[deprecated] Improve Telegram Plasma Bot

Project Name: Improve Telegram Plasma Bot

URL: GitHub code & Telegram bot

Description: The Plasma Bot greatly enhances the experience for new users. We’d like to revisit & improve it, by adding some features & add more QSR to the fuse pool. At the moment we provide 20K QSR to the Fuse Bot and we hope to add more funds.

Team: The Alien Valley team has been running & funding the Plasma Bot for some time. We think that the fact that we are a proud builder pillar should encourage others to trust us with this endeavour.


Phase 1
Improvements for the Plasma Bot:

  • Rethink the limit of 50 QSR/account.
    Each account has 5 10QSR charges. It can opt to use them as they wish.
  • Implement a circular list of fuses.
    When a new fuse entry needs to be addressed but there are no QSR left, the oldest fuse entry is canceled (if possible). This will ensure that the system ‘will never run out of money’. Users which had their fuse canceled can still come & reclaim their fuse entry. When a fuse entry is canceled, the users will receive a message on telegram. They can opt out of this feature if they don’t want to be spammed.
  • Add documentation on how to run your own plasma bot.

Completion of Phase 1 will be measured by delivering the code on GitHub. The code can be used by anyone to host their own Plasma Bot & it’ll be a good starting point for any developer wanting to extend the Telegram bot concept to other projects.

Reward: 150 ZNN (around 8 hours of work @ 20 ZNN / hour)

Phase 2
Please give us QSR & ZNN so we have more QSR to give to the people & money to pay for the server.

Reward: as much QSR as possible & 50 ZNN to pay for the server


Total Requested Funding = 200 ZNN and as much QSR as possible
Project Duration = 1 week

Other Information

I think that there’ll always be a risk of running away with the money. We hope that the fact that we have a pillar in the system and showed a lot of good faith will mitigate this risk.


LMK what amount do you deem is right for this task?
I personally feel that it’ll be a great use of AZ funds.
This funds will go directly to the community.
We won’t use in any way or form the QSR for our own personal gains.
It’s like, taking money from the AZ and giving them directly to the community.
I’d like to ask for 50K QSR. WDYT?

I’d personally support it.


I used the bot in the early days and so did some friends, it is very beneficial for the community. I would support the proposal

Can you explain exactly what the bot does? Sorry I was not around when it first launched. I think I found it on Twitter earlier today. This sounds like something A Z should support for sure.

I support this, I still do in fact use the bot seeing as how I still don’t have enough QSR racked up :P. @0x3639 you basically dm the alienvalley bot with your syrius addy and it fuses 50 qsr to generate enough plasma for you to process transactions. This was a godsend in the earlier days when POW wasn’t functioning yet.

Imo the more QSR we approve the more beneficial it becomes to the community- especially new entrants into the Zenon network who are still trying to find their feet.

Awesome. Makes complete sense.

@alien-valley.io 50,000 QSR / 50 = 1000 “wallets”. Is that math right? 1000 syrius wallets would have access to 50 QSR? Makes sense to me.

@0x3639, yes. At least 1000 Telegram Users. They can chose to distribute the 50 QSR to 5 addresses, 10 to each. In that way, they can chose how to distribute it.

It just occurred to me that it’ll be better if each TG user could cancel their fuse entries as well
So I can move my QSR around if needed

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Looks like this ideas got the nessacary level of support. Do we need to update the numbers and do the vote here?

I honestly think we should encourage people to stake ZNN in order to get QSR. As of now, we have to kick-start growth and the plasma bot has been good for newer participants. Also, users will be able to collect rewards through PoW later on.

Would it be possible to rethink the duration of plasma fused? So for example a maximum time-limit of 30 days, in which you can “experience” how it is to have plasma fused for your account.

