Mexc Listing Discussion

Mexc approached us about listing on their exchange. They presented a number of options.

Rough order of magnitude is 60k to list. They have a few options of USDT or USDT and tokens. They asked us not to share the proposal outright. If you DM me I can share it privately and ask that you do not post on the forum.

I know everyone has had different feedback on Mexc listings. I think an Mexc listing is inevitable, but question if now is the time. Look at the $kas volume on Mexc. It appears to be the largest volume or all exchanges. They did just list with Binance, so I assume they will take over.

I also want to throw out the idea of funding these listings with community contributions rather than AZ. $kas funded all their listings with a pass the hat. I think we can do the same. I’m prepared to contribute and I know others will do so too. I’ve privately DM’d many community members and they are willing to donate.

So if we want to list on Mexc let’s expect we need to raise 60K from the community in contributions. We can send $usdt to @shaimo for capital raises. I’ve done very large OTC trades with him and he has been here since time 0.

What does everyone think?


The more exchanges the better. It would be good for the project. Having read the posts from below, seems like we could make the listing fee go down.

Reports re: MEXC indicate questionable service quality validates various reports from zenon community members. Not worth pursuing imo, esp. since regular wallet / custody updates will be necessary and will lead to a very bad UX if the exchange doesnt stay on top of it.

From @jlyon in TG Main.

I was against paying exchanges for listing, but looking at how many microcaps performed recently with only being listed on SafeTrade or MEXC, and considering that many newcomers were asking how to buy the coin outside of Uniswap, it makes me think we need to have at least one exchange before the next bull run kicks off… also not everyone is willing to pay high fees to trade on ETH, plus additional high fees to bridge. I like the idea of raising the listing fees rather than using AZ… KAS community was able to do so for CEX listings, marketing, and developer funding.

Also, the only FUD I heard regarding MEXC was about how they are suppressing prices and dumping tokens, but again, we can pay with only USDT. However, imo the only tokens complaining about MEXC’s actions are those that didn’t experience a pump, so they blame it on MEXC’s fault. KAS pumped 100x on MEXC since listing, so where is their price suppression here?


I looked into MEXC after hearing some bad stuff about it. I don’t think AZ should be used, definitely not.

I wouldn’t encourage people to raise money for this either without disclosing all the risks involved and the ways that it can be a waste of money and counter-productive. And looking at KAS is not ideal because that project is an outlier – what about most of the stuff listed on MEXC? How does it go for them?

I’m all for a listing on a small exchange, but only if it has a good reputation and only if it seems like the right time.


That is what we exactly need, make it easier for newcomers. 100% agree

Exactly. But if the community wants absolutely to list on mexc we can list wznn erc20 instead of native. This way we won’t have issues with them with wallet updates, fork, spork….but $60k for an erc20 token listing is too much. Mexc is not a good choice so I won’t contribute personally.


People often associate CEX listings with two main benefits: increased visibility and a healthier market with easier onboarding. However, these advantages may not materialize with a listing on MEXC. This platform lists about three projects per day, and most of these projects show minimal trading volume with their price charts looking like your casual shitcoin rug.

Also, our ethos conflicts with the idea of having users purchase znn on a cex and leaving their funds there. If potential buyers are not familiar with purchasing on platforms like Uniswap, it is unlikely they will be able to install and use Syrius.

If mexc is willing to list us for free, they can proceed but paying for it is a waste of funds in my opinion.


The more exchange the more diluted our liquidity is. Your reasoning is probably a made belief construction. Exchanges are good when they offer market making strategies or are top tier. Mexc doesn’t fit any of that.


Newcomers know well how to use Uniswap. QUBIC succeeded on Safetrade because of CFB and hard shill from the mining community, not because of that exchange.

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This raise another point: what do you think the money will be used for? They will accumulate and dump on your face down to 0. If you give them tokens, it’ll be even easier for them. They’re not your friend, they don’t care about us, Zenon, or whatever.

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I personally don’t like mexc. I think it’s one of the only exchanges I don’t even have an account on. I also heard the bad stories on how they dump newly listed tokens.
The main benefit of listing there is getting exposure to a shitload of new potential buyers, which we extremely need, given how under the radar we are right now. Whether it justifies paying $60k I don’t know.

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Haggle it down to 10k so that it’s not to expensive and a possible insta dump from MEXC wouldn’t be that nasty.


Free listing or gtfo. We don’t need them. They need us.


I think it may be wise to do as Asgardian says, haggle them down to 10k-20k but for listing of wZNN that way there’s no concerns with them dumping a substantial amount of tokens and if they don’t hold up their end of the deal and don’t have to be relied on for heavy maintenance duties of native ZNN. Just my 2 cents

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Coins usually react well to listings and buyers get more options where to buy from. But I agree with you, this low tier exchange may not do that.

60k seems too much to pay for it, if we could get the price down to 10-20k it may be a good idea.

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We have built so much already . What we are going to build in the future are much more than what we have already built.

There is no reason for us to get desperate . Exchanges will come to us. We just need to wait.

We had a tainted past trying to reach masses

1.Stuck coins in BSC chain
2. Stuck coins in mercatox
3. Stex fiasco(maybe this ended well better than others)

We don’t need another failure. We just need to wait. It will be soon. They can’t ignore us for long.


Not sure if true but if MEXC indeed leaks position data to affiliates it’s a ticking time bomb.


Edit: seems to be true.

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Seen a couple of communities complain about MEXC suppressing price and market making for themselves. Haven’t used them personally.

They are non KYC but ban US visitors.

$60k is daylight robbery, wouldn’t consider it for fundraising or AZ for anything over $20k, preferably closer to $10k

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