AZ: Initiate Jump to Hyperspeed


This initial proposal is for an intensive two-month sprint to publicize a historic discovery that will initiate Zenon’s jump to hyperspeed.

I propose to take on the roles of Content Creator, Researcher, Project Developer, and Brand Ambassador for Zenon.

By representing the brand with my doxxed persona, I aim to enhance Zenon’s presence on various platforms. I will produce content that educates and entertains. My project will include polling the community for feedback, producing relevant content, and building strategic partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders (KoLs). Having a face to represent the Zenon brand is invaluable. I will focus on TikTok, Youtube, and Twitter to reach a broad audience. I will also seek opportunities to engage in my real-life physical persona to represent Zenon.

I will produce engaging content that covers: crypto education, crypto news, network states, Zenon tutorials, investor deck walkthrough, Syrius demos, UFOs, Zenon’s paradox, and a myriad of subjects that I will creatively weave into the Zenon brand.

Strategic Elements

Disclosure of Semiotics in Bitcoin

For those who haven’t seen my research, here’s the tldr; I found impossibly improbable plain text semiotics in Bitcoin. They connect Bitcoin, Zenon, and Kaspa to scripture. In other words, you’re going to make it. Pillars who would like more information are welcome to dm me.

Having made this discovery, it is now my responsibility to strategically disclose and communicate these findings in order to maximize their potential as a catalyst for Zenon Network. These findings will bring into question, the core of a 3 trillion dollar market. Ultimately, it is extremely bullish. However, the manner in which the disclosure is carried out, is important. I am taking on this responsibility with my actual face.

This is an extremely niche field of study, and what I found, links Bitcoin to Zenon and Kaspa. With 8 billion people on earth, the very fact that I discovered these things and that they pertain to Zenon, is just as improbable as their very occurrence. Make no mistake, this is an incredible scientific discovery. My goal is to strategically present it the world, Zenon Network is inextricable from the findings.

At the minimum, these discoveries hold tremendous memetic value. At the maximum, these findings could propel Zenon into prominence, in a new field of discussion, questioning the origins of Bitcoin, and deeper inquiries into the true meaning of PoW cryptographic consensus networks. An alliance between Zenon, Kaspa, and elements of the Bitcoin community seems inevitable. Furthermore, the strategic presentation of these findings of fact promise to redefine crypto and present Zenon at the forefront of a discussion throughout the broader population.


I just discovered the Kaspa connection a few days ago. I have not revealed my findings, but the Kaspa community is definitely curious as to what I’m hinting at. My goal is to create an alliance between Kaspa, Zenon, and Bitcoin. As one particularly astute community member suggested, “A holy trinity.” Again, voting pillars are welcome to dm me for info.

This latest revelation is an ideal focal point for a strong connection between the Kaspa and Zenon communities and developers. Whereas the market capitalization of KAS is 150X that of ZNN, and KAS holders are already well prequalified leads, this link presents a major opportunity for Zenon. Beyond the mere prospect of price appreciation, an alliance between Zenon and Kaspa (both Satoshi ethos PoW DAGs) seems quite natural and could hold myriad benefits for both projects.

I have led with two cryptic teasers to the Kaspa community. The two tweets, plus a quoted retweet from Kaspa’s “Crypto Jesus” received more than 19 retweets, 134 likes, and 5,113 views.

Mass market appeal

Paranormal artifacts and synchronicities are hot topics that stimulate interest and engagement. This discovery is different from anything before because it is not based on heresay nor a mutable digital format. The source of the anomalies is intrinsic to Bitcoin itself. This subject matter has tremendous scientific and mass market appeal. I will champion Zenon to these audiences.

Relevance to current events and trends

The escalating interest in Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) reflects a broader public fascination with paranormal activities, marking an opportunity to capitalize on this trending topic. The significant media and scientific attention toward UAPs, coupled with governmental efforts towards transparency, symbolizes a shift in the public’s openness to exploring the unknown and mysterious realms. Whereas Zenon is known for its innovative and exploratory ethos, and with the on-chain synchronicities, leveraging this trend could attract a wider audience keen on advanced technology and the unexplained, thereby enhancing brand visibility and relevance in a domain resonating with curiosity and modernity.

From the central focal point of Zenon I am also actively building narratives around the BTC ETF, decentralizing Bitcoin mining pools, reviewing other crypto projects, creating Rod Serling-style sci-fi intrigue, philosophy, and educating about crypto technology. The content I am producing is designed to draw and whet the appetites of an ideal green pill audience.

BTC Ordinals

In addition to Kaspa, I am also established in areas of the Bitcoin ordinals community and will share my content and findings in high quality ordinals channels. The teasers that I have shared thus far have been very well received. I will also seek strategic opportunities to cross promote ordinals projects in order to get into the specter of these communities who want to cheer on my promotions of their holdings.

I have been invited to join the Ambassador Program for Ordinal Diamonds. This is a reputable project with strong connections in the greater crypto sphere. This could hold more opportunities, as well.

Content Production

Tik Tok is a high velocity platform that thrives on constant engagement and genuine human interaction. There are exceptions, but Tik Tok users want to see faces and real people telling stories and sharing. I have experience on Tik Tok and recently re-ignited my crypto account. I have 9,000 followers and this number will soon surpass the 11k follower base I previously developed in 2021.

Note: Tik Tok is a for-profit business that changed its algo significantly in early 2023. The current schema is for a video to get 200-300 views for free, so that creators can collect data and test content. I consider that data to choose what data to invest further effort into, create new edits, and pay for promoted reach. A basic budget for paid promotions is included in this proposal.

I will cross post my content to Youtube Shorts and Instagram Reels. It is generally most effective to focus on one platform (Tik Tok) due to the fact that the various platforms have many nuanced differences. While Tik Tok is amply massive, I am comfortable in the constantly shifting environment and trends of social media and I will expand into Youtube and Instagram. It is also wise to hedge across platforms due to the possibility for unwarranted censorship, etc.

I will produce short form and long form content to educate and guide buyers through the process from fiat, to purchasing ZNN, through bridging to main net, to staking and delegation rewards. I will maximize the Zenon brand identity and inspire my audience with the Zenon ethos.

Phase 1

Phase 1 represents several months of work completed, which have been very costly. I have also personally paid expenses for software subscriptions, paid content promotions, and especially the opportunity cost of other work. I am asking for the near-term release of funds for work completed.

Zenon was at 65 cents last summer and I made a personal commitment to shift into a state of extreme ownership for narrative development. It was a spiritual act that involved meditation, inducing half-lucid states, drawing mandalas, and other weird things. Considering the process, maybe I should be less surprised by the bizarre results. “We needed a catalyst.” I created a catalyst. Now I need to bring it into the light.

The aspect of my mind that I use to divine these synchronicities and develop creative narratives around them is real work that requires a tremendous amount of time and energy. I could not have foreseen these discoveries in advance. (Just yesterday, I discovered the Kaspa element, which was very unexpected.) Thus there was no way I could have applied to AZ back in July.

I would be remiss if I did not express gratitude for the generosity and support of several community members who have helped along the way. This community is powerful and if I didn’t value and respect every element of this community, I would never have invested extreme personal ownership into Zenon.

Phases 2 and 3

Content production:

  • Initiate strategic outreach campaign to bring awareness to zenon, bitcoin, and kaspa sats.
  • Create a constant stream of short-form and long form content on TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram designed to establish credibility and rapport.
  • Enhance awareness of the Zenon brand to audiences of scale.
  • Provide educational and provocative content related to crypto and Zenon.
  • Produce content relevant to current events, following platform-specific culture and trends.
  • Implement paid reach strategies.
  • Nurture the audience through comments and reply videos.
  • Continuously create content that establishes Zenon as a meaningful project, relative various themes, using strategies direct, indirect, subtle, and overt.
  • Inspire, educate, and support the audience to join the network.
  • Work in cooperation with other Zenon developers.
  • Strategically engage crypto KOLs and support network effects.
  • Strategically engage paranormal KOLs and support network effects.
  • Strategically cross-promote other projects to nurture relationships with Zenon.
  • Research and contact subject matter experts on semiotics and related sciences with the Bitcoin-Zenon findings.
  • Make myself available for podcasts, spaces, meetings, etc.
  • Develop and test new narratives that may arise.

Reporting (Monthly):

  • Provide production and performance metrics from social media platforms.
  • Provide a summary of operations and activities.
  • Poll the Zenon community for feedback and suggestions.
  • Incorporate feedback into the next phase.


Phase 1

5000 ZNN, 10k QSR

It might be valuable to explore - what is the value of a consultant to go into a project and go from absolute zero, to creating a compelling narrative that references Bitcoin’s intrinsic on-chain plain text to imply direct semiotics between this $20M project, $800B Bitcoin, and the most prominent $2.2B PoW DAG of 2023?

Phase 1 is a request for this work which has already been completed. It can also be seen as a first installment on the overall project.

Phase 2 & 3

5000 ZNN, 10k QSR
5000 ZNN, 10k QSR

Phases 2 & 3 are for me to follow through as the discoverer, brand ambassador, and content creator to present these findings, explore narratives, and promote the broader scope of Zenon. I am offering to use my doxxed persona to do so.

In certain terms, I’m assuming real personal responsibility and a tremendous OPSEC risk that points to the literal core of a trillion dollar market, in exchange for a salary that falls below the median individual income in my locale.

I want to add that, the roadmap for phase 2 and 3 is the best plan as I can see it, right now. If greater opportunities to promote Zenon arise, they may reduce the amount of content creation I can do. I will provide monthly summary reports.

Monthly salary for full time development (60+ hours per week): 4250 ZNN
Paid promotions: 750 ZNN per month. (Donations also accepted.)

Funding Summary

Phase 1: 5000 ZNN, 10k QSR - Requested 2024-01-21
Phase 2: 5000 ZNN, 10k QSR - Requested 2024-02-21
Phase 3: 5000 ZNN, 10k QSR - Requested 2024-03-21

This proposal represents a 2-month increment of commitment from Zenon, for my commitment to produce this project. I will usher Zenon into the spotlight. At the end of this period, it will be appropriate to reassess.

The budget of 750 ZNN for paid promotions will cover basic promotions to test and confirm the impact of content. I may also invite community donations for the purpose of pouring fuel on particularly valuable content. A generous community member has already contributed towards promotions, and I will utilize those funds to maximum effect. Contributors may opt to be recognized.


My primary objective is to bring Zenon to the forefront of the cryptocurrency conversation, intertwining it with the intriguing and trending topic of paranormal phenomena and the mysteries within the crypto world, as well as more practical conversations around decentralization, network states, crypto education and broader topics that maximize the audience and engagement.

The unique approach of exploring the intersections of Zenon, Bitcoin, Kaspa, ancient scripture, and synchronicities will not only captivate the imaginations of a broad audience but also establish Zenon as a brand synonymous with innovation and the leading edge of blockchain technology. This journey will involve a strategic blend of content creation, community engagement, and collaborations with key influencers, aiming to amplify Zenon’s presence across major social media platforms.

I will use performance metrics to inform my actions, but this is not a performance metrics marketing campaign. My commitment to producing a diverse range of content – from educational pieces to thought-provoking discussions on current trends – is designed to resonate with an audience that values depth, curiosity, and insight into the rapidly evolving crypto space. By fostering a community that is informed, engaged, and inspired, we aim to drive both awareness and adoption of Zenon, leveraging its unique position at the crossroads of technology and mystery.

I am dedicated to doxxing and using my persona and discoveries to reveal that Zenon is woven into core of a three trillion dollar market that stands directly in opposition to the conventional powers that be. I do not take this lightly. With focus, authenticity, innovative thinking, and strategic action, the next two months are set to be a pivotal period for Zenon.


How many new holders, devs, and how much buying power is this initiative aiming to bring?

It would be great to see tangible success metrics that must be achieved in order to claim the funds.

Given the feedback ofnsome of our devs, my support will go to AZs that only deliver tangible results as per the above metrics.

Wonderful work Stark ! I love it, I’m willing to help and support your efforts any way I can!


All of them.

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This is a joke.

