding of direct results, but units get leased and we sort of find out after the fact how our marketing efforts worked out.

We are a “young” project in need of marketing. We don’t have a yuge marketing team with a large budget. We don’t have all the tools necessary to track performance metrics, but they are coming.

I personally think a reasonable approach is just try stuff. See if it work. Track metrics w/ google analytics. Track clicks. And if the approach works, and generates traffic and/or new users, ask for AZ for your efforts. That is what I’m doing with and learn_zenon.

I do have some fixed costs for that I might ask for reimbursement, but I’m just trying shit to see if it works. And that could take months. I’m going to stick with until it either fails or succeeds. It if works, and you can demonstrate it created value, ask for AZ. Right now I have 20 subscribers. When I get to 1000 I will consider it a success.

Food for thought.


Here is the idea:
I’d create a character who’d act as ambassador for the project — perhaps he’s a dweeby alien, named Scribe — he’s not a meme, but rather an individual who tweets, shares information about Zenon, engages with other people’s posts organically, and has a personality and sense of humor. Ultimately, he has a brand connected to Zenon. I’ve had engagement from people in this community when I post about ZNN on my own account to know there are enough people who’d engage and retweet this character’s posts. In that sense, it’d be a group effort.

Together, we’d come up with the characteristics of a spokesperson (entity) for the project — like the administrative assistant for the aliens who collectively created Zeno (for example — that’s how I thought of ‘Scribe’). We’d decide on his qualities, and render him using AI.

I’m not attached to this guy, but he’s a character I was experimenting with. This has include text-to-voice technology and video content. It’s cool what’s available online.

We’d try this for the first month (I’m thinking 400 ZNN and 400 QSR) — I’m happy to collect the data, but I can’t make any promises to the page’s success. This would be experimental, but I’m optimistic we’d attract some attention. I’m happy to use tools like TweetHunter as well, and create regular posts/engagements. If we felt like this was a good match, we’d continue after one month, and perhaps increase the payment if we’re really successful.

I’ve also been in the e-commerce space. You’ll likely find someone who knows how to write copy and can give you the data you’re looking for. However, you’re just as likely to find people who promote themselves as experts, but really have just taken a course or two and are full of themselves. I’m not attached to writing for this project, so if you want to go in that direction you’re welcome to — it just might be some trial and error before you find a good match. As I’ve stated before, EQ isn’t easy to come by in this space (but there are some really great people as well).

I’m at work right now (better for short form content than longer posts ha). I’m happy to write a clearer proposal if people are on board — I appreciate your support @bayrum and understand other people’s skepticism. I’m not sure what the market will look like in the next few months. I think it would be wise to become a haven for many of the people pouring into shitcoins — a genuine project is like an oasis in the desert.

If people are curious about exploring this idea more, put forward some qualities you’d envision in this ambassador character. I can experiment with Midjourney and see what else I can create. Like I’ve said, I’m not going anywhere, but my energy is valuable, so I won’t be able to be as involved unless we can reach an agreement. I’m not simply trying to pump my bags.

Personally, I think this is an interesting idea. I recommend you partner up with someone else from the community and work through the concepts.

By all measures, is a total flop. But I know it creates value for the network. I just can’t prove it. If I can attract one new community developer from it, I will consider it a success. Until I can demonstrate it creates value I will not submit an AZ for my time. But I assure you I’m spending a TON of time writing.

The other benefit of contributing is you will learn a lot about the project… even if your project is not successful. Maybe you will stumble into another idea that you like even more.

I hope you jump in and see what you can produce.

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I think I’m just going to go ahead and start something (Twitter). If there’s momentum, we’ll cross that bridge later — if there’s not, there’s not.

I’ll do research as I go, but please send anything my way you’d like to specifically acknowledge moment to moment (or you think will increase my understanding of the project).

I appreciate the positive feedback, and we’ll see what happens.


Great idea. I watched your video from the other day. Look forward to more.

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