Perpetual ecosystem growth

I was going to try and make something manually so I can automate posts like this. But anything I make will be totally goatastic and not usable by the “public”

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I’ve started to look into what would be needed for the LP reward calculator.


@vilkris this would be a very valuable to stimulate interest. Being able to generate a screen shot with “returns” or earnings to post to twitter could be great.

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check out this site: THORYield

The most important, basic function is being able to input a ZTS address and generate returns for that address and be able to share that with twitter. That is how THORyield started out.

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I really like the share to idea.

@vilkris can you implement it for the calculator as well?

wen ZNNyield


I’ll look into that as well.


Sooner or later liqudity providers will get crushed by low ROI and impermanent loss. In one week ROI went from 150% to 75%. I don’t see anypoint to get a deep pool with low ROI which can turn easily in -ROI and people posting high rewards picture without explaining that this can become a failed investment. Is our main goal attracting more liqudity providers?

I think the main goal is to attract more people in general. The community is still very small and any new people that come and stay should be welcomed. I also think we need to bring in a “critical” mass of new users in order to create a sustainable price increase in the short and medium term.


A simple casino game would do imo: A coin is flipped. Players get 50/50 odds to lose all their ZNN, and 50/50 odds to 5x their stack. That’s catchy. Could work with ETH and BTC too when the time comes. Need to be degen, high risk high rewards. Coin flip online. Simple casino for simpletons like me. ZNN holders could even get some fees. As well as the A.Z funds.

I agree gambling is highly addictive, but casinos require licenses and all sorts of legal stuff… I have some ideas for games of skill (as opposed to games of luck they are free from legal burden) that are addictive and can easily bring users, but I’ll focus at the moment on delivering the ext-chain.


Make it fully onchain so no legal involved. I’m a licenced degen so I can degen your idea, whatever it is.

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Majority of tokens on eth are pure scams or gambling. As long as their L1 market cap is in the billions it will be called “adoption”

can you please post the math to support this statement?

Yes. But again, unless you’re a boomer, you gonna love hamster gambling.

Dude hamster gambling sounds freakin lit


agree. sounds retarded and fun

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One week ago 0.019 ethlp.
Staking 1000znn + eth= 3200 znn anual return = 160% ROI

Today 0.030 ethlp.
Staking 1000znn+ eth = around 1850 znn anually = 92.5% ROI. I miscalculated with 7.5%.

I meannn someone did go and add nearly a fourth of the total liquidity we have on Uniswap :man_shrugging:

What I’m curious to know is how quickly we’re going to drain 10% of Orbital’s reserves as a consequence of this.

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It’s ZenonORG’s position.


Thought so :wink: