Zenon Mindmap

Most bazed of aliens, I present to you a mindmap of Zenon. An attempt at visualizing all of it; Zenon, the Network of Momentum, and the community. The hope is that it’ll offer visual based guidance to new aliens and serve as a quick refresher for long timers.

I made it available in two formats: PNG for preferable navigation on PC, and PDF which is better on phone and to interact with text/links.

Download links:

  • PNG version

  • PDF version
    Note: on phone/mobile, you may need to switch the browser to “Desktop site” version to get the download button to appear (PDF viewer toolbar, top right)

Below is the map fully collapsed

The intended order of navigation, albeit a bit loose, is first to last as follow:

  • Early Days
  • Major Events
  • Main Characteristics and Features
  • Specific Resources
  • Engagement Channels
  • Participation and Contribution on NoM
  • Syrius Wallet
  • Governance
  • Select Community Contributions

By no means it is exhaustive, but I think it is sufficiently comprehensive for the purpose.

Resources I’ve heavily relied on:

That said, I’ve also paraphrased from other resources and content from Zenon’s Medium, Twitter, and others.

Your feedback is welcomed, and with that, please have at it!

Preview version only

Sample main node in full view (zoomed-in, PDF version)

Edits log:

  • Slightly improved info/instructions to download the high resolution files
  • Addition of a zoomed-in view sample
  • Correction of typos/errors

Really digging this! It’s a very nice overview of everything that the protocol has achieved since it’s inception. One minor thing is that everything is rather small, so it’s hard to navigate.

Is there some kind of program that you can use to make it more interactive? That would be awesome! And a great job nonetheless man.

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Thanks man! I’ve had a great time working on it. Although, I think it may have gone a bit out of hand on some parts (also just noticing errors now lol).

But for the size and clarity of text, if you have downloaded the original files, PNG or PDF, you should be able to navigate pretty easily specially with the PNG version on a PC. I’ll be looking into how I can make it more interactive and update here if I find a way.

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Need to look at this in detail on the PC, great way to get your thoughts on paper

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Yeah I find it a good way to “get in touch” with Zenon. I plan to maintain it and keep it fresh, but first want to find ways to make it more interactive somehow.

Btw, PDF version on phone is superior to the picture. To download it from the link, you may want to switch the browser to “Desktop site” for the download button to appear at the toolbar on top right.