Perpetual ecosystem growth

I think the hope is to get more LPs who stake for 12x so we can deepen the liquidity pool. @sumamu did a calculation estimating the duration. Let me look for that.

Sumamu said about 58 days if 2x multiplier applied (constant), currently about 1,7 x

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Prototyping a calculator for LPs.


An initial version of the calculator is now live: Zenon Tools


Amazing work as always, @vilkris! The quality of your work speaks for itself.


First preview of my LP Simulator… I lost some brain cells building this one :alien: :gun:

Written thanks to a mix of GPT 3.5 + GPT 4 + maths + APIs + Uniswap GraphQL requests.

Goals of the tool:

  1. Allow upcoming LP’s to calculate their rewards.
  2. Allow upcoming LP’s simulate what their rewards will be with pool growth, wZNN, ETH price changes.
  3. Allow current LP’s to calculate their rewards after a new LP enters, and values are simulated in 2).
  4. Allow for anyone to play with their imagination and see potential in Zenon.
  5. Act as an inbound lead generation tool. I will likely use a sign up form to capture basic info for anyone interested in playing around with it.

Confidence of the tool:

  1. 95% confident. Will be testing quite extensively. Won’t release it until I validate it further.
  2. I’m aware that the current reward formula is not spot on. I’ve been chatting with @sumamu and messaged @vilkris to discuss. I’ve implemented @sumamu’s formula, but I get a different result than when using’ calculator, will get to the bottom of the issue. It’s not a major problem. The hard part was to calculate the ZNNETHLP Share Percentages.

May create a new tab with a simplified view where the user just enters 3-4 values and will see the results in big numbers. This view could be the “detailed” calculations view.


I love your UI

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It’s slightly improved / simplified here. Will add another toggle to hide/show existing LP rewards.


What’s the plan with the LP rewards after the first 12 months are finished?

Fair point- when does the first year lapse again?

Theres about a month and a half until 1 year lock ups start to open.

The rewards are coming from emissions dedicated to LP so they shouldnt change unless we decide to, like add more lp pools or vote to stop. @sumamu could confirm here though.

ZenonOrg may be removing its LP position at the end of its 1 year lockup period.

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Chadass Capital will remove its LPs at the end of the one year lockup period.

Yield go up :slight_smile:

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DeeZ will not be removing liquidity.