wZNN.ETH icon for token listings

@sol is working on getting wZNN.ETH added to THORNode’s token list so that it can be swapped cross-chain in their interfaces.

In the past the community had agreed on this ZNN token icon: https://forum2.zenon.org/t/a-z-proposal-to-submit-the-znn-token-logo-to-trust-wallet-asset-repo/742

And I presented a new lineup for wZNN.ETH:

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Apologies for mucking up your poll, but I’ve had this in mind.


Is that a blue from Ethereum’s brand colours?

I think there’s a tad too much going on there, outline + gradient – 2 cents

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It seems like ETH uses a range of colors at this point, so I just went by feel and in relation to Zenon green and the old wznn PCS logo. Gradients certainly do have their disadvantages but I don’t think we’ll be doing letterhead, embroidery, etc with this logo. I followed the motif of the PCS wZNN logo.

Not a big deal to me either way. Simply putting forth my best. If there is some consensus for variations on this, I can do it. If not, less work for me.

Agree. Simplicity is key. Also, outlines are so 90s

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Agree. Gradients feel a little dated IMO.

I like the ETH brand color idea as being protagonist like in 4-7. However, I think using something similar to:


works better because having ZNN written horizontally instead of using the main vertical ZN logo already is a great differentiator for wZNN.

I really like #19e321

Can we submit this one instead?

We should probably unify our branding decision.


Uniswap ZNN
Uniswap QSR (none)

1inch ZNN
1inch QSR (none)


ya, something about this one. I like it too.

What is wrong with everyone? Clearly 1 is :fire:

I’m still vouching for a different icon for the wrapped version of the assets. It makes sense. They are different.


The wrapped token should be white with green Znn imo, a little nod to an away jersey lol

maybe we should try this to see how it looks.

Do we need a seperate icon for wZNN?
It might confuse new guys unnecessarily

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