Zenon Main Telegram as an Onboarding Channel

**Update: The salient point is to improve the onboarding experience. We can achieve that while keeping the channel open to cordial and on topic community discussion. **

Make Zenon main Telegram channel only for onboarding so that newcomers don’t show up and see people discussing AZ proposals, and other internal issues. Newcomers should land in a space where they can see the previous conversations from new entrants like them. We can have clean organic community activity in there, but ultimately we need a purposed and well curated space with positive vibes. The foyer of a Fortune 500 company is not a “lounge”. The daylight, the plants, the aroma, design motif, colors, music… everything is curated.

As a professional organization, we shouldn’t be having family conversations in public. Once a person is sufficiently green pilled they can join the discord or other tg channels.

@zenonnetwork is hyperlinked from all outside sources so it makes less sense to open a new channel for onboarding

  • Yes, roll out the red carpet.
  • No, get off my lawn.
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Too much is unnecessary and the shape you want to enforce will stop the community from organically grow and vibe when the market is less painful. Don’t forget that 1) there’s no newcomers in ZNN and in crypto right now and 2) a crypto project isn’t a fortune 500 fantasy.

There’s a need to maybe redirect certain topics but kill the vibe and you’ll get nothing good. It’s a part of the brand. I saw many people comparing a crypto to a company, it always fails. Those are different cultures and they require different care.


Well recieved and noted. It’s not a democracy (meaning we are strictly bound to this poll) so let’s see what comes up in the poll and discussion and all.

Good vibes in tg main and Twitter, today. This is the very beginning of the shift. Branding, marketing, onboarding, and community management to do justice to the engineering and vision. As above, so below.

More, soon.


As pointed by @dat_she_pepe, there might be a lack of activity on the main channel if we were to limit its scope to onboarding newcomers before more of them start joining.

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While we wait for an answer, gotta keep trying… Let the gamez begin.