Zenon.Org Dev URLs

I keep mentioning zenon.org for months, but most of you have never seen it. So I’ll share our development URL’s.

Please don’t post these URLs in social media. It’s okay to send them privately to others, just tell them that it’s a development URL, and not complete / could be broken at times. Treat it as an unofficial source of information.

Desktop: https://build.zenon.org
Mobile: https://build.m.zenon.org

The white top bar on the desktop site is generally themed like the website (greys), but in this case where it’s an urgent message I decided to make it extremely visible.

Once the site is live on zenon.org, it’ll seamlessly load the correct desktop/mobile website, depending on which device you’re on.

You’ll find many incomplete elements: many missing graphics, working with @ZNNAYIID one the graphics i.e. mobile site has green circles for PFP’s, those will be replaced. On-chain data is missing. Plus some miscellaneous improvements here and there i.e. loading of meta images.

You can expect many funnels to change in shape/style as we develop the syrius.zenon.org dapp which’ll connect users to a web-based syrius with @aliencoder’s WalletConnect integration. Imagine something like this for funnels. The organic websites will feed into subsequent funnels. The whole is really just a sequence of funnels.

The website has Attribute integrated, so once live it’ll be recording every interaction / source / referrer. Working on getting Attribute online the week of Jan 30, 2023.


Really great work! Well done! :clap:


Kudos & keep up the good work!


Thank you to both of you!


very impressive! Can’t wait for this to go live.


Didn’t think I would be introducing Zenon to friends and family through a website other than zenon.network that early. Well played, ZenonOrg fam!


Appreciate all the support, it’s refreshing to work in this community. Things will only get better if we keep on working together. The forums have been a key component to organize ourselves in the chaos of an open community.


Great work, can’t wait for it to be live. Something I noticed:
So under Mission and “bitcoin and zenon” I can see a slide presenting bitcoin vs zenon as energy constrained vs socially assigned value

Shazz and I discussed this particular slide, and at least for his VC deck version he re-wrote it to be a 3-way comparison between BTC, ZNN and QSR. I thought his second version was better for a couple of reasons, especially because it doesn’t ignore qsr. Not sure if you want to update this part to be his updated slide? Up to you guys.

And if you kept it the same, “cyclically assigned value” is a typo and should be “socially assigned value”

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Will update it, thanks for the heads up.