Zenon Wall @ zenon.fun

Hi everyone!

I decided to join the fun and make my own Zenon-themed website! I’ve got a few ideas for applications that don’t require smart contracts so I decided to try making one.

Inspired by the Bitcoin Eternity Wall, I wanted us to have a similar place to share our messages with the world, permanently written in NoM blocks!
Messages should be posted to the wall within 5 minutes.

Check out my new site: https://www.zenon.fun/
The Zenon Wall is located at Zenon Wall
Instructions can be found here: Zenon Wall - Information

All the code is available at GitHub - Sol-Sanctum/sol-sanctum.github.io


This is a great initiative, I can’t get to the URLs at the moment though @sol_sanctum

Keen to have a look around!

nice, didn’t know it was possible to send more info on a transaction! Do you know if it works with the CLI?
I see no messages so let me know ^^

@romeo I’ve had a bit of trouble with DNS and SSL but the site has been loading on all my devices.
I should be able to get SSL working today.
Do you see an error when trying to access the site?

@DrunkenMoose Yeah, I discovered it earlier this week after George mentioned it on Telegram.
znn-cli is used to submit the transaction and I have a script that scrapes momentums for messages beginning with “ZW”.
Check out the instructions here

Here’s an example command:

.\znn-cli.exe -u ws:// -k <keystore> send <dest-address> 0.01 ZNN "ZW Hello ZNNAliens!"

Also, there should be a message on the wall. I’m surprised you don’t see it…

I’m getting DNS errors too


I’ve switched DNS providers and everything seems to be working on my end now.
Please let me know if it’s still an issue for you.

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working correctly now :+1:

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