Zenon.Org's Marketing Plan: The Truth

All the efforts invested have gone towards tooling development, campaigning is coming up.


  • Developed an attribution method for Zenon marketers via Attribute.
  • Integrated the NoM Bridge Affiliate system into Attribute and Zenon.Org pages.
  • Developed an static organic site website framework to quickly extend multi-lang content using Nuxt.Js: the recently refreshed zenon.org website.
  • Organized and established a support site via Intercom.


  • Extension of the organic site with a static landing page framework for lightweight static funnels, pushing users to complete simple actions i.e. learn Zenon content, download syrius, buy ZNN/QSR etc – and be driven to onboard funnels (see below).

Development Roadmap:

  • Development of an onboarding app using the same static landing page framework, but with functionality to onboard leads into Intercom and guide users to complete actions using a WalletConnect integration i.e. Delegate, Stake, Submit an AZ proposal and more. Attribute tracking enabled so that marketers can be attributed success to actions via their campaigns i.e. “drove a new lead” or “responsible for a new delegation to a Pillar”.
  • Redesign the Attribute Mobile view in order to make link generation, and performance data easier/clearer.
  • Redevelopment of an Attribute Twitter Bot to make campaign link generation as simple as Tweeting to the bot in a thread i.e. “@AttributeLink download-syrius” – and it would reply with a link to the syrius download funnel, with the marketer’s Zenon address, campaign name auto-embedded in the Attribute link (would need to be pre-setup by the user via Twitter DM to the AttributeLink bot). This bot has already been developed and used in production when I was at TC, it will be repurposed for Zenon.

Campaigning Roadmap (WIP):

  • We do not need visibility to the same audiences which have been following us for the last few years. We need to stop with the “Let’s make a Twitter Space” and think that anyone new will see that channel. Instead, we need to leave our bubble, present ourselves as Zenon community to brands which have established reputations/audiences, and talk about mutually beneficial topics which their audiences will find useful to consume. This can be technical conversations about problems with Dynamic Plasma design choices, P2P products/ideas, Bitcoin scaling challenges/visions etc… hint hint things which Zenon developers are working towards solving. This content can be shaped as press releases, guest posts, sponsored articles, joining podcasts/youtube/tiktok channels etc. The more authority the publisher has, the better as we develop an opportunity to establish Zenon as a thought leader to their audiences, while benefiting from their reputation. Soft shilling becomes a lot easier when the media is talking about you. How do you get in such channels? Well you need contacts and a good pitch. @dat_she_pepe and I are working towards a plan for a steady operation. The media approach can be used to target all of our audiences, whether it be Bitcoiners, LPs, developers etc. A more in-depth outline of this point will be presented shortly.
  • A strategy for social, Telegram, Discord channel engagement, AMA targeting / scheduling / participation will need to be developed. The key is authentic participation. If you enter a channel and talk about Aliens right off the bat, you’re doing it wrong. I described this here. If a link is shared though, it should be an Attribute link due to its ability to track conversions.


  • Tying the whole with remarketing, Intercom lead generation, automated drip-campaigns, conversion optimizations. Systems I need to configure and organize once we develop and begin to execute awareness strategies above. We need to be ready for the bull.
  • Dev Recruitment: Until clear documentation is provided by dev teams, it’s a wasted effort to drive developers to the ecosystem. Zenon.Org spent a few hundred bucks some time ago on job posts to attract devs. They came, but things were too disorganized for them to know how to contribute, or yet alone get setup for development. The developers.zenon.org domain is available to whichever team organizes the best dev support docs as discussed here.

Benefits to Pillars:

I’m about to design the onboarding funnel features, and can develop features that would allow us to create Pillar-specific funnels which could change in styling, content, and possibly sub-domain – with pre-selected / prioritized participating Pillars for Delegation funnelling. For example: @dat_she_pepe could have its own Delegation funnel with a unique styling/content choice, leading the user to explicitly drive Delegation to his own Pillar. The performance of that funnel would be publicly displayed on Attribute. Links could be something like: https://onboard.chadass.zenon.org. The sub-domain feature is still to be confirmed as I finalize the feature list for my developer/infra team. Will only be built if Pillars signal interest in this feature.


  • Anyone (community or Pillar) interested joining on this venture can be added into Zenon.Org’s HyperGrowth teams / projects on its GitHub. The space is organized to maximize production performance by teams, whether it be support, biz dev, email, graphic/video design, influencer, organic social, paid media, paid social, pr, recruitment, seo channels. Issues/tasks will be organized in GitHub.
  • Live conversation will be organized in Slack. We prefer it as an organization because there’s good sub-thread and channel organization features. Telegram/Discord IMO lacks features for serious production teams.
  • Our intent with centralizing our HyperGrowth initiatives between our GitHub/Slack: streamline production. We have enough noise in Telegram/Discord – production teams need to maintain focus.

