Zenon Culture Revised Submission

Here is the revised submission for Zenon Culture as a medium article.

But also copy-pasted here:

As a gifted autistic savant, Zenocratez finds it difficult to speak outside of his art. He therefore asked me to submit this on his behalf, which is also an opportunity to mend fences after the public spat him and I had recently.

The Value Added to Zenon

Cultural contributions help bring entertainment and cohesion to the community, also providing something that can be relatable for people.

Culture is an important factor in both attracting and retaining both investors and devs. If we have vibrant telegram chats, an active zenon twitter and Zenon artists like Publius it adds something special to the ecosystem. I believe it will factor into recruiting people to our team if they enjoy sticking around. This brings short-term benefit as well as a hard to measure, but I believe tangible longterm benefit.

What’s been delivered so far

(1) The Zenocratez Series. A pinned tweet which will evolve as the project does. Documenting the small and big going ons of Zenon, history and record-keeping but done in a more entertaining style. Zenocratez will continue this series whether he is funded or not, out of love for Zenon.

(2) Art galleries. Zenocratez don’t have enough money to commission artists, but with perseverance he’s discovered the weird world of AI artistry.

(3) Poetry. Covering all manner of things, if there’s an idea or a point or a feeling which demands the megaphone treatment, Zenocratez will try.

(4) Memes. Not many, but there’s more that have been made that are as yet unreleased. Seems everyone is asleep in the bear anyway!

What’s on its Way

(1) Unreleased, but Zenocratez has written a rap battle between ZNN and ETH which he will post on youtube at a later date. He will pay the island boys and a cameo actor who looks like vitalik butterin; only delay in the plan is the island boys fee which is considerable to a pleb, but Zenocratez will do it in probably 2 months or so, he just needs some more fiat paychecks from his IRL job (which he despises). The preliminary goal is 1k views. Zenocratez however won’t be happy with anything under 1B views.

(2) Generally, more of what’s already been delivered as well as any creative ideas which come to Zenocratez while he is taking a hot bath and listening to Mozart.

(3) A treasure hunt. A series of puzzles which need to be solved, requiring an understanding of Zenon lore — the first comment to arrive at the destination will receive a prize of 100 ZNN. Or possibly there will be sub-prizes for each step, with a grand prize for the finale. It will involve scouring strictly Zenon related content mostly on twitter. (For anyone asking, no it will not involve any ties/relationships which are just speculation.) It will aim to challenge people, and maybe educate them along the way. This will be in collaboration with Zashu The Followed if he is game for it! There may also be a non-traditional prize on offer, we will see. Treasure Hunt will be titled: Follow the green rabbit. This will probably launch in July sometime.

Funding Amount

His exact words to me were: “As a QSR maxi, Zenocratez thirsts for Quasar to be sacrificed at his altar of greatness.” I told Zenocratez we can’t put that, so I’ll expand on what I think he means.

Zenocratez has a dream which is to run a sentinel, which will help him both secure the network and support himself financially. He needs about 20k QSR, but will only ask for 10k QSR and he will find the rest another way. The 100 ZNN will cover the treasure hunt prize.

All of his endeavours require time and energy and sometimes scratching his head trying to think of new content. He also needs to pay close attention and at times study up on certain things throughout the year. It ain’t easy trying to live up to your hero Publius!

Single-Phase project; 100 ZNN and 10 000 QSR for work already delivered and to help support himself for future work.

Comment any feedback you may have!

How much does he need for this?

IMO any marketing/content submissions should be submitted with distribution/traffic acquisition plans as well. Otherwise it’s like designing flyers or songs that no one gets to see/hear. Content creators need to push it a step further and learn about marketing objectives, funnels, offers, traffic strats, tracked campaign urls, analytics/conversions etc. Right now I can’t see a path as to how the $ value spent here proves conversion somewhere in the Zenon ecosystem.

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I’d like to point out that this doesn’t fall neatly into marketing, its cultural. It’s like saying that tech is marketing because it creates greater appeal.

And even if you did choose to view it as purely marketing (which it isn’t) demanding that all content creators also have a PHD in marketing is going to be exclusionary to many people, effectively knee-capping creative approaches that may yield definitive benefit. If I was asking for 5k ZNN and 50K QSR, then sure, that’s a fair response, but for such a small amount this response is just squashing independent contribution.

What happens if no one sees your culture? It’s still 10K QSR. I’d rather see content creators spend $1K each on funnel building/marketing courses for themselves (which I can point-to), than to keep spending on branding without visibility / conversion plans.

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Have you come across crypto publius? Understood or enjoyed him? The beauty of him is that he’s out there, at any time you can discover him and scroll back through his limited but fine posts … he’s a centrepiece in the culture. Just because he isn’t posting anymore doesn’t make him any less special – that’s a concrete difference between publius and someone who is constantly spitting out content. One is aiming for visibility, the other for quality, and if you can achieve high quality it will be pinned, bookmarked, shared, discovered and rediscovered over time … there’s a fundamental difference between the two examples

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Publius has 240 followers and at most 15-20 RTs per post. I’d love to see his tweet reach stats… As poetic as he may have been, metrics and stats always win. It’s not rocket science, it’s just a bit of effort to learn. I’m constantly buying marketing courses and books to expand my knowledge with new ideas, tools, strats.

