Zenon Docs GitBook - Collaboration Thread


We’ve prepared an official docs.zenon.org GitBook which’ll be well-featured on the upcoming zenon.org website. We’d like community developers, dev ops, creatives and marketers to collaborate on organizing technical content together. Anyone interested in contributing can reply to this thread.

Categories can include:

  • Brand Resources / Guidelines (Zenon Network / ZenonOrg)
  • Developers
  • Infra / Dev Ops
  • Press Kit

Any educational content about Zenon will be featured on the main zenon.org website. This space is reserved for technical content.

Will be sharing additional architecture thoughts soon. Perhaps a first step would be for us to compile a list of comparable docs site that we can model around.

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@0x3639 thanks for your interest to contribute. I think we should begin with dev / infra content architectures. I can handle anything related to branding, media kit, marketing and general design of the documentation i.e. banners embedded within (aka anything that’ll make it look pretty). Let’s keep chats flowing here :slight_smile:

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@0x3639 I’ll work on some core architecture for these docs early this week, and leave blank pages for the technical community to fill. Once I publish the core structure, I’ll invite interested contributors via email. Feel free to DM your email so I can add.

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@Sigli and @georgezgeorgez would love to have you both around as well :slight_smile:

From @Sigli : “I need to find a way to keep everything updated with what’s happening bro. Like weekly summaries of important topics discussed in the community. This would help the marketing community with ideas for articles, tweets etc. + it would also help to keep the proposal creators accountable and alert. The community would receive weekly updates about the projects.”

Shazz: “A weekly newsletter could give people a high-level understanding of the key building blocks needed for ecosystem growth. And then regularly update where progress has been made or what’s going on in each. This gives people context to understand where the ecosystem stands and what bottlenecks exist = area prioritization for devs. This can then also be used for outbound marketing.”

I then shared this (summarized) convo with @0x3639 who referred to Thorchain weekly newsletters which he found very useful: e.g. Weekly Dev Update #98. THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week… | by THORChain | THORChain | Medium

More convos happened but in essence: several people see a similar need. To keep track of what’s happening in the community tech/build-wise and use that to convert more builders.

Conclusion: Join forces and coordinate to maximize impact of such an effort (of which a dev newsletter may only be one part).


Distribution vehicle for the newsletter proposed @Shazz: Zenon Newsletter - Collaboration Thread

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Count me in!


May you dm me your email here so I can add you to the GitBooks as a contributor later this week?

Sure and there is also @Byzentined and @georgezgeorgez who are in charge of zenon.wiki (gitbook) so I think they would be interested in contributing if they have enough spare time.

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Welcoming both to DM me their email so I can grant them permissions! Appreciate the value in unifying all efforts into spaces where we can funnel users. Will make my work with Zenon.Org + funnels much easier.

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@Dumeril has been added to the GitBook.

Thanks. I’m looking to add technical content as part of my ongoing research on the existing znnd implementation.


@mehowbrainz do you want to add me to the docs too? Can you add me by my github username?


You’ve already been added via email @0x3639. Lemme know if you need a new invite.

Strange. Here is the message I get. Maybe try to add me again. The email is different with this account. So @0x3639 is probably better if you can add by github users.

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See dm

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count on me to add stuff regarding node setup and operations.

I really like this node setup guide page. I run an Oxen node and find these instructions pretty good.

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Go wild sir.