ZNN Aliens Club - 3D printed high-tech NFTs

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3D printing or additive manufacturing is the process of making three-dimensional objects from a digital file.

3D printing and cryptocurrencies are two examples of innovative technologies that are changing the world. One way they are both doing this is through “decentralization”, i.e., giving people more direct control over aspects of their lives. 3D printing can be considered as decentralizing mass production, allowing people to produce their own products while cryptocurrencies help people decentralize their finances. Although both technologies rose to prominence in the public eye at roughly the same time, 3D printing technology is much older than cryptocurrency.

We are looking to bring these two concepts together by creating unique objects exclusively for the Zenon Community.

Sentinel teaser video

What have we done so far?

In 2021, we released the first edition of a pillar, named PhyS PillarZ. This project comprised of ten, 3D-printed renderings of a Zenon pillar. The pieces sold out quickly. It was prototyped with regular 3D printers and then built using a CNC machine.

PhyS PillarZ promotional video

A few months ago, we opened a small studio dedicated to building a new and more complex product, namely a floating, 3D-printed Sentinel. Almost everything on this project has been developed and built in-house, starting from the digital 3D model, prototyping, planning, and testing of the internal electronic components, polishing, painting, etc. These objects are built from the ground up to create a unique product that transforms the Zenon aesthetic into physical objects.

The sentinels will float using magnetic levitation and there will be five powerful (but dimmed) LEDs inside, two Arduino controllers and a Bluetooth LED strip. Every part of a sentinel, including light and wire, is welded and put together by hand in our studio. It is planned that sentinels will eventually charge wirelessly and we are currently exploring ways to achieve that. It takes 12 hours of work to finish one sentinel. You can follow us on Twitter, @TBD2239.


While brainstorming solutions for the sentinels we came up with several Zenon-themed objects. We had a lot of fun creating these and they look pretty cool. We will be giving these out free to all our club members.

Some objects included in the ZNN BAG


The website will serve as a hub for our members. It will have a marketplace, a download page, and a section for video guides. Digital NFTs will act as the membership pass to our club. Currently, only 300 cards will be minted. There will be two tiers to the membership card.

The first tier, for 200 QSR is where members can claim a free ZNN BAG.

The second tier will be available for 300 QSR but limited to 100 members. They will receive a ZNN BAG and will be able to purchase one of the limited edition Sentinels (only 100 available).

3D printed member card

Our team

  • Dr.Greenthumb4211 (@Ishenuts) — Head of Operations. Responsible for everything to do with 3D design, prototyping, and printing.
  • Dom (@DomCZek) — Member of the community, started his own AZ project, he will help us build the website.
  • LazyPrius (@LazyPrius) — Digital media producer. In charge of photo/video production.
  • Schumyi — Electronics engineer. Designs and develops the electronic components that power our sentinels.

How will the Zenon community benefit from our work?

We are a group of people with a passion for new technology and dedicated to the Zenon ecosystem since way back.

We believe that our objects will bring positive attention to the Zenon brand. We will be marketing constantly to raise awareness of the Zenon Network and other AZ projects.

In a project never done before, we will be bringing together the worlds of NFTs, 3D printing, and cryptocurrency. We are extending Zenon visuals to physical objects by bringing digital concepts into the tangible world.

We already have connections in the Zenon ecosystem and so we are going to offer our services to the community and other Accelerator Z projects with promotional 3D objects and logos, either printed or digital.

Goals and Budgeting

In the first phase, the first thing we will do is expand our studio so that we can start mass-producing objects. We will also build the website and commence photo/video production.

This means buying three large-size 3D printers, looking at Photon M3 Plus or something similar, $2100.

Printing resin and other consumables are estimated at $1500.

Photo, video production, and website creation will cost around $2500.

These machines will allow us to keep printing sentinels while also producing ZNN BAGS in parallel. The resources will allow us to print up to 100 sentinels and we are going to split production into batches of 33 units. We expect the first batch to be ready for shipping 4 months after we start printing.

All components to build a sentinel are $200. Thirty-three sentinels will cost $6600.

Our goal for this phase is to build, sell and distribute the first batch of sentinels and build a good-looking, functional website.

In the second phase, the main target will then be building and delivering the second batch of 33 sentinels, components cost $4800. We also aim to build the prototype for another product, a Zenon sentry.

The third phase means building the last batch of 33 sentinels. $4800 for parts. We will build the model and prototype for a Zenon satellite.

For the entire project, we are going to request 4000 ZNN and 40000 QSR split like this:

Stage 1: 2200 ZNN and 22000 QSR. The goals for this stage will be to expand the studio, shot promotional videos and pictures, create a website and deliver 33 sentinels. A secondary goal is to double the total number of items in the ZNN BAG. Delivering these goals would take us about 4 months.

Stage 2: After completing stage 1 request another 900 ZNN and 9000 QSR to build and deliver another batch of 33 sentinels. Designing a sentry is the secondary goal.

Stage 3: Delivering the second bundle leads us to the last bunch of 33. 900 ZNN and 9000 QSR. Finishing the objects series will be the Zenon satellite.


Really excited to see this project come to fruition! Quite a few very skilled people working on this piece of tangible zenon culture.


This sounds super cool! Like the idea a lot!

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First of all, I appreciate the amount of work and time you spent on this, and I really loved the idea and designs and everything about your project. But when I think about it, is this really the right time to pay for this kind of projects, when what we really need right now is SDK ports, bridges, atomic swaps, more developments and more awareness projects for Zenon… I would love for pillars to vote for you but not now, when we don’t even know if the funds we have are quite enough to build everything necessary for the ecosystem, especially when all mr. kaine is saying is : “this is A-Z/Hyperspace mission…” for every question concerning the development of NoM. Sorry for criticizing your proposal, I really hate to do this, but I thought this is the wiser choice, for a brighter future for our ecosystem.

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I love @Dr.GreenThumb’s work, if we have someone in this community who is this talented, determined in what he enjoys and at the same time supports with his current and future work with what he raises awareness of the project. We should support him. For as long as I know the Dr, I see, like others, his progress and continuous improvement. Doc will be that guy who will help form a very important part of this network, which is branding & graphic design and so as soon as the community starts to grasp the reins of the project more firmly.

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I don’t know this whole thing reads a bit like you want the az funds to reduce or remove the risks associated with establishing a private business. Is that how it could be summarized?


maybe add a poll to get feedback? I’m going to hold off on voting until the community provides more feedback.

Very good work on the proposal. It sounds cool.

The issue with this proposal is that it doesn’t seem generate value for the community. You are asking for funds to cover the setup of your business and input costs of your products, which you will then go on to sell for profit. Please correct me if I’ve misinterpreted your intentions.

I understand the purpose of AZ to be to build things for the community. Every network participant pays for AZ as the release of the funds dilutes their holdings. Therefore these funds should be used to generate publiic goods. George’s medium article is worth reviewing as it covers some of this.

A suggestion for you, if you want to make it more community minded. You could seek the funds to cover setup and input costs, but then donate the all NFTs to the community via a giveaway. At least this would lead to the funds being used for the community.

Even then, the payoff to community members (a chance at an NFT) is probably not as useful as some of the other projects seeking to build infrastructure etc. Just my thoughts. Interested what others think.

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Is there a way to make a poll required to post a proposal? Would be good to get community sentiment.

Regarding the proposal I agree with the comments about funding startup cost for something I would think you will profit on. I think the idea is awesome and I would gladly purchase a member card and sentinel. I think you could mark the prices you quoted up quite a bit and do this successfully. FWIW I am waiting to see what the team comes out with on NFTs before voting yes on any NFT related project.

