Zenon.info is a community built rabbit hole


I want to start working on the Zenon.info website. I’m thinking it will be a community built and run site that helps people research Zenon. Like an alien’s guide to explore the NoM rabbit hole. It will not be a marketing site like .org. This is basically a site to aggregate long form info on the project.

Here are the two source documents we have so far:

  1. Down the Green Rabbit Hole - PLEASE HELP
  2. Zenon FAQ - Google Docs

Steps for the Community to get involved:

  1. Setup an account on github
  2. Think about how to propose the structure of the website. We are using https://docusaurus.io/ as the framework. It’s free and hosted on github.
  3. After signing up for github, watch this repo GitHub - zenon-info/zenon-info.github.io
  4. Review and note themes you like from here: Docusaurus Site Showcase | Docusaurus

We are doing this without AZ support. If we produce good work, we can request funding later. In the meantime, I will be donating ZNN to those who help and do good work. I am not doing this to make ZNN. I’m doing it to engage with the community and produce a tool that will help others research the project

IN SUMMARY. To get involved.

  1. Create github account
  2. follow the repo
  3. propose a website structure (left and top navs, etc)
  4. Review themes you like and show why



what about a home page like this? Styled in Zenon green / black?

I like how Hasura.io is structured (BigQuery: GraphQL queries | Hasura GraphQL Docs) with all the different topics arranged systematically on the left. Can definitely try to emulate something like that especially since Shazz’s FAQ already provides some ground structure.

Idk how Docosaurus work’s exactly but I wouldn’t mind learning and helping out in my down time.

I’m not the most technical person, but when I get a chance I’ll look into the summary you posted. Is it okay to share my ideas here?

This is for the culture section, something I thought could work. I’m also working on summaries that introduces each of the items, I’ll post them all soon but I’ll just put what I’ve done so far (introducing each of the poets).

Crypto Publius is an anon artist whose poetry captivated the early ZNN community. The colorful lyricism and deep meaning of his words formed a gravitational pull that kept investors thinking and wondering about Zenon. His stated goal was to alert the public to Zenon, as a public service – but for many his real value was in teasing the audience towards the edge of the rabbit hole. At that point, all it took was a gust of cosmic wind and their lives were changed forever.

Link to his twitter

Zenocratez is the poor man’s Publius. A degen fan so hopelessly in love with his idol that he posts frequently, tirelessly trying to recapture the magic of the dormant Publius. While he has a small and loyal following, it pales in comparison to the legion of admirers that Publius effortlessly commands. Zenocratez is a man that has a lot of feelings – but he is also a peak autist. For maximum entertainment, be sure to check out his failed AZ applications and the corresponding poetry detailing his heartbreak and angst.

Link to his twitter

And i noticed there was some soft schizzo material in the other post … perhaps this can be the final section in the culture tab? I’d be in favour of including it, and also concluding it with something which is to the tune of “Finding out more is left as an exercise to the reader” … but up to you guys!!

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I can definitely help and would benefit from the hands-on programming practice. I respect 0x go-getter attitude just jumping right in :muscle:

Docosaurus seems very capable so we could always enhance it overtime. That said, I think a minimal site starting off (i.e https://em-ide.com) as a minimal landing page with a clear call to action to fall down the rabbit hole seems the way to go. We could also showcase a few NoM features such as community-driven, progressive decentralization, and no VCs.

I really like the way Alpaca Finance’s landing page is structured: https://www.alpacafinance.org - we could try to replicate something like that in docusaurus.


guys, thank you so much for taking a look. I’ll start to layout the nav based on this feedback. I’ll also try to summarize the potential themes we can start with and get feedback. thx again for jumping in to help!!!

For anyone looking to learn more about Zenon, or for those who are just curious about its early history, be sure to check out the articles below.

What began as the winning entry in the first awareness initiative went on to become hailed as a cult classic. The Zenon Enigma, written by Shai, has captivated old and new aliens alike. It is a community member’s recollection of xStakes – the egalitarian launch of ‘legacy’ ZNN (a placeholder token which was swapped into actual ZNN later on). It also walks you through the thought process of an early investor who had little to go on, so had to rely on his keen intuition and detective skills to read between the lines.

Link to the zenon enigma

For an interesting insight into the psyche of the early foundational members of the NoM, be sure to check out John-Z’s social analysis. Zooming in is a pain, but it is well-worth reading through participant’s answers in relation to why they joined Zenon, what values does it inspire and so on – ultimately providing the basis for presenting a set of values that seem to be common amongst community members.

Link to John z: Zenon Social Analysis

From the legacy days through to the alphanet year, Zenocratez has taken the time to document Zenon’s history in his own style over two articles. Notable events, colourful characters, painful moments and beautiful triumphs are written about here in a sometimes satirical manner.

Link to Zenocratez: Legacy edition: a brief history of zenon

Link to Zenocratez: 2022 edition: tales from zenocratez

*** see my earlier post for introductory summaries for both poets**


What began as an article about Zenon’s mysterious beginnings organically evolved into a short story. Our detective receives a call from Vitalik, asking him to investigate Zenon for the purposes of arranging a FUD attack – but in the process of doing his due diligence he falls down the rabbit hole and gets in way over his head.

Link to Zyler: ZN: A noir story

Our detective’s journey continues in the sequel, which is more of a pure story than its predecessor which was a story/article hybrid. This one is very crypto and Zenon themed and revolves around a sinister plot to undermine the DAO.

Link to Zyler: ZN: A Zenocracy in peril

NFT projects:

I unfortunately don’t know enough about any of the NFT projects ongoing, ideally someone else would write an introduction for these.

Link to page which has the NFT projects listed … Hales? Chadass stuff? Any others?


Talented artists from the community have created videos covering a range of topics. Be sure to check them out, especially the ones which capture, celebrate and honor landmark moments in Zenon’s development.

Link to another page which has all the videos listed/arranged/categorised somehow

SaaS is OG NFT project. Believe they were the first to do it.

Also HeiZNNberg has moon tickets NFT