I’m not saying you guys would run away with the money, but I think we should focus on the Hyperspace initiative first before growing the QSR capacity of the bot! Maybe we could even have a “donate” function, as QSR is only used for plasma or collateral for sentinel nodes and pillars? Supplying users would be able to retrieve their QSR whenever they need it again. Is something like that possible?

these are fair points Sugoi but it’s also a balancing act I think.

We want new participants to the network to experience the quickest transactions - without an influx of plasma to their wallet they’ll get slower POW. The time limit might be a good way to counteract this, give them some time to get some QSR generated

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I agree. As long as the QSR will remain deployable for all new users joining the NoM ecosystem, the ALV plasma-bot will be a great tool to recommend!

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I support this. My only question is what is the goal for sustainability? Is the goal for others to spin up their own bots so QSR / single point of failure is not a concern? Do you plan to reevaluate your QSR levels periodically and ask for more or reduce stores based on demand? More just curious on roadmap for this and objectives long term. Love the idea

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Could we spin up our own bots? If we have QSR just sitting there doing nothing, why not “lend” it to a bot to help people. I’d be willing to do that with the QSR that is sitting in my wallet being unproductive.


Yeah exactly! Or a possibility to “sponsor” our QSR to the bot, which we can retrieve when we need it! That would be awesome

A lot of good points were raised, and I’ll try to join the discussion to the best of my capabilities.

I honestly think we should encourage people to stake ZNN in order to get QSR.

I totally agree with that. At the moment I don’t really value plasma that much honestly, since the only interactions you do are beneficial to the ecosystem, namely delegation & staking. Making this actions accessible to anyone would in the best interest of the network

Do you plan to reevaluate your QSR levels periodically and ask for more or reduce stores based on demand?

Personally, I think a great turning point would be when you will be able to use plasma to run smart contracts / do custom work. Up to that point, I think that the demand for QSR would be a ‘nice to have’ but not a must. After that point, the whole meta would change IMO.

My take is that QSR is flowing right now, and we might as well give it to the people to have a better experience. When this will change, it’ll be re-evaluated.

As a note, if something will happen to this, or the resources would be needed elsewhere, we’ll just donate to the AZ the funds.

Regarding the scalability, issues.

single point of failure is not a concern

Having some level of centralisation helps the user experience a lot. Having one TG Bot for example, would allow greater capital efficiency. Users would just use ‘the bot’ instead of having to chose between 10 channels. Donors would just send to ‘the bot’ instead of looking for demand / so on.

Is the goal for others to spin up their own bots

Not necessary, but we want to make this as easy as possible.

Running a bot would require a server up & running. This is not a problem for the pillars for example. I use a different server for the bot, but that might not be the case for anyone.

The end-goal would be to have a plasma-marketplace, which it’ll act as a front for the TG Bot. Users will communicate with the marketplace (so good capital efficiency) and one or many backends / bots will fuse plasma (decentralization of capital)

Or a possibility to “sponsor” our QSR to the bot, which we can retrieve when we need it!

That’s a great idea. That was one of my initial ideas. The only concern I see with this is that you must trust the person with your funds. You’ll lose ownership of those funds when they are donated. That’s why running your own bot (so you control the private key) and connecting to the market-place would be a good hybrid solution.


One hybrid-hybrid solution would be that pillars would run the plasma-bots alongside the pillar node, so no new hardware is required. The bots would connect to the plasma market-place so all capital is accessible from one place.

Non-pillar users could donate the QSR to pillars which run the protocol (they are pillars so level of trust is expected). You can even split your QSR to multiple pillars.

how does the donate workflow work

  • Each user could have a deposit address, which is controlled by that pillar. Users could send QSR there (just how you send to an exchange for example) and the pillar would use that QSR to fuse to people.
  • users can ask the pillar to stop new fuses (this will mean that in at max 10 hours all funds can be withdrawn)
  • users can ask the pillar to cancel all fuses from that address
  • users can ask the pillar to retrieve parts (or all) funds of that asset (like on an exchange)

LMK what you think

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