Community Marketing Initiative

I heard @Dr.GreenThumb is good at videos.

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Separate note: Here are the Layer 1 analysts at Messari. Been trying to DM a few of them to no avail yet. I think community tagging of these folks might get it on their radar. The downstream effects of getting a Messari deep-dive is huge.


I’d wait until more infra is ready & deployed. Let’s focus on wZNN because it’s easier to get it listed (and marketed) and create some hype for the apes.


I’d wait for the base layer to be finished

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I might be able to get to them through my network and history at TC. When the time is right, will take a stab at it.


On the topic of reports, I can definitely speak with Delphi Digital. They did one of the early analyses on TC, their report played its role to draw interest.


this report was huge. Super professional and very informative.

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Update listing:


Regarding 1inch, I noticed the link is on the main site already but for some reason I get access denied when I try to click it. Is this happening to anyone else?

No. What error do you get?

@sumamu @mehowbrainz @dat_she_pepe @angelo_a_jr @0x3639 let’s see if we can list wZNN to increase visibility

Submitted for wZNN and wQSR Sushiswap. Volume doesn’t bode super well for the listing. Looks like it automatically pulls data from CoinGecko:


-Cryptorank update request also in for wZNN; wQSR not started
-1inch form submitted for wZNN; wQSR needs $200K liquidity
-Embr submitted for wZNN & wQSR

-Several others require some e-mail contact. Was going to setup a community account on proton mail if we don’t have one already that can be used by marketing/BD teams. But would be good to use the custom domain such as or @mehowbrainz do you have access to these?


Who owns this one? Tried setting up a new one but the main handle is taken as is “zenon” and zenonnetwork without underscore

Let’s get more links on there

I don’t know.

You can try zenon_community

Who is doing marketing for Zenon now?

We need a marketing campaign from A to Z:

  • Twitter engagement: verified accounts with sponsored posts and threads with interesting information
  • Reddit engagement: AMAs, posts and threads about current and future developments
  • Web3 campaigns: QuestN is promising and can bring users
  • Discord engagement
  • Presence on other social media networks for example TikTok and Instagram (focused on hype/ alien theme)

Without a clear marketing campaign and an aligned community effort, we won’t be able to gain adoption.

Everyone compains about the price, but no one wants to do what is mandatory to bring more buyers.

Our objective should be at least $10 until September.


A community team for this initiative must be formed. Who’s in? I’m prioritizing the relaunch of the under the new codebase so that we have updated content, without its release I can’t update the current site. I’m not free to campaign at the moment, community has to take charge here.

The best campaign would be a good PA and a good PA would come with a good campaign. How to? The thing would be to reach outside of the Zenon little bubble. The market is not really receptive to slamming imo. Some people brought up the idea of being visible on Messari or others serious platform so we get the right people in. Having a real difference VS others L1 could help. Right now our base layer is unfinished and therefore hard to market thought.

Twitter spaces with other communities would help. I can reach out to some Ordinals projects or even L1. But we need a leverage for bringing big guys on such events.

EDIT: somewhere in July Scirockoe and myself would love to do a space with let’s say BTC Machines about NFTs, Ordinals and ZNN.


I would love to have someone with sales experience to steer the narrative. While it is true that our base L1 is in an unfinished state, what needs to be done is highlight its benefits: 5 years of decentralization, dual-economy that addresses PoS limitations, the audacity of founding devs to maintain the L1 as lean as possible while anticipating a layered scaling approach (proven right by the recent boom of Layer-2’s), etc…


Sales experience in web2 is absolutely meaningless in crypto though.

This is a great point and probably warrants its own forum thread for Zenon Business Development which is a distinct strategy from pure play marketing.

Getting in front of promising new projects/DAOs, etc. who are still undecided on which chain to build on for example would bake in the marketing and distribution for Zenon/NoM already.

This is also entirely incorrect. Underlying sales principles are pretty timeless and product-agnostic, it’s just the strategy and context changes depends on what is being sold. Great sales teams can adapt to any industry and end up only selling on something they believe in anyways.

Convincing a group to build on NoM is sales any way you cut it.

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Who said anything about web2? I’m talking sales of any kind.

I’m sure if I input my paragraph into chat gpt, it would say something about how when selling you don’t want to mention the features (what I did) but instead talk about the benefits to the end-user. I should have highlighted instead:

  • You are not getting rug pulled.
  • You can farm two coins, one might pump more than the other.
  • Mr. Kaine cannot be killed and bring the price of your coin down.

I’m talking about the fundamental principles of sales.