Extension Chain vs ZVM

Rather than coming out of the gate with the sidechain-L2-extension stuff, how about leading with ‘virtual machines’.

VM verbiage is increasingly trending. From a copywriting perspective, VM is a much stronger term than the other stuff, that hurts my aesthetic soul to mention.

VM verbiage is self-descriptive and very easy to work with in terms of logic and language because rather than uttering a term that requires further definition, virtual machine describes what it is and what it does.

Zenon Virtual Machines immediately come across as an integrated aspect of a cohesive architecture. For a person who is discovering NoM and trying to find their way around, extension chains and such sounds weird, hacky, and confusing, but if you want to use a dapp then all you have to do is connect to the appropriate ZVM.

e.g. “Supernova ZVM”


I like zvm a lot


I like ZVM, easy to digest in my brain

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we like the zvm


Zenon Virtual Machines


I like it, reminds me of the machine elves

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Re trends and such: ‘Virtual machine’ isn’t really a trend, it’s a solid, self descriptive term that goes back to the 1960’s. The other sidedrive stuff was the trend, and was exploited by Polygon. EVM is one of the most well known terms in the space.

“Zenon VM” might be the best term to lead with for certain formats.

“Zenon Virtual Machine” is kind of verbose.

“ZVM” is a little bit cryptic.

I think all three forms have a time and place and we should avoid seeing them as a brand or strict term, but use them as plain descriptive words.

Zenon Virtual Machine
Zenon VM

It’s also a good sign that this is not the first time “ZVM” has arisen:

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Great idea! People won’t need to dive into the technical jargon.

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Zen VM

we like ZVM :alien: