AZ Github Actions on All Zenon-Network Repos + Various Fixes

Project Name: Github Actions on All Zenon-Network Repos + Various Fixes

Description: Implement Github Actions (GhA) on all repos to create automatic and trustless releases of software merged into the main repo. This means users can audit how a release is built and posted. We no longer need to rely on a trusted 3rd party to build and post releases manually. Github will automatically create and post them based on the workflow scripts developed by @aliencoder.

In addition, the work includes improvements to znn_sdk_dart and go-zenon to allow for the GhA and various fixes.

I am posting this AZ request on behalf of Alien so he can focus on coding. He is working on wallet connect and is making good progress. And, if you look at Github, he is working on every repo.

Team: @aliencoder


The following github actions are complete and Pull Requests were submitted:

Alien performed the following fixes to the znn_sdk_dart while also adding the github actions.

  • Fixed Sentinel info
  • Mobile support for native libraries
  • Removed legacy bridgeAddress
  • Updated pubspec dependencies
  • Added pubCacheDir to search path
  • Automatic native libs updater
  • Added cicd pipeline

Alien also made some improvements to go-zenon.

  • Added pprof for CPU and memory profiling (to trouble shoot the memory issue)
  • Fixed WriteFile permissions
  • Added cicd pipeline

Alien completed the SYRIUS github work flow and just submitted the PR. This PR depends on pow-links and argon2, both of which were just approved.


Total Requested Funding = 5,000 ZNN and 50,000 QSR
Project Duration = 5 months

How did you calculate your budget? Alien started work in Nov 2022. He has focused on Github actions and Syrius improvements. This AZ request is for Github Actions only. Syrius improvements will be submitted separately with payments to @sol_sanctum @vilkris @CryptoFish for the work on bug fixing and improvements for v0.0.6.

Alien estimates he has spent more than 110 hours over a period of 5 months (excluding the learning curve) to implement GhA and the improvements to go-zenon and znn_sdk_dart.

Specific challenges for GhA include understanding the particularities of each codebase: for example go-zenon requires CGO for cross-compilation, Syrius requires multiple dependencies, pow-links and argon2 and should be compiled for mobile and web too, etc.

While Alien continues to work on Syrius wallet connect, @vilkris and @sol_sanctum are working separately on Atomic Swaps which are a completely separate project.

All GhA work is complete and Alien is requesting payment in full.


Before posting this AZ we discussed the request with other devs in the community. We also gave some of the operators who have multiple pillars a heads up too. Many of our devs are anon and work in the shadows, silently. It can be hard to measure work in the shadows so we tried to explain the work in detail before posting this request.

We discussed putting together some guidelines for contributions for things like Pull Requests and minimal coordination with the community. @coinselor expressed interest in this topic and I’m willing to help too. We have some good examples from the Bitcoin community. I hope we can work together to establish these guidelines.

I also want to mention that @aliencoder wants to move fast. He referenced the Bitcoin halving in the next year and needing to deliver before then. Kaine has referenced a similar timeline. I hope we can support all the amazing devs in this community to accomplish this goal.


Really happy that Alien have put in the work, I support him getting the full reward for his work.


Devs who produce need to be rewarded. He made significant contributions, so i hope this is approved.


Milestone achieved: all GhA related PRs are now merged and automatic releases for the znnd node and Syrius wallet are now available on the official ZNN Github:

Download znnd v0.0.5

Download Syrius v0.0.6



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amazing work!!! Congrats to you and everyone else involved.

not sure but syrius didn’t work for me on windows, it’s force closing.

I tested on every platform before submitting the PRs and everything was working as expected.


windows version working for me. Thanks for all the hard work :pray:

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it appeared that way for me too on intel macOs, but then I realized that the window was just hidden somewhere. Can you check if something similar is occurring on windows?

On macOs M1 or Intel it works fine for me.

Hmm that’s weird… @SugoiBTC also have the same issue on windows 10.

It’s really force closing so J can’t find it anywhere.

@ZNNAYIID Do you have an active antivirus? Did you install Microsoft Visual C++ package? I need more info to debug the force closing issue.

I’ve tested the wallet right now on both MacOS (Apple Silicon) and Linux and it works flawlessly. Also the embedded node is syncing without issues.

I do have an active antivirus and visual C++ but the previous version is working without any issues on the same computer, same for earlier versions 0.04-0.03…

Yup… same for me, previous versions still work.

Just tried to delete all the appdata (C:\Users$User\AppData\Roaming\znn), still no success.

works well on win11, without any vC++ update

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You don’t need to delete anything. 2 friends with Windows 11 got it running without any issues…

Normally I also wouldn’t do this, but figured I’d try since nothing else had worked so far… No worries though :slight_smile:

Waiting for other community members to find a fix, awesome job on the release nonetheless sir!

Fixed some issues with the znn_controller_dart. I’ve tested the release, but it would be nice if someone can test it as well. Download from here.


OK. I’ll test now