Perpetual ecosystem growth

ya he had a very large following.

We can buy a big shitfluencer

He need to be the right one. Not Gmak and others larps

Has to be a well-known Bitcoiner. But not a retard maxi. Udi or Erik Vorhees for example. Or Balaji. He’s tweeting 24/7 and angelo from our community knows him

You can’t buy Balaji, you can only make a strong case for Zenon’s value proposition and how that helps Bitcoin.

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Thing is those dudes don’t need the money.

True, but find me one crypto shitfluencer with a bitcoiner audience who does

wb @aantonop

He’s more than a maxxie though. Noway this dude is going to shill anything out of BTC when he’s been shilling it for free since ages

He was difficult on THORChain back in the day as well. I recall he blocked me. I don’t see him shilling anything but BTC.

I’m we need a usecase strong enough to be turned into a story telling for BTC but it’ll have to be 1) not just technical shenanigans and speculative assertions and 3) not just marketing buzzwords. It needs to be a simple clear usecase for BTC that make absolute sense. Then shilling will be much much easier


While you’re 100% right I think there’s a 1% chance this community can pull that off.

weak prediction

Historical data begs to differ. How’s the guy you funded doing?