wQSR Liquidity Pools and Orbital

wQSR<>wZNN and wQSR<>ETH Liquidity pools have been around for some time, so let’s decide which of them should be included in the Orbital program and how much of the daily rewards should be allocated.

You’re proposing orbital rewards should be reserved for two liquidity pairs?
wZNN-ETH and the favored pair in this thread?

Perhaps a poll or two would help gauge sentiment.


there’s basically no liquidity for QSR<>ZNN or for QSR<>ETH

i previewed the swap and it’s crazy low, huge differences with the price from swapping a tiny amount. needs to be incentivised asap and well imo.

Not necessarily, I’m just starting the discussions.

Sure. Maybe even an AZ project to get the attention of the community?

Yes, that’s the issue we should be solving with this.


To me it makes sense to incentivise wZNN <> wQSR rather than to Eth as it’s the native pair, I don’t see a demand for wQSR <> Eth to be honest in the short to medium term

If someone wants to load up on QSR they can buy wZNN to trade to wQSR and then bridge back. This then further supports liquidity depth on the wZNN <> Eth pair


this approach makes sense to me too. Especially since we will have ZNN <> QSR atomic swaps in SYRIUS. wZNN <> wQSR follow that logic. It might also experience less IL.


Buying to znn to swap to QSR is too much work for a normie. I tried to buy QSR during ydays dip. This extra step made me lose the opportunity. Metamask in my android was mess too. wQSR - ETH is straight up easy.

Doesn’t Uniswap route swaps automatically?

Didn’t happen in my case.
Qsr- eth swap was low liquidity so cudnt do it. Only ZNN - QSR works.
Tried uniswap and sushi. Didn’t try 1inch

Was that before or after July 12th?

Shortly after selling was enabled on July 12th

That’s strange. Maybe try again? It should’ve routed your swaps automatically. Maybe it’s something in the settings?

Tried to swap 0.01 ETH for wQSR just now and got this message.

That pool is acting weird for sure, a few people seem to be able to get some transactions in but I can’t get it to give me a 0.0001 eth swap.

There hasn’t been transactions since July 12th, which is when I first encountered the UI liquidity message.

This is 1inch with 49% slippage trying to swap 0.00001 ETH. This should def work regardless of how much liquidity there is.

So what are people thinking about incentives for wQSR/Eth then?

I didnt think it was a priority, could reassess anytime, at this point but seems like it might have a role to play keeping QSR accesible. If we agree on it maybe deserves the same portion of rewards as wZNN/wQSR?

Which pair should be included in the Orbital program?

  • wQSR <> wZNN
  • wQSR <> wETH

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wQSR <> wZNN makes more sense to me since the community won’t have to sell QSR or ZNN in exchange for ETH in order to participate in the program.

Buyers won’t notice any difference, they can buy directly with ETH, USDC or anything else.