Can Community Participate?

  • Yes, there will be many roles available for community. Some will require community to learn new skills. We will evaluate whether we’re betting off onboarding new talent if the skills are too specialized.
  • Many campaign styles will greatly benefit from community participation.

What’s the Catch?

  • Zenon.Org has invested quite a bit of resources to support the network, whether it be with their Pillars, hiring me, developing the brand, providing liquidity. This is a business venture for them. Their intention is to develop an invaluable brand for the network’s growth. That goal requires a certain strict organization, tooling and leadership. What did I learn while contributing to TC in previous years? Nothing got seriously done on time until a serious dev team began to streamline operations.
  • Zenon.Org will benefit from backlinks, domain/brand authority. In the long term, these will convert to a steady flow of traffic to the brand, which will continue to drive value to the network’s growth. As an exchange for this, we design tools that are fair on Attribution / Affiliate Referrals to marketers and participating Pillars.
  • Any non-Attribute traffic driving to Zenon.Org will be offered to Delegate to ZenonORG Pillars in its funnels.

What about Zenon.Network?

  • We see value in the original zenon_network twitter handle, and will suggest that other marketing brands be developed by teams. I will actively contribute to the development of the twitter-together method, and support improvements to the Zenon.Network website, however that channel will not be my priority as tooling has been optimized for Zenon.Org frameworks.
  • We do not believe in untracked touchpoints. Our campaigns will point to Zenon.Org landing pages as they’re Attribute-enabled. Traffic driven to Zenon.Network gets lost, unless it integrates Attribute GA tags and joins-into unified session-sharing. At that point users would be abled to create Attribute links for zenon.network – however in its current shape, perhaps it wouldn’t be the best option as: events are not integrated, and the majority of useful funnels will filter through zenon.org (we could make some funnels more clear, directly from zenon.network once the extended static framework is live).

What about Decentralization?

  • Domain ownership of the Zenon.Org domain can eventually be fragmented, perhaps even on NoM? Some devs here have expressed that possibility to me in the past.
  • The static website frameworks can eventually be converted to zApps in some ZaaS model, open-sourced?
  • Will its decentralization be free? Probably not given that the brand is making the original investment to develop this infrastructure for the network. Its eventual value can be based on the value it drove to the network, whether it be new participants, impact on growth, methodologies, growth sustainability etc.
  • The forum hosting/database is currently managed by @0x3639 (I believe?).

Will Zenon.Org Request Funding?

  • We will only request funding if a method has been proven to convert, ROI checks out, and we’re looking to scale it.
  • We may decide to outsource some channels to agencies i.e. search engine marketing (ppc) to specific funnels / intents, if the funnels prove to drive conversions to the network (new participation that the network seems valuable).
  • Depending on the community participation, the network can decide if a role driven by Zenon.Org’s HyperGrowth leadership is worthwhile funding on small, incremental payments via AZ. We do not believe in big bang AZ payments, unless they’re for ad spends which require upfront budgets (though a performance-validated campaign should be provided in that case).

What is Zenon.Org’s Mission?

Prove that it can grow the network’s participation and token value, while acting as a marketing hub for future network projects/brands.

On my day to day, I architect Zenon.Org, manage devs, perform QA, experiment and evaluate development directions, live healthy/physiotherapy to maintain a stress-free and organized lifestyle for the benefit of my permanently damaged heart after my hospitalization. I might seem like a narrow-minded person, but really I’m just trying to achieve certain goals with the least stress/mess possible. Ask me anything in this thread.



Forgot to mention: There is room for gimmicks like cryptocurrencycoin.store physical coins and such – but they have varying use-cases. For TC they were used as a token of appreciation for community. For Zenon it may have a different meaning/spot in the funnel i.e. give a bunch to AMA participants? Design some Bitcoin-only coins with subtle Zenon branding on them – and use them to attract Bitcoiners? They’re useful and work, but their use for Zenon has to be discovered. Not expensive to produce, and I have the entire manufacturing/shipping systems organized.


Will be testing the new publisher service to feed our new blog to targeted audiences. Looking forward to collaborating with community content creators to push visions into the outbound: https://x.com/ZenonOrg/status/1707183119252463999?s=20


Just wanted to drop by to say I personally appreciate the summary of what’s been accomplished as well as the in-depth roadmap ahead.