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And it’s great that you do that – that’s your thing. That’s why you’re viewing it through a marketing lens, but I don’t think that’s appropriate for a cultural piece. If you’re reducing Publius to a number, that just saddens me.

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All I’m proposing is that continent creators consider the need for visibility. Doesn’t mean they have to do it all if they don’t have the experience / don’t want to learn. The marketing forums are open, they can collaborate with other marketers to develop more impactful proposals rather than working in silos / delivering unmeasured value. The network needs to decentralize atm: more nodes, pillars, delegators, syrius installs etc… culture imo is on the lower urgency spectrum compared to other needs. Unless that culture invites new participants into roles that’ll help the network. Can a song do that? Maybe, but from what I read in the proposal, I can’t see how yet. Hence why I propose that aliens add a tad more thinking into their plans before they’re shipped for voting.

Agree with mehowz, ultimately the value of any community activity / contribution boils down to conversion.

Otherwise, it’s like hitting the gas in neutral gear. It burns fuel and makes some noise but it doesn’t move you forward.

AZ funds should be considered as something scarce and IMO any non-technical grant applications absolutely must be accompanied with a measurable / quantifiable distribution strategy. Otherwise, it’s just burning money without a strategy, no matter how well the intentions behind it.

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I would also add that I hope some people take on these projects because they want to help the NoM to succeed. If something starts to take a lot of time and produce meaningful results, then there is a basis to submit.

My plan with the PCS token listing is to simply cover my costs (5 BNB) but charge nothing for my time. I’m going to move to CEXs next. I plan to donate my time as long as I can and/or until I can produce results.

Food for thought.

PS I’m sort of interested in the Island Boys rap. I thought I saw a rap with them on Zenon recently. It was pretty funny. Or was that something different?


That rap was from a while ago, someone bought a cameo. Was cute and made the aliens laugh, but did it lead to inviting new participants? We won’t know, there wasn’t any strat embedded in it.

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I’ll take you on that offer to point to curated resources to learn about marketing, conversion, funnels, etc. Particularly interested in one resource covering the basics to get started while another one more number heavy focused on analytics would be amazing. Perhaps, you might create another thread featuring a curated list of marketing content, like the one for macroeconomic podcasts we arealdy have :wink:

Here is my envisioned funnel, going by the AIDA model (this is my first time following a formal marketing approach, be nice please):

Awareness: Official zenon website can have a community section where popular figures/influencers/ content creators can be found as voted by the community (tough to get a vote when they’re asleep in the bear, but still). Depending on the votes, can feature Publius, Zenocratez, the alien account that insists on communicating via the alien language only lol, someone producing zenon art and I’m sure there’s a graphic designer or two among us, someone who does a lot of technical talk like george … I understand that it’s more romantic to come across them organically, but it’s more practical to have them pinned somewhere, and it can’t be representative of what the people want unless they’re elected to have that position there

Interest: I like art and culture, what’s this? I haven’t really seen this for a typical crypto project before. Maybe it can let me learn more about this project? My awareness of Zenon was created from somewhere else, now I am in a place where I am deciding how much I am going to devote my capital, my time and energy

Desire: Wow! Some of this art and culture is either funny, thought provoking or just plain enjoyable/interesting, I’m so bored when I’m browsing around other projects, I am going to naturally spend more time with Zenon now.

Action: I am also learning things about Zenon’s history and culture which are hard to find elsewhere, this makes it easier to relate to other community members, I have more talking points with them and now I can relate better to at least some of the in-jokes. Without all this, I may have only put in 5% of my holdings and paid attention 1 hr / week, but now it makes up 30% of my portfolio and I find myself engaging with the community almost every day now, maybe I also have connections in crypto who can be pulled in to help out.

TLDR: Its utility from a marketing perspective is not as much awareness as it is deepening commitment from people already in Zenon’s orbit. By its very nature, this is hard to quantitively measure outside of tweet analytics, but you can yield qualitative measurements from people’s testimonies and overall sentiment if you think the reasoning is sound.

For example, Publius absolutely played a role in my interest in Zenon, I had never seen something like it before, and caused me to investigate the project deeper rather than skim over it like any other crypto. This also led to me creating the how to buy wZNN on pancakeswap guide, as multiple people have reported/complained about the process being complex to a noob, getting front-run by bots etc. So I stepped up and said the technical skills are an unnecessary barrier to community growth especially at these crucial early stages.

What does this look like quantitatively? 1 new member, I pumped the price at a micro level. But qualitatively it led to the only step by step how to buy guide with pictures as well as work arounds for bugs/front-running bots – I also did this before AZ just because I felt like helping. The people wanting to buy, but waiting for an exchange, now have an easier path thanks to the work done by Publius if you trace it back.

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For marketing beginners I recommend to go through Russell Brunson content:


The #ZNNAlien content creators would benefit from learning basic traffic generation + funnelling: https://trafficsecrets.com/thebook-5 (watch the video on the homepage).

His books can be found on: https://www.libgen.is … although I do think there’s value in paying for his webinar courses, he’s got a ton.

If any of you wanna learn in a group, you can join the recurring One Funnel Away challenge: https://onefunnelaway.com/challenge-c

After these basics are covered, there’s a universe of tools, ad platforms you can discover.