ZNN not received in syrius wallet

Greetings Aliens.
I’ve swapped WZNN from metamask via 2 way bridge yesterday. Initially tested the bridge with 1 WZNN which appeared in syrius an hour later. Then I tried to swap the rest of my bag but still haven’t received 16 hours later. Is this normal or should I start getting worried?


If it still hasn’t arrived by now, perhaps @Sigli will be able to assist you.
I’m not sure how often he checks the forum, but he’s pretty active in the main telegram channel.

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I am currently having the same issue, I wouldn’t panic though as you have the transaction data in your web-3 wallet and BSC details. Keep them handy, like @sol mentioned message Sigli if nothing changes (and post an update comment if it does go through independently!).

Thanks for the replies.
I’ll make contact with Sigli and let you know how I get on


Yeah I looked on the zenon explorer and there’s no transactions for the 2WB today so it’s simply down, kind of half expected it as there was a planned stop for ZNN->wZNN (difficult to cancel one and keep another function probably) so your zennies are not lost to the abyss haha~ I’ve messaged him too :slight_smile: