Official Twitter Posts

Hello Marketing Team!

Mr Kaine has created a pipeline for us to submit tweets that can be posted by the official account.

Here’s the project: GitHub - zenon-network/twitter

I encourage you all to sign up for Github accounts in order to provide feedback on proposed tweets.
Or define a reviewing process through some other channel.

We can also ask Mr Kaine to enable the Discussions option for that project if you want to collaborate entirely on Github.

In this thread, please suggest ideas for the first community-sourced @Zenon_Network tweet.

Let me know if you need any assistance with Github.


We could start with a retweet.

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That’s possible, too.

I was hoping we’d make an announcement.

Here are a few that I generated with Chat GPT:


:alien: Greetings, Earthlings! :milky_way: As emissaries from beyond the stars, we have been bestowed with a cosmic gift: the power to tweet! :rocket::ringer_planet: Join us on this interstellar journey as we share insights from the far reaches of the cosmos and unravel the mysteries of your fascinating planet. #AlienTweet #ExtraterrestrialWisdom


:stars: Transmission received: We have achieved social media assimilation! :space_invader: Our advanced intergalactic technology now enables us to send messages across the galaxy in 280 cosmic characters. Prepare for an influx of celestial knowledge, captivating encounters, and cosmic humor. Engage with us, fellow beings! #GalacticTweet #TweetingAliens


:flying_saucer: Beep bop boop… Greetings, netizens of Earth! :earth_africa: We’ve transcended the boundaries of time and space to bring you the first-ever extraterrestrial tweets! Follow along as we share mind-bending perspectives, astonishing discoveries, and perhaps a glimpse of the secrets that lie beyond the stars. #SpaceTweet #ETContact


:milky_way: Attention, inhabitants of the Blue Planet! :earth_asia: As celestial voyagers, we now possess the ability to communicate with your world via the digital wavelengths. Let the exchange of knowledge and culture begin! From the cosmos to your screens, we bring the universe closer to you. Together, let’s embark on an extraordinary cosmic connection! #AlienCommunication #CosmicTweet

Awesome, @sol_sanctum!
Let’s vote for one of them:

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wot about the thread idea i had? that got the most community engagement. next weekend was gonna post it assuming ppl submit … as the first community tweet, that would literally reflect the community. the gpt single tweeters above is just more of the same? it’s missing an opportunity imo.

in saying that, no one has even sent their submission yet, so maybe my hope wasnt realistic.


it’s not gonna happen, im being as idealistic as lisa simpson. just go ahead with it. we will do the thread another time.

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I like your idea! I was just trying to inspire others to provide their own suggestions.

I’ve tested threads and they can be created with the following code:

A thread 🧵
First post
Second post
Final post

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Just to clarify, my examples are just examples. They should be customized for our audience.

I wasn’t aware of it, @zyler9985, sorry. Can you share it here, please?
Just trying to kickstart this.


I love your idea @zyler9985, I’ll dm you something this week-end.


May you point me to the idea? I missed it.

Zyler’s original idea:

Zenon twitter and repo is being opened up, this is a historic passing of the torch moment and a major milestone in our commitment to open-source ethos.
I thought it’s a good idea to have a distinctive first tweet to mark this occasion. It could be something witty about congress testifying about aliens, but that doesn’t feel poetic enough

To really reinforce that the Great Wall has fallen, and it is now fully a community project, I think the first tweet should be a thread. Each comment in the thread can be from a different community member. As long as it’s a popular comment and fits within a decided theme. Theme could be what you love about zenon or why you’re here, or an anecdote or memory about zenon
I’d like to see say 10 tweets in a thread like this, but no need to limit it to 10 if we keep getting great submissions

Just @ me or @ deeznutz and post it in one of the telegram community chats
Maybe next weekend we will post it :alien:

This is way better for the first tweet. Could be a thread quoting aliens or could be a single tweet and then aliens populate the replies. Maybe instead of 10 comments for the thread, we just add 3 from the main tweet account and invite all aliens to participate.

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Testimonials are always good. I’d vote for @zyler9985’s idea.


is X adding the ability to gift twitter blue to @zenon_network? I’m gonna guess we can’t subscribe to twitter blue through the github actions API :sweat_smile:

Would be nice to increase 280 character length for something like this, plus the extra reach benefits, etc.

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What if we want to engge in meaningful twitter convos rather than just shout into a void?


Good observation. Does the new tooling allow us to engage with specific tweets?

We can reply to specific tweets, retweet, quote tweet, upload images, create polls and threads.

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So we’re doing the thread then? I was hoping next saturday post it. Gives time to submit their testimonials, and I’ll also chase people down in tg over the course of the week.

Theme is why you’re here with zenon, or what you love about zenon, or a memory/anecdote … that sort of thing. Share what resonates with you, I’d like to see a mix of things. I’ll post my one here, and throughout the week I’ll keep adding people’s submissions to this thread as I get them, or just post them here. Remember to test the twitter character limit to make sure it can be posted with quotation “” as well as your username attribution.

“I got into crypto because I wanted more fiat – now I want less fiat. Zenon’s mystery, friends and cypherpunk ethos inspire me every day. Normies don’t realise it, but there’s quiet superheroes out there working hard for a better world.”
– Zyler

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I was suggesting a retweet to begin with so that we can test if it actually works.


We will have better memes if we do it without testing … but im probably the wrong guy to ask. I was advocating for an entire bitcoin to be used when testing the first atomic swap. Live life on the edge and all.