Introducing the New Zenon Network Community Twitter Account

Help us choose a new twitter username:

  • Zenon_Citadel
  • Zenon_Universe
  • Zenon_Aliens
  • Zenon_Space
  • Others (Comment below)

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Current one is good


An old community member rugged that one


Just call it Zenon

Zenon Chads

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Seems rather odd to form a new semi-pseudo-centralized account to represent the project that holds decentralization as it’s very core tenet. The whole theme here is to increase decentralization.

Thus, the main centralized account should/shall be quite naturally succeeded by an array of value-adding accounts that hold no need to denote themselves as “community”.

I would much rather like to see some “abc Pillar” accounts.


Ya, relatively indifferent to any one particular Zenon account.

Definitely agree with seeing more actors (esp. Pillars) running Twitter/social accounts. 86 total Pillars currently generating quite a bit of yield. Imagine if they all put some of that yield towards marketing efforts.

Every $1 price increase yields them $15K on paper, pays for itself immensely.


Imagine marketing efforts in a bear market. How did it work so far?