Wrapped Bitcoin Ordinals

Opening a discussion on the topic of bringing wrapped BTC ordinal inscriptions onto NoM.

Some key points:

  • The user experience on BTC is terrible due to volatile fee rates that can leave txs trapped in the mempool. Expensive fees are a primary market force that disrupts the ordinals economy. It’s only going to get worse.
  • The market is starting to seek something that isn’t SOL, ETH, etc
  • The ideal place for projects to migrate is a neutral territory that is aligned with Bitcoin ethos. imo the closes thing is dogechain.
  • With no fees, NoM could open up all sorts of creative defi dynamics for project developers. (staking, full scale airdrops, p2p swaps, loans…)
  • Ordinals project developers and community members are first movers, early adopters, and degens.
  • Several ordinals projects are already testing the waters in other chains.
  • I believe this is an ICP project for wrapped btc ordinals: https://twitter.com/bioniqMarket

Good idea imo

Seems like a logical connection if we can make it work and glad to hear sumanu is interested in doing some exploring on the topic.