Introducing the New Zenon Network Community Twitter Account

Hello Aliens ! :alien::wave:

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Zenon Community Twitter account.

After a lot of " good graphic/bad text " tweets from the official account, we thought it was time to finally have a new twitter account run by community.

So we are looking for 1 dedicated member to join us as an admin of the account. We should mention that, at the moment, we don’t require assistance in tweeting and updating the community about Zenon. However, we believe it’s important for the community to select an admin who will have the authority to delete, edit, and retweet as they see fit.

After selecting the community member, send a DM :
telegram : @zenon_comm



I hope we can agree as a community to trust @zyler9985 for this one.


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Only fitting that he was one of the only ones voting against taking control of the current Twitter’s content.

I’m honoured to be mentioned as someone the community trusts. I’ll consider it, but there’s other candidates who I think we can all agree are trustworthy and responsible.

Someone from the Hypercore team would be my vote. I’ve loved @0x3639 work with LearnZenon which has been the de facto community account for a while now.


Ox3639 is already performing several roles.

I personally think a non-pillar should do this to avoid any conflicts. Someone from the community who has been around a long time who everyone respects. It could even be more than one community member from different time zones too.

I support @zyler9985 for this roll!!! We should consider others too. With me being the “owner” of the TG account, I do not think I should also have access to the Twitter account. We need to distribute these responsibilities, don’t you think?


I agree with Zyler being a good candidate to lead the community Twitter account, and would additionally like to nominate fellow alien @Zashounet too!

My reasoning is that Zashu has been known to keep up with the community and understands the culture behind NoM deeply. He’s very passionate about the project and I believe the community account would be in good hands with him behind the wheel.


“community” in the name feels weak.


As mentioned previously, at the moment we still don’t require any assistance in tweeting, since developments and progress in Zenon are currently proceeding at a slow pace. However, we are open to expanding the admin panel with more than one member if the community wants to.

We are open for suggestions.

Zenon Space

Zenon Universe

Zenon Aliens

Name as “Zenon”, handle as “TheZenonCitadel”

which is the community counterpart to the old OG official “Zenon” w handle “Zenon_Network”

Are you the individual behind the @zenon_network twitter handle? Or is this a new account all together. For some reason I thought this was @zenon_network looking for the community to join the account.

We need a @Zenon_Intern

Me and Zashu have talked, we said we would agree to come onboard if it was both of us chosen. We are different timezones so probably a good idea. Up to you guys if community wants this, but we’re aware there’s other great candidates too :slight_smile:


No. This is a new account created by community members.


Maybe let the new account managers show they can grow a following before getting all wet over it :rofl:


Zenoncommunity need more followers than zenon_network

We are not here to prove how many followers we can get.

Our goal is to reclaim or at least compete with the official Twitter account that the community has no control over.

*Wants to compete with the official twitter account but muh size don’t matter

*Creates a new account, calls it zenoncommunity, has 5 followers


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