Bitmart exchange zenon listing fund raiser

Hey Zenon Community! :rocket:

We’re exploring a BitMart listing for Zenon. Key details:

  • Funds Needed: $30k listing fee (15k USDT + 15k usdt in ZNN) $60k total + MM costs (undetermined)
  • Liquidity Details: Detailed in our commitment to BitMart.

We can get Zenon listed on BitMart, and we need your support. Please participate in this poll to contribute to the listing fund. They are asking for 30k usdt listing fee and 15k usdt + 15k usdt in Zenon for liquidity which an MM should play with on our behalve. The liquidity part should come back if we honour the agreement. But the time it will be in there is undetermined. 1 month minimum but if it picks up you don’t want to pull out after 1 month. More voting for that after.

Shazz already greenpilled an MM he should give us a fair price they bought in on zenon personally I heard.

The listing price is for native zenon.
Deposits and withdrawals would be native znn but also in ETH wZNN.

Withdrawals of wBTC and wUSDT to NoM should also be supported.

QSR listing would cost the same no count to be gotten so far. Token listings would be the same price as well.

This listing is permanent as long as our chosen MM keeps up with the agreement which specs liquidity and order book demands.

  • $100 USDT
  • $200 USDT
  • $500 USDT
  • $1000 USDT
  • $2000 USDT
  • $5000 USDT
  • 100 ZNN
  • 200 ZNN
  • 500 ZNN
  • 1000 ZNN
  • 2000 ZNN
  • 5000 ZNN
  • 10000 ZNN
  • 20000 ZNN
  • Nothing sorry
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Bitmart just replied and lowered the liquidity demand.
I edited the amount in the post.

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I will also make an AZ as well to ask back for the funds if we can raise the funds.

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For info when I spoke to Bitmart last year they offered 30kUSD straight up, I think they would likely negotiate further

"Coins on the customized blockchain (Mainnet), 14 business days.

Listing fee:

In June, we have 2 more slots to list high-quality projects for 30K USDT. (Our market Price: 40K USDT - 50K USDT)."

I personally am not keen on using AZ for a listing, but if it could be crowd sourced by the community then that would be great

this is likely the same price, the additional 30k is a liquidity commitment for our market maker, not a fee (every exchange asks for this).

Exchanges want to make sure there’s sufficient liquidity available for new listings to minimize the spread since existing exchange users eont own the token yet and exhabges want to ensure a good UX.

Stex didnt ask for this, hence the spread was enormous and liquidity barely existent (also because we didnt have a MM)

This is an excellent way for non techy community members to get involved. The amount required from each member would be similar to what we are currently paying in Eth fees on a couple of swaps using the bridge anyway.

I have personally introduced around 50 new particpants to the network, mainly new to crypto, and the feedback is always “it’s complicated and difficult to buy / swap”. We need to have a native listing to make it easier to introduce people who are new to the market.

I don’t see why AZ shouldn’t be utilised to facilitate this project, but equally a hybrid donation / AZ approach could be taken.


I’ve already voted and committed an amount, but I have a few questions:

  • What is the duration of the commitment to support native NoM assets? Also, will there be any fees required following each network upgrade?

  • The discussion lacks mention of QSR. Considering the effort to support a NoM (ZTS token) asset, I anticipate the cost to support QSR should be considerably lower. It’s important to start this conversation now rather than later.

  • Is the proposal inclusive of support for wZNN (ETH) deposits and withdrawals? While this could enhance the user experience, it might also enable bypassing of bridge affiliate rewards. It would be beneficial if the unwrapping rewards could at least remain under our MM bag’s control.

  • What are the requirements to support other NoM/ZTS assets, such as wBTC, and future bridge-supported tokens like USDT?


I had talked to some of the guys and committed to $2k, but voted as 1000 usdt and 1000 znn. I will adjust as needed. Some are against doing this - it isn’t without risk for certain.

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Duration is permanent as long as the MM keeps up with the agreement specs. I can share those by DM if you like.

Updates are supported, major network transfers are not those cost 10k.

Listing QSR would be the same price and liquidity demands. They won’t go below 30k. Tokens just as much.

Could bitmart support both native ZNN and wZNN (ETH) deposits and withdrawal options?

“Yes, we support multi-chain deposits and withdrawals of one coin/token.”
They will also support withdrawals to NoM for wBTC and wUSDT.


I support this initiative. For my end:

  1. Attribute-based proof-of-bridging conversion standards will remain. I and ZenonOrg will keep its high standards of performance alongside marketing.
  2. Since bridging will no longer be the only entryway into the network, and users will have access to native ZNN directly, new buyers will be promoted to enter participation funnels i.e. delegation, staking, spawning pillars/sentinels – all via Attribute links, tracked and measurable. If anything if just removes a few steps from the funnel, potentially making it even easier for one to enter (though the 1% bonus is always a good incentive vehicle for anyone via wZNN – and for us as campaign/funnel builders).

That’s quite interesting.

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@dat_she_pepe why did you vote nothing to contribute towards an exchange listing?

I recall you’ve complained about ZNN not being on a CEX and when we have an opportunity to get there, you’re against.

I know you’re a troll 99% of the time, but let’s give it a shot and see how it goes.

@shaimo being a long time supporter and whale can also give us a helping hand to get the necessary funding and get listed.

@Asgardians-Pillar hopefully this is a real exchange offer this time.

Unfortunately I don’t think Bitmart is worth it. The only exchanges I would bother with are kucoin, gate, Ascendex, bybit, mexc, okex (and obviously binance and Coinbase).



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It’s ok but not very realistic

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It’s real but we had to park it because there’s not enough people pledging to get it done.

Trying with gate right now but didn’t get a price yet. @cryptocheshire already made a huge effort filling in their forms. Hopefully we can get a price and see what the community thinks about gate instead of bitmart.
It’s probably gonna be a lot more expensive though.

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I’m in touch with @cryptocheshire . I got an application document from CoinTR Pro, biggest crypto exchange in Turkey and 31th biggest exchange on CMC. If he can help me to fill, I’ll get a price hopefully. It’ll probably gonna be cheaper than others.

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Bitmart isn’t bad, based in the Caymans and with a good volume of visits per month depending on is slightly better BUT if it’s a lot more expensive I don’t think it’s worth it

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Maybe. I have many crypto friends and I don’t know a single one of them who has an account with bitmart…:man_shrugging:
I have an account with at least 30 exchanges and Bitmart is not one of them…

I think we should start with a tier-3 exchange and then we will be able to list of bigger ones. Bitmart is more like tier-2 exchange.

They claim they have over 9 million users around the globe. If 1% of them are able to see and buy ZNN, it’s a big win for us.

As we make progress with the tech, we will also attract new buyers and slowly build a snowball effect.

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