Thank you everyone for your feedback.
@Dumeril @ZNNAYIID @Jeron @sultanofstaking
We are a startup dedicated at working closely for Zenon, Zenon’s pocket 3D studio if you will. We have proven our passion and dedication for Zenon over and over during the years. Like any other team of devs hired to work we need to eat too. Only difference is that we need hardware tools to get the job done and for a project this nice we need the support.
We strongly believe in our projects sheer uniqueness. If you think Zenon will be this huge project that’s going to change the world then our objects are poised to make history. We are the first ones to do something like this and our objects will be part of the Zenon’s spirit forever.
We embarked in a very ambitious project and are looking for the community support. How do you guys think we can improve our application in order to succeed?

@Dumeril @ZNNAYIID @Jeron @Dr.GreenThumb @sultanofstaking The simplest way a commercial project funded by AZ can generate tangible community value is to commit a certain % of the revenues to perpetually flow back to the community e.g. in form of donations, marketing expenses etc.

This way the entire community has a financial stake in the project it helped to fund and a vested interest in its success.

After all, that’s how DAOs can leverage commercialization to amplify their growth. Think of it as the community being the shareholder of a portfolio company and commercial az applicants as startups seeking funding to create commercial value. As long as a sufficiently high share of that created value flows back to shareholders and stays in a balance with the project team’s salary, it can lead to a synergetic relationship that helps both, further grow the community and put food on the table of the project team.

One question to ask here would be: How will this project attract outside capital and community members, and which sources of revenue can generate the highest community value? If a satisfactory answer can be found for this question as well then IMO it merits consideration for community funding.

Look at it this way. Usually when you have a startup you ask for a credit or bank loan to cover your expenses, that you then pay back with the proceeds of the product you’re selling. AZ is the bank and you’re asking for a loan that you’re not going to pay back.
The only thing we could consider your payback is the promise of the product, but we’ll have to pay for that again.
Maybe it also does something good for the brand, that’s subjective.
I don’t know, it does seem to be a typical kickstarter project where initial supporters receive the product when you’re funded successfully. I can’t see how that fits into az to be honest, and it’s also not fitting into any of the categories proposed by kaine for hyperspace or az.
I’m not doubting your commitment or the quality or value of what you’re aiming to create, but I think AZ is not the correct platform for this.

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions. We realised we’ve made a mistake in our application by requesting money for things we weren’t supposed to. For now, we are going to pause the project and rethink the plan.

Given some of the community feedback and this last post, I just voted No. I think the general consensus is we need technology related applications.

I can see this, but only once it is possible to monetize the ZTS. You could collect the required capital for this very interesting startup and then think of ways how to reward holders. The AZ fund however should be directly reserved for dev/marketing/sales proposals that help to set the base for the expanding of this network as fast as possible. You have a sales proposal, but i can’t see how you want to create demand outside of our currently small community.

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Yeah I don’t disagree, it’s probably a bit too soon for this kind of project. It was nevertheless a great learning experience and I’m sure the team will figure out a way to loop back tangible value into the community if they apply again.

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I like the idea but feel it’s premature to submit anything related to NFTs before we have both the NFT standard and smartcontracts (assuming that’s required here too).


Dr GreenThumb and Team - you guys made a nice proposal and I think everyone actually really likes your idea and i’m sure some of the people here would even like to buy your NFTs!

In terms of how to rework it to make it suitable for AZ, if you can articulate what value it brings to the network, then you’ll be on the right track. Put youself in the shoes of the voters. Pillar owners should be considering the amount asked for versus the value it brings to the entire network. If you use this as a guiding principle, you should be able to come up with an approach that has a good chance of being funded.


I think you’re awesome, very talented, highly intelligent and I value what you bring to the community. I would love to see you get an AZ approved. I just don’t think this is the one. There is a way to tie your passion for physicals into something… I’ll inevitably ruminate on this a bit and hopefully I’ll be able to share a suggestion zoon. All respect and best wishes!