Bitmart exchange zenon listing fund raiser

Beware that it is based in Turkey, a slightly more regulatory country than Cayman Island, where bitmart is headquartered, we have to take this into account and also the volume of monthly visits that CoinTR is receiving.


Honestly, I think it’s a good idea to list ZNN and QSR on, it’s a CEX without KYC and it would be a good option for those who don’t want to pay fees or even use the Ethereum network (my case).
I’ve been using xeggex and the support is good, their listing price is super cheap ($2500) compared to the volume of users they have (on average +4000 users per day)

What Zenonians think abou this?

Info - XeggeX Cryptocurrency Exchange


Nobody cares regulations in Turkiye bro, trust me :smile:

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I think that’s a very nice price :grin:

I say if this would allow us to show in both CMC and CoinGecko as a “native” L1 with a coin and not just as a wrapped asset, I say it’s worth it.


i also support this initiative. it’s a no brainer that we need direct market for znn and even qsr… i’m ready to participate and i dont understand why the community takes so long to coordinate on this

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If ppl are commited to native znn on CEX then anything we can afford should work. Xeggex looks affordable might as well connect with the listing agent.

@cagri have you contacted CoinTR?

Why not both?

I’ve applied and still waiting for their response.


Closed the poll not gonna happen

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