Zyler Proposal 2: Zenon-Culture

For open discussion with the community.

The budget requested is 100 ZNN & 5000 QSR


  • Yes I support this initiative
  • No I do NOT support this initiative

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I voted no. Publius has a pillar and think they will make a grand return at some point and their sole purpose was to spread information for public good so being paid to do so is a bit at odds with that.

Thanks for the feedback man!

I voted yes. Why not experiment with something different. It could be an inexpensive test case for future submissions along these lines.

Experiment costing 600 znn is quite a lot.

Agree. it’s not cheap. We do have a “second bite” at the apple when they submit the phased funding and deliveries. I hope @zyler9985 considers this if he gets to the next stage.

I’ll expand on this a bit.
I love Zenon and I believe our ecosystem already has rich lore and culture, from this I think supporting artists who are Zenonized is something that Zenon deserves. Imagine as an investor or prospective builder coming across the NoM, reading the articles, asking other people in the space – and then they discover something very unusual.
Twitter accounts which are solely a source of poetry, or artwork, memes , short stories all with a Zenon slant … it’d make you stop and realise there may be something special about this project, what is it about Zenon that inspires such devotion? This will lead some to do an even deeper dive into the project. Zenon mirroring the Bitcoin ethos will even lead to an overlap of content eventually?

It may be better set up as say 4 accounts – one for just poetry, one for just memes, one for just artwork, one for short stories. Each profile will be an ancient philosopher photoshopped to be Zenonized, and the only people they follow is each other and Zenon. I can’t make artwork like paintings or digital art, although I’ve already seen some beautiful stuff made in our space.

In the future there could even be a main fund which funds Zenon creatives, and they are paid per contribution. I’m just suggesting we get it kickstarted on twitter, but in the future we may use a different platform and vote in contributors from the community and that way carry the torch ongoing.

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And is it expensive?
– It’s not 600 ZNN because that would only be if all phases are completed successfully (and also the free market decides the ratio of znn:qsr, so it may be more or less than 600 ZNN anyway).
– Again we come back to, are we using current market value? $4200 is cheap for a year of effort where sometimes the piece will come quickly and sometimes you may be staring at a blank page for hours trying to have an idea, getting stressed if you can’t meet your deadline (such is the nature of creative work)
– Something is only expensive if what you’re getting isn’t much. Do you value arts/culture? Think it matters? I think Zenon deserves something like this, even if it isn’t my exact proposal. We’re worth it imo. But if you don’t think so, that’s your right to disregard it.

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I voted yes because I read somewhere that a good culture ecosystem unlocks devs


I would expect a writer who wants to get paid this much to have a verifiable track record. Plenty of community members have written excellent articles about Zenon for free, so voters hopefully thought about this carefully.

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So how can we judge the succes of your proposal and other phases? I bet the account will get some followers from people already in znn but outside?

Also 600 ZNN seems a lot for a year of posting some tweets. Will you do promoted posts on Twitter and other channels?

Stress you described exists in every job ofc

“will hopefully provide the community some entertainment, engagement and cohesion.”

“post only once or twice per week (too many times takes away from its mystique and dilutes quality)”

Getting paid any amount for this seems like a win in my book.

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I can’t seem to find the proposal anymore? Since my first proposal was accepted, second has disappeared.
Did it get voted out? Last I checked there was 15-8 in favour of yes?
Or maybe it disappears once your first proposal is accepted, I am unsure and have not read any official info on this

surely you can have multiple proposals lodged and accepted? Maybe follow the instructions that Vilkris posted about checking Pillar voting to see if you can see your 2nd proposal

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People can still vote on it, because even since it disappeared it has gotten a couple more yes votes. But as I can’t see it, I can’t do the next step of creating phases assuming it passes the quorum.

in Syrius when you go to the A-Z tab and press My projects it definitely doesn’t show?

it’s definitely no longer showing for me since the first one was accepted

I can see zyler proposal 1 as well as zenon projects because it’s been accepted
if i change settings of “my proposals” “only accepted” etc. , no matter what I tweak it to I can no longer see it
I even tried changing which address I was using within the wallet, as initially only the address I created it from would show both proposals.

sounds like a legitimate bug
@Sigli can you pass this on?

Sure. Can you please DM me on Telegram? @zyler9985

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