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zip ZIP: MoonBaZe-0001
title convert big.Int to string on RPC responses
author @MoonBaZe
status Draft
type Implementation ZIP
acceptance upon usage by the community
activation upon usage by the community
created 2023-05-03
license GPL v3.0
url go-zenon-big-int-string-repository


As the network evolves and increases its interoperability, there is a natural need to support tokens with a number of decimals that would overflow uint64. This requirement was also pointed out by Mr. Kaine.


Each struct that contains a big.Int field and is returned by RPC now has two additional methods: MarshalJSON and UnmarshalJSON. These methods override the default behavior in json-rpc when marshaling a struct to create an RPC response. The object will now be returned as before, but the big.Int field is returned as a string.

In every test, the changes include wrapping each big.Int inside " ". For getDepositedQsr and getQsrRegistrationCost, a new variable was included because the newly returned type is a string. In pillar_test, a few extra expects were added. Each test runs smoothly.

These changes do not affect consensus or the way nodes communicate or synchronize and can be considered a soft fork. However, it is considered a hard fork for every application (such as Syrius or web apps) that is using an older version of the SDK which does not contain these changes. SDK developers would need to update them, and all apps should be recompiled using the new SDK.


Awesome! That combination of JSON and BigInt was creating issues for most SDKs.

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I’ve started working on Syrius and the Dart SDK.


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