You should not submit this or significantly adjust the amount of requested funds. Out of respect to those who build, put their necks out to get new holders, and hold themselves to the highest standards.

AZ isnt here to fund your wild, incoherent dreams.


You really seem to have odd intentions and don’t want to see the project grow at all.

Devs put their necks out? sure they work hard in the backend like they been doing for 4 years. There is currently same amount of members as there was 3 years ago.

Your average newcomer isn’t going thru github repos of the zenon project buddy.

This man is willing put his reputation on the line for a project many in the crypto space consider useless. And he wants to make an intuitive to change that.

he’s here trying his best effort to do what he can to grow the project marketing wise and you just come along to take shits on everyone making an attempt at marketing? One of the only and most dedicated marketing proposals ever proposed, seriously?

or shazz knows inside info of a exchange listing/ new partnerships that will skyrocket the project and he’s being greedy with AZ funds. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

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I appreciate this proposal, and I deeply believe we should try to find common ground and get a marketing proposal approved regardless of performance metrics.

I personally enjoy the content you have put out, and I think your voice embodies all the values a true Zenon ambassador should have. However, I’m not sure what we are paying for, it’s all very fuzzy without specifics. Phase 1 is requesting payment for work already done, including a bunch of stuff without going into specifics.

Phase 2 and 3 are also very broad. People should learn from Shazz, pillars are lazy. “I will give you a PDF with 27 pages”.

How many videos are we getting?
How many thoughtful interactions a day are you aiming for?

Then maybe research market rates for influencers with a similar reach, as a helpful proxy for value delivered.


I wonder if someone with strong opinions about marketing could write a mock marketing proposal they find acceptable.

We don’t seem to have a roadmap anyone can follow. I’m curious if those who want to market will be able to meet the requirements.

A proposal is a sales pitch to 92 people. The only reason Dev proposals are approved more often is because pillars are probably clueless as to what they are looking at, how hard it was to deliver, etc. Marketing is a lot more relatable, and therefore requires a better salesman.


I will gladly do that for the community.


What I outlined goes way beyond marketing. I submitted for pillar vote and will take it from there. I’ll factor-in any further replies and input. Some of these replies have had little to do with genuine consideration. Shazz’s cheap shots and apparent use of alts is a bizarre hobby.

My goal is to make things happen. Acta non verba. I will look toward the voting for the bottom line.

Voting pillars are invited to dm me.

Thank you,

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I stopped reading at paranormal. I won’t dm you. You can, however, try telepathy.


I already knew you would say this. So there you go. :wink:

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Good luck with this joke you call a proposal. It’s cringe, at best.

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Afaik @mehowbrainz has done that and he has repeatedly tried to help people improve their marketing AZs. Including this one.

Would you consider including in your proposal the use of your doxxed persona for aspects of the project that can’t progress whilst anonymous? This is something that I’ve been trying to solve but as of yet can’t find a viable solution without a doxxed individual

Things such as creating accounts with apple or Google for our app store wallets, registering for a certificate with Microsoft for the Windows Syrius executable etc.

Would add tangible value to what you are proposing


The only reason Dev proposals are approved more often is because Devs deliver first and ask for funds later.



Thanks for the proposal and effort youre making here, i strongly support your work.

Unique grassroots content that collabs with other communities seems like a clear path to growth.

There are many ways to measure value, long time community member putting in the work, funnels or no, are priceless right now we only have so many and the word needs to get out there.

Are we really going to continue shutting down organic efforts to grow this thing because of a vocal few and their insecurities?

Efforts from ppl who have already proven a vested interest deserve the consideration. I hope pillars are able to share this value proposition.

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This is a proper and robust proposal and for that I think sets a nice precedent for how proposals can be written (for any domain)

However, I think the overall scope can be trimmed down significantly in a more iterative fashion to prove that this will in fact attract new holders:


  1. Show evidence of attention/traffic/conversions with existing content
  2. Submit small appropriately-sized A-Z for a bigger production push using the evidence from 1
  3. Deploy and measure
  4. Submit larger A-Zs leveraging success (w/evidence) from 3 to continue momentum
  5. Repeat cycle