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We are still working to finalize a $ZNN token logo so we can include it in the Trustwallet and PCS Asset repo. We are pushing to get on the PCS extended token list and this is the first step. As such, we need to finalize and agree on a token logo. @mr.ztark was kind enough to do a nice mockup seen below.

We coordinated this effort in this forum post.

Please Vote on your Preferred Token Logo. This will be used on exchanges, CoinMarketCap, Kucoin, Coinbase (hint hint).

  • Alien
  • Logo
  • Coin
  • Existing Logo Below (See Rango / PCS)

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Here is the current coin in use on Rango and PCS. Note how the ZN touches the outline of the circle. This is because this version of the logo appears to be for square use and not round. If this option is chosen I propose we update it to reduce the size of ZN so it looks less janky. If you disagree, comment below.

I really don’t understand why changing the official logo to an alien.


I tend to agree. My preference is Coin.


+1 for the coin logo, fits nicely


Voted for Coin. Quite obvious



I voted for for the coin.


The coins looks nice!
Maybe the ZN could be a tiny bit bigger ?


This one? ZN a little larger? I tend to agree.


Yeah exactly! The size of the ZIL logo is nice.


While the alien face is very aesthetically pleasing and we should keep it for other things, the ASCII art on block 709 632 is cooler if we have the official zenon logo resembling it. The coin, but larger lettering if possible (good pickup as I couldn’t put my finger on it)

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The community has selected the “Coin” option. We will close this post and present a final design where the community can select the size of the ZN.

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