NoM Business Development Initiatives

Opening this forum from the Community Marketing Initiatives because it requires a distinct strategy that can complement the organic, pure play marketing efforts as @coinselor surfaced.

For lack of a better term for “business development”, let’s use this forum to start canvassing initiatives. Here are some to start:

-Outreach to portfolio companies of web3 accelerators to products/ideas that haven’t decided on a chain yet (ex. Alliance DAO, Orange DAO, etc.)
-Hosting a NoM hackathon on DevPost
-Quests on Layer3
-Zenon Booth at BTC or other web3 conferences

Some of these require money, some require time, some both but these are just as important as marketing initiatives.

Just one right distribution partner, even if it takes 6+ months to close can make a huge different.

A prime case study in this is Microsoft Teams vs. Slack. Microsoft had the existing distribution with enterprise and therefore they won.


Step 1 - get a few mid size reference cases as a poc
Step 2 - use the reference to win a big partner that actually NEEDS what Zenon offers


What would be an ideal AZ proposal for a biz dev? And how to value?

In a bear market? Noway.

Can you clarify why biz dev cannot be valued in a bear market?

I’m no expert in this arena, but I don’t think biz dev is a short term game is it @Shazz?

Of course not. But there are clearly people in this community who are experts in everything.

Point is: prove that zenon solves a real life problem in a scalable way to create demand.

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The biggest issue I see is the people we want to target (the people looking to leverage the tech and bring real adoption) are either in a product research phase or have deployed already some limited functionality in another chain. Either way, all we can do is introduce Zenon to them. They understand that the technology can’t scale in it’s current form + the UX is a big challenge. Still, they believe in it and decided to build the next killer app.

I think what we should do is introduce Zenon to whatever projects we think have the potential to become the next big application that leverages crypto in a way that truly improves their product. Then, as we reach milestones and start adding more functionality, they’ll keep hearing about us until a point where we actually start to be a contender for their crypto stack.

Like angelo said, it will be a lot of fruitless work in the beginning, until some application decides to leverage Zenon and becomes the next big thing.


All we need is to identify one use case for which zenon offers supreme value and then we can replicate it by pitching to everyone involved in solving/servicing that use case.

  1. Create a blue print
  2. Replicate & improve

No money. No audience. Nobody. Zenon tried to make a lot of noise on Twitter and elsewhere, the amount of unique addresses didn’t increase and the PA. Oh well. I see no metrics showing interest.

I wouldn’t classify the community’s amateur Twitter efforts as a serious form of biz dev.

A marketing-versed biz dev can be clever enough to use unique Attribute links throughout his strategies to measure click/page view/conversions… even if it’s a 1-1 conversation. Basically stalking.

Attribute data conversion data will exist for the purpose of proving performance.

I’m playing a long game of placing myself in the right places and connecting with the right people in Bitcoin Ordinals. I think that people here generally understand what business development looks like, that it requires a lot of resources, talent and acumen. It may also be difficult to quantify. So I would like to further this overall discussion to learn more.

ps. I just posted an opportunity re Ordinautz