Zenon Network Education Series

I’m thinking about making a few “low budget” educational videos on Zenon Network. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Down the Rabbit Hole. I’m going to lay out how I discovered Zenon Network and show how I diligenced the project.

  2. Explain Zenon Network. I’m going to invite a guest expert to help explain Zenon Network and how it works.

  3. Zenon Next Steps. With the help of a guest explain what we think the core devs are working on and what the community is working on

  4. Echosystem Road Map. With the help of a guest, explain what is needed to bring the development of the ecosystem forward.

  5. The future of Zenon. With the help of a guest help describe the potential of the network. How can it interoperate with BTC? How could it help LN? Maybe we can get the NFT protocol developer to explain his ideas.

What do you guys thing?


I would listen/watch/360VR

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Great idea imo. Maybe also include discussions with community builders about what is currently needed to bring the development of the exosystem forward. What building blocks are missing and need to be built by based community devs etc.


Good idea. Added to the list above.

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Eventually you could also conduct interviews with the more proactive pillars- discuss what drew them to NoM, what their vision is for the network, how they intend on engaging with and incentivising their communities etc. etc.

I’d watch the shit out of these videos and an educational series will definitely make it easier to shill ZN to my normie fraaands