Zyler Proposal 1: A Series of Articles

We have our first real A Z proposal.

The budget requested is 100 ZNN & 5000 QSR


  • Yes I support this initiative
  • No I do NOT support this initiative

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What is the budget that is asked for?

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The budget requested is 100 ZNN & 5000 QSR. I updated both posts to reflect that.


I think this is worth it and will vote yes in my wallet.

In total? On Twitter I read it was per article. 5000qsr seems steep.

Where did you see that? Can you share it. I understood this to be the total request.

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I misread. Apologies

I would say the proposal needs more information. The outputs need to be specific and measurable.

I would say to get funding you need to minimally specify how many articles will be posted in the series.

The following would also be beneficial:
The specific topic for each article
The approximate length
Where they will be posted

The reason the above is important is that 100 ZNN and 5000 QSR is approximately $4,200 right now. If you assume a generous $100/h that is 42h of work. That could be way too high or two low, because we can’t tell what the scope of the proposal is.

This is literally the first proposal so don’t take these comments too personally. I think the standard for proposals needs to be reasonably high, and in order for a pillars to approve the spend, it needs to be very clear what is being produced to unlock the funds.

Kudos for making the first proposal too!


I agree with this. I vote yes anyways because I think if these points are worked on, it’s a very valuable and necessary contribution.
I want to see a breakdown in phases for every proposal though, as you said, measurable progress.
The requested amount can work if we assume this will be worked on maybe over months, new content integrated based on feedback, knowledge must be acquired from several external sources to explain and compare everything really well, and so on.

Summarized, it needs better explanations, clear objectives and measurable goals.


hi everyone, thanks for the allo


So I guess being literally the first (serious) proposal is a good opportunity to iron out any issues with how the whole process is done, like etiquette, convention and things like this

As I read the official medium article, it sounded like the initial proposal gives an overview, and the pillars say yes to express interest. After that you create phases, and pillars can still vote to cancel the project if the plan is too vague or unrealistic or the first delivery is late or of a poor quality
So if I pass the initial screening, specific and measurable details will come next for what I had in mind

That said, I have given reference to essentially 5 articles I have already done so you have an idea of what to expect from me, and I listed about a dozen ideas I have for new articles
Planning some of these will be tricky because, as I said, project needs to mature further before some things can be talked about


As for the funding requested, in retrospect I went with a low amount. 3 Reasons why:

  1. It takes 5-15 minutes to read an article, but to make it? It could take months of following every piece of news and update and social chatter in the community, diligently taking the time to understand and engage. Each article I submitted in the awareness initiative took about 8 hours to write, but to have the knowledge to write it? That required a hard to define amount of energy/time investment. It’s basically a solid part-time job throughout the year, where I have to keep my Zenon knowledge both deep and up to date, and I also make an effort to make my articles somewhat entertaining so people have the attention span to actually read them. All that for $4200 at current market value, as Jeron said.

  2. Which brings me to the next point, are we going by current market value or are we factoring in future value being 10X? I’m currently very cash-poor, and I have a feeling price suppression will continue throughout this year, so it’s only fair to assume it stays close to market value.

  3. I also read the medium article they released as tech, sales, marketing are all “equally important” as they said, and they seem to be implying that some tech projects will be given a sentinel, so what in marketing would qualify for a sentinel? I’m asking for 1/50th the ZNN and 1/10th the QSR for a sentinel. I have low self-esteem lol.

I’m thinking I will phase it in 3 phases.
The articles I make from the first 2 phases I am not released any funds. I’ll just have a donation address for BTC if anyone reads an article they thought was done well and they feel like supporting me.

So potentially I make the first lot of articles in phase 1, but I am given 0 in BTC donations and 0 funds are released because the pillars vote no (poor quality, missed deadline etc.). Risk I am willing to take.

I voted yes. I agree w/ the points made above re structuring of the proposal and appreciate the additional insight in the post directly above - especially the phase component which is why I voted yes. If you phase a subset of articles for subset of funds there is not much risk in voting yes IMO now. The risk would be more on the submitter side to structure the phases and funding tied to each phase in a way that encourages delivering value and funds early then building on that.

Thanks for the feedback man!

I voted yes. I’m a firm believer in generating traffic through writing articles. I hope we can “integrate” these articles in the forum. Either in an abridged version, or write them on the forum natively. We plan to submit a proposal for the Forum and plan to generate original (paid) articles on the forum. I hope we can work with you to accomplish that.

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I had a look over your draft proposal – it’s very professional and well-done. I’m thinking I may have been premature with my proposal, and a bit ambitious in trying to be a one-man army.

I guess I’m just going to keep drafting content and trying to think of ideas that could be of help. I love the idea of working together, and if I had a pillar you could look for a yes from me!!


Here’s link to my phases/detailed plan for my proposal!


Good thoughts on the quality over quantity, I agree whole heartedly.

I like the subjects of the articles too.

My only negative comment is that I feel you could come up with some metrics for success other than them being high quality (which I’m sure they will be) - maybe an impressions metric or something similar that Twitter produces? Or a vote on the Forum (simple majority rules for community sentiment)?


I know what you mean, AZ projects should have clear, measurable and verifiable metrics for success. What I’m doing is quite subjective though, so there’s no one ideal way to measure it. Those are great suggestions though, so the pillars could factor in an amalgamation of how much they like it, community sentiment via the forum vote and social media engagement on twitter when they go to vote!