Pancakeswap $ZNN Logo

I’m working to get $ZNN listed on Rango Exchange. It’s a multistep process. It looks like the first step is to submit our logo to Trustwallet to be added to their asset repo.

The logo requirements are (Requirements - Trust Developer):

  • File Extension: png (Uppercase PNG is considered invalid)
  • File Name: logo.png
  • Size: 256px by 256px
  • Background: Preferably transparent

Once we submit the Pull Request to add the logo we need to pay 5 BNB. So I want to be 100% sure the community accepts the proposed logo. I created the one below by taking the SVG, padding it, and then converting to .png. Here are samples of other logos on Trustwallet. We only have one shot at this. We don’t want to submit and pay again to change it. assets/blockchains/smartchain/assets at master · trustwallet/assets · GitHub


I’ve compared ZNN to other logos and I think the padding is not necessary. See below.

Can we come to consensus on a logo? The previous one provided by Zenon Art & Memes is below. This version has an outline and it’s pixelated. If you look at the example logo above it’s clean with no pixelation.


I’m running through the tokens… it needs to be round! All the tokens in the asset folder are round.

Some options. I’m not good at illustrator.



Feedback from the Marketing Group on TG. Looks like marketing prefers these logos which are consistent with other brand awareness projects.

From @mr.ztark


Just to clarify, the ring with pink and blue is not my creation. However much I like the multicolor ring, i don’t think it’s right for the pcs listing.

I think best to stick with green and black.

I think it will be good to do a couple more mockups.

  1. Without the green circle.
  2. Without the black background nor circle.

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That would be awesome. My hope is we can get all the options here on this thread, and then create a new thread to vote on the final logo.

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Round with gradient looks good to me, I would just go ahead with that or the two colour round one. Simple and clean

Some ZN variation mockups on pcs list.

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I like this alien concept. seems bold, on message, and on brand.

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 6.01.12 PM
Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 6.01.22 PM
I also wonder what the subtitle description shall be.
Simply “Zenon” is also an option of course.

I like


and this


ALSO, we need to define the token. I believe it should be called wZNN and not ZNN!

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I edited my post below the trust wallet images and added a couple more. sorry for all the spam.

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I agree with the wZNN part, as the only way to obtain ZNN is to bridge it over to the s y r i u s wallet.

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I wonder how some of these look with a black background? We can only upload one version.

looking down the pcs list… I wonder if they are playing some kind of psychological game and don’t want to “accurately” describe tokens as wrapped.

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I’ve looked at many. Check them out here. Several do call them wTOKEN. Also, we can add tags in the json. And one of the tags is “wrapped”

I think people are mostly confused when you add tokens here. Lots of trash in there. But look at the serious projects and they seem to have it correct.

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This one will work best with a white and black background. You will never match the black circle / outline around the alien with the black used on the website. Everyone uses a different shade of black.

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middle one just has transparent